Canna butter help please


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can someone help me I've made butter twice and both times my water evaporated out and i added water . am i aloud to add more water? or am i letting it get to hot ? im making a batch in a few mins and im using 7 grams of high grade med for one stick spent a lot of money on it and do want to fuck it up.
Start with the water, bring it to a boil, back the heat off to LOW, toss your butter in and let melt, once everything's melted and barely simmering you add your meds, stir everything together well and COVER. Keeping the pot covered will help keep your water from evaporating too quickly, but if it does evaporate you can always add a little more, don't want to burn the good stuff.
I fill the pot halfway with water, keep the pot covered, strain into a big bowl once I'm done cooking, refrigerate overnight, and take the butter off the top in the morning. Good luck!
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