Solar Oven Cannabutter

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found that I had loads of leaf and shake and the remains of my last heat destroyed batch. Time to clean house getting ready to start over with clones from My mothers.
took @2 qts. of the above mentioned stuff and ground by hand to a corse powder removing most stems added hot water and 1 1/4 lbs. of butter heated the 8qt. cast iron dutch oven. Them I put it in my solar oven had to put a lid on it it was burning the top because of the heat.Went in at 11 am 8/15/10.
11:30 250 degree temp in the top of oven not at the focal point
liquid is 200 degree and at a lite simmer with stuff already seperating out

I also use this for sterilizing medium and soils had an attack of bugs from the soil I bought I got cheap and payed for it. But I got alot of soil. So now I run it thru the solar oven a little batchs of a time [IT'S FREE].
Sounds like a time consuming chore , hope the butters better !
3:30 just came out of the oven and is seperated out in the frig. Will save the remaining solids and the whey. Will run @ 1/2 lbs of butter tomorrow thru the whole thing. see what happens only had 1 1/4 lbs. of butter to begin with.
at 4pm i will check and see if it set up yet.

What kind of cookies should i make?
Well it set overnite seperated butter and whey will reuse whey and bulk matter
12am started solar oven rice will finish with canna butter and soil sauce.
The rice came out perfect and the sqaush well bake in the oven also.
The butter gave the Rice an earthy taste in the sqaush hard to taste.
As for the high very hot outside 103 /80 inside after finishing yard work.
Do the MATH long siesta woke up hungry had more rice. Good body and head high.mild euphoria.
Have about 2 cups left.

What to make?
Do it again YES
Will post what is made the butter.
made lemon bars at a friends house last sunday it was a day of horse shoes and beer and munchies it was a good day euphoria.
p/u a new puppy she is pure dog alittle bit of pit looks like blue merrel of some sort maybe some rodi ? 60 lbs ?
Her name is cuda she is about 13 weeks old.
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