Botulism in Weed?

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Hey 420 Friends,

I'm sort of new to the whole edibles thing when it comes to weed.

My question is: can you get botulism from canna butter or coconut canna butter if you use all of it immediately to cook with ?
Is botulism just always something you have to take into account when making edibles?

I wanted to make maybe one or 2 cookies with just 1grm of weed I have. It's not sticky or wet it's pretty dry stuff

So is botulism ONLY present if you let the butter sit for too long? Am I in the clear?
The bacteria is destroyed by heat in general normally 85 c or 185 f for more than 5 minutes, it is not even 1/4 gas mark so well blow temp of the oven etc or cooking/making cookies/butter guide lines.

Welcome to forums by the way :Namaste:
Botulism takes time to develop. As long as you use the butter/oil sooner rather than later, you should be good. In that respect, cannabis is no different than anything else we consume.

Heating (>185F for >5 minutes) kills the toxins, but not the spores. If you then leave the cooked oil or food around, under the proper conditions, the toxins will redevelop. At that point it could get you, but if you leave any food around long enough w/o preserving, it can make you sick or kill you.
Okay so I should be in the clear?

What are my chances of contracting botulism even if you follow the right process?

Are you better off smoking instead of cooking with it? Like you said it's just lIke cooking with food but I'm still a bit worried.

| Botulism | CDC

"Other prevention tips include:

Keep oils infused with garlic or herbs refrigerated."

So I would imagine be same as herbs, keep it refrigerated when not using it in cooking. I would think most things you would cook with it would get hot enough to kill it, so as long as you cooking with it and not just putting it on bread to eat or something.

Off another place on the web:

"Extremely rare:

174 US cases in 2015"

So I would think if you took all the precautions and didn't keep food too long after being cooked (4-5 days max) you would probably have better odds of getting hit by a car in your living room or picking it up eating out than getting it from your butter. I"m not an expert so maybe someone else knows more or is in the medical field will chime in.
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