1. Z

    I need some help with my plant!

    Hello there 👋👋, So, ive got a plant that started its pre flowering process from a Friend because he wanted me to fix it. He grew it Outside during Summer (its fall here in Germany now) and used some generic Soil from our local Graveyard wich others can take for their Plants. Problem is, he DIDNT...
  2. J

    Please help asap just noticed some weird looking white spots on my ladies

    Just noticed a few of these white spots not on my buds but on my leaf’s please help me identify what it is and how to fix it before my plants get ruined
  3. Maelasae

    Seedling with red stem/root?

    Doesn't seem to have any type of other problems, and is otherwise growing normally? Just seemed weird because I have 6 other seedlings all with a green/whitish stem. It's pretty, but I hope this isn't an indicator of something wrong.
  4. 6EB34EC4-9251-4F6A-8CCB-A156FFF71BA6.jpeg


    Can never work out harvest time
  5. D

    I need help my plant is dying

    I need help with my plants they look like I can save them I just don't know what to do They are bag seeds so I have no clue what type of seed they are. There 3 seedling growing Abt just one month old. The temperature is normally between 70-78 They are kept in box about 16in x 12in x 20in...
  6. T

    Will this Sativa survive?

    Needs a lot longer to finish. Do you think it can recover from this type of stress halfway through flowering? It was 8ft tall when I bent it in half to get it 12” under my Grow 300 LED light, in a 2x4 tent, lol. She survived through the night, and the plant doesn’t seem to be suffering yet...
  7. T

    Small Pollen Tent

    2x2x4 tent for the use of bringing up a single male plant. I’m looking for any input/improvements to this idea. Equipment -2x2x4 AC infinity Tent -Migro Aray 2 Light -doesn’t need an in-line fan, but maybe a very small fan for seedling stage -Daylight Fluorescent light for seeding stage. -A 2...
  8. B

    Maybe overdose

    Hello, yesterday they got a nutrients drink from advanced nutrients (they are in the 4. flower week) and today they look not good yesterday before the feeding they look‘s good and healthy.. maybe a overdose?
  9. Y

    How many times a week use fertilizing advanced Sensibloom in soil?

    Hello I have a grow room in a basement whit 2 hps 600w each one. I had one cycle whit 20 plants (21days veg), I use advanced every time I give water to my plants, is it right? The result was 500g in total and I use 1200w The temperatures was like 24/28 grade Celsius, but I only had one air...
  10. J

    Hello I am a new grower

    Hello i am a new grower i have grow plants a few times whit my dad years ago. but now I have build a growroom in my friend basement. The growroom is 1,20mX3m (9ftX3ft according whit Google) I use 2 ballast 600w each one. I had 1 cycle whit 20 plants (veg time 21days) and the yield was about 450...
  11. S

    Whole Plant Drooping - Please Help

    This plant was the best one I’ve had and the biggest. It’s a northern lights haze #5 and growing outdoors. I have watered the plants a couple days ago and soil is still a bit moist. All of a sudden the plant leaves are dropping down. The other plants next to it still looking good so far. Has...
  12. N

    Feeding Schedule

    Hi everyone quick question. As you can see from the feeding schedule, it tells you how many ml you need in a liter by week. Now I was wondering: Let's take in consideration BioGrow in week 4. It says 2ml/L. Now my pot is 5 gallons, so I have to water up to 1-1.3 gallons of water (4.5-6...
  13. N

    Spots on fan leaves

    Hi everyone, I'm at the 3rd week into flowering, and I have been noticing these spots on some of my bottom fan leaves. It's my second time growing and I have no clues on how to fix it and if I have to be worried about it. Thank you so much
  14. N

    How many times do I flush?

    Hi Everyone Quick question, I'm currently growing Green Gelato in a light-mix Biobizz medium. I have been using only Biobizz feeding products as well. I have a 5 gallon fabric pot, and after reading through the group it seems that I need 2/3 times the amount of water per size container. So in...
  15. TwelveCoffee

    Hempy bucket questions

    Hey guys so I saw a couple hempy grows and it peaked my interest but I have some confusion So the first question is the combos, straight pearlite, coco and pearlite and pearlite mixed with the one that starts with a V having a huge brain fart! Which one works better? I was looking into...
  16. F

    Help with plants new grower

    Hello I need some help with my plants they are small for 2 weeks I’m not sure why they are small and starting to turn lime green and they have purple stems. GSC Auto Flower. I’m using 1 Phantom 750 growing light in my closet.
  17. N

    BioBizz NPK

    Hi everyone, I have a question about Bio-Grow, or any other BioBizz products that have NPK ratio on the label. I got Bio-Grow and on the label the NPK ratio is 4-3-6. I was wondering how many ml do I need to achieve that ratio? 1 ml? In the Nutrient Schedule the range of ml goes from 1 to 4...
  18. Quality G

    Outdoor growing suggestions

    Any recommendations on feeds or tips for outdoor grow
  19. AdkSmoker

    1st Grow Question

    I just started my first grow, and my Daquiri Lime is showing a deficiency. I’m not great at identifying issues yet, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  20. ReeceyNG9

    Help! Fungus Gnats in flowering period!

    Hi guys. I have 3 dinafem amnesia haze autoflowers growing. They germinated on the 7th of feb and have been under a 20/4 light cycle since then. I’ve transplanted twice to bigger pots I have led light strips that I used to vegetate and flower my plants. I’m in the last 2/3 weeks of...
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