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I've been making butter for at least 15 years now, and it works like a charm each and every time. I'm no scientist or chemist, But I am a chef and cooking is my thing. Nothing like getting stoned and then making some epic meal to fulfill my munchies.

So heres my recipe for success.


I like a ratio of 1oz bud to 4 sticks (1 pound or 2 cups) of butter (salted/unsalted whatever your making calls for).

I mainly make cookies as these are small for quick consumption and pack a punch. (P.S. I find chocolate covers up the herb taste quite nicely). Also I make large batches of cookie dough and weigh out individual portions, baggie them and freeze them. that way whoever gets one can make it fresh at the time they choose.

so I'll make 4 sticks of butter in this example

So I use:
4 Sticks butter
1 oz bud grounded up (I use those electric coffee grinders and powder that shit)
1 decent size sauce pot. I'd say enough to fit 4 cups of water or more.
A strainer
Wooden spoon or something to stir with
Cookie pan with aluminum foil sheet on top
Container with lid to hold and cool off the butter and water together


Decarb your herb. Like I said i'm not a scientist or a chemist so all I can do here is copy some google search as to why you gotta do this. I'll leave that to you.

I take my herb finely grounded and spread it out over my aluminum foil sheet as thin and spread out as possible

Preheat your oven to 310° F (some people won't agree with this temperature, but i've never had a single problem.) and when its finished heating up insert your pan uncovered into the oven and let it sit for 15 minutes. (P.S. this will stink up the entire house)

While that is taking place you can prepare to melt your butter. Take your sauce pot and add your butter and fill up the pot with water about half way up so the butter is floating. Place it on the stove and turn it up so that it will heat up and melt the butter. Stir it around and (I like to crank it up to medium high to get it going.) once your butter is melted, turn it down to a low simmer (on my stove I set it to 2 or 3 out of 10 being my highest setting.)

After the 15 mins of Decarb has finished, add all the herbs directly into the now simmering pot of water and melted butter.

Stir around occasionally and keep this going for 3 hours or so. (Some people claim the longer the better, I've had problems getting up to walk after 1 of my cookies kicks in so i've never felt the need to push further.)
As you can see in the image, My water is moving but not bubbling to a boil. You might have to play around with your temperature to hit a nice sweet spot.

Once your time is up let it sit for a few mins to cool down and then strain it into another container that can be closed/covered, Water and all. All you want to take out is the plant matter. I like to take a spoon or a soup ladle and press the plant matter into the strainer screen to squeeze all that goodness out. a cheese cloth works very well. I just don't have one.

Next you'll close that container and place it into the refrigerator and leave it overnight. (I have found that trying to freeze it so it cools down faster weakens the strength so I don't recommend you try to speed things up.)

The next day you'll look at your container and you'll see a thick slab of green butter floating ontop of the water. simply unstick the sides from the container and it should pop out in a nice size chunk or 2. dump the water out its useless.
in the image that brownish white stuff is just finely ground herb that passed through the strainer. It won't hurt you.

Now you're ready to cook. Follow your favorite recipes as you would normally, only replacing butter with your fresh cannabutter. Or you can freeze it for later use. Enjoy

P.S. It depends on your metabolism but on average it takes me 2 hours before I feel the effects, but once they get going... hold on.

Funny story I can share. I once gave my neighbor friend a cookie, this woman is tiny, she is barely 100 pounds. I warned her about eating the whole thing, but she assured me she can hang.
So she eats this whole cookie and the next day, I hear from her that she had spent most of the night on the hallway floor as she was too stoned to walk, and tried to crawl. She said she just laid on the floor and fell asleep and later on in the night was able to make it to her room and into her bed. I found it hilarious!
Hi Canad420,

How are you? Hope you find this email well.

I just wanted to ask you something about your recipe and the process of making the cannbutter. I am completely new to this and since it is the first time I am going to make it myself, I would like to get it right. So, after reading your post, it is more than obvious that you know what you are talking about, and I thought to drop a quick email.

I know you say at the end of your recipe “Follow your favorite recipes as you would normally, only replacing butter with your fresh cannabutter” but, my question is, let’s say I’ve got only 2grs of weed and would like to make a brownie for what I need i.e 250gr butter. I know a good rule of thumb is for 1lb butter, 1oz weed so, in my example and after doing some calculations, for 2grs of weed I would require around 80gr butter (plus a bit more as you lose a little bit during the cooking). Now, does it make any difference if add the 80gr of cannabutter to the brownie recipe (so I would end up with 170gr of normal butter plus 80gr of cannabutter) or infusing the 250gr of butter with the 2grs of weed? Apart of the fact that the ending result might be a weak brownie…or not? I guess it will depend on the serving sizes.

Anyway, I know it might sound a bit silly my question but, since there will be other people trying the brownie, I feel kind of responsible and kind of would like to make sure I’ve got it clear for future reference.

Thank you so much in advance for your time and looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
You probably won't feel much of an effect if you use just 2 grams for the entire batch of brownies. 2 grams is more like 32 grams of butter if you follow the 1oz per 454 grams of butter rule.

But if you want to try it anyways. I would go ahead and make the 2 grams into all the butter you'll use for the recipe otherwise you might not get it evenly distributed.
I never decarb my buds before making and it works great. I think it damn near decarbs when it's cooking anyways no?? I read somewhere that freezing the buds before helps the glands break off and melt in with the butter easier and more effectively but haven't tried maybe on the next harvest I will.
Yes, I use extracts all the time to make edibles. Just have to decarb the wax. My new method is 250F for 1 hour. Then melt down your butter and add it to your wax. I use a nice sauce pot to decarb my shatter so that I don't have to scrap it off. Just add the butter into that pot and stir it so it will blend in with the shatter without the mess or waste.

*( make sure your sauce pot doesn't have a plastic handle that melts in the oven ;) )
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