canna butter

  1. Magnus8

    Magnus8's Canna Cream, Body Butter & Canna Lotion Study Hall

    I'll start off with my credentials, since they are pertinent to this discussion and form the basis of my knowledge. First of all, I am a writer by tradition, and I tend to write sometimes very long-winded articles and posts. Let me apologize up front for that. I cannot help it. It is just the...
  2. C

    Molds infected my buds but the leaves looked fine - Is it okay to use it as edibles?

    Hi everyone, when harvesting my plant, I just realized the insides of the buds are filled with web-like white colored stuffs, after some research and using 60x magnifying glass, I concluded that it was molds, I read that it is dangerous to smoke the buds at this point and better to throw it out...
  3. I

    Cooking - Recipes - Decarb?

    Hey friends! I wanted to make about 1 or 2 rather good sized cookies out of the 1grm of weed. Does anone know a good/easy recipe to make canna butter with just 1grm. Honestly that's all I want to use to get a little buzz Also should I decarb the flower first THEN make the butter or...
  4. I

    Botulism in Weed?

    Hey 420 Friends, I'm sort of new to the whole edibles thing when it comes to weed. My question is: can you get botulism from canna butter or coconut canna butter if you use all of it immediately to cook with ? Is botulism just always something you have to take into account when making...
  5. The Dealer

    Making CannaButter Canad's way!

    I've been making butter for at least 15 years now, and it works like a charm each and every time. I'm no scientist or chemist, But I am a chef and cooking is my thing. Nothing like getting stoned and then making some epic meal to fulfill my munchies. So heres my recipe for success. Materials...
  6. B

    Canna butter help please

    can someone help me I've made butter twice and both times my water evaporated out and i added water . am i aloud to add more water? or am i letting it get to hot ? im making a batch in a few mins and im using 7 grams of high grade med for one stick spent a lot of money on it and do want to fuck...
  7. B

    I'm in the Kitchen Now Making Canna Butter - Please Help

    i have seven grams of mids and im making one stick of butter so i can make ricecrispie treats. just have two questions. 1. can i use coffee filters instead of cheese cloth? and 2. will they be potent enough to eat one serving and get a good buzz.
  8. El Gusanito

    Solar Oven Cannabutter

    found that I had loads of leaf and shake and the remains of my last heat destroyed batch. Time to clean house getting ready to start over with clones from My mothers. took @2 qts. of the above mentioned stuff and ground by hand to a corse powder removing most stems added hot water and 1 1/4...
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