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  1. B

    First Grow Ever! Please Give All The Advice! Aurora Indica, Coco Coir, Indoor, 2018

    First time growing literally anything. Not a single plant of any variety haha. I've read a bunch of forums and guides. Which equates to a knowledge base slightly above zero haha. Really doing this as a hobby because my friends and gf smoke, and I needed a hobby. Sounded fun to do all of the...
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    Thc bomb victim number one from My attach at trying to get more air movement through the plant .
  3. 420islife

    Need help with DIY LED

    Hey guys I was hoping to try and build a led chip board on a 3.5x3.5 frame to go in a 4x4 Now I know how to wire up lights for a chicken brooder And snake enclosures with thermostats but these led have got me confused First I purchased just a cheap chip and driver from eBay and that was just red...
  4. S

    Why are my leaves so sad?

    the past 2 weeks they've been getting worse. Temps stayed in the mid 80's, that's what I keep them at under LED's. Switched to plastic pots since air pots seem to get them root bound (maybe I'm overwatering?), using biocanna at 1/4 strength. Lights are 18" above canopy. Only 3 out of the 6 are...
  5. Lisaalexstark

    Name That Deficiency

    Hello Smokers and Smokettes!! I have been having some serious issues with my grow closet :( please im hoping someone can define whats going on here before its too late! ive already had some horrible things go on here. so im using an 135W HLG QB288 V2 paired with a KING PLUS 1000W, not truly...
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    Attempt one magical butter cooking oil with coconut oil
  7. Lungbutterorbs

    Over watered?

    what's up everyone? I just watered my babies 3-4 days ago the soil is mostly dry. I just added a new light to my tent so heat has been a battle lately as im waiting on an inline fan and filter. But could I have overwatered and the hwat from the light make the soil dry up faster but the plant...
  8. Growing disease

    Growing disease

    Someone has an idea how to fix this?
  9. Lungbutterorbs

    Heat control !

    I have a 3x3 with a mars reflector 192 currently housing my 5 12 day old seedlings. The temperature gets up to 94 without any vents opened up and with all of them opened and the door cracked its still a good 84-86. The problem is when flowering i don't want to have to vent this way bc of smell...
  10. T

    First Indoor Grow: Problem Identification Help

    Hi! First post here, discovered 420magazine through reading about bud washing and Doc Bud. To the point, this is muy first Indoor Grow, I have a - 1,20x1,20x2,00 M tent, - 315w Solux LEC (CMH) - Plus simple humidifier, CO2 Boost from fungi and a little moving fan. With - 10 +Speed autos...
  11. M

    Having bit of an issue some advice would greatly be appreciated

    I have a 4x3 ft grow room with 2 critical purple auto and 2 northern lights auto.. for my lights im using a optic 4 led full spectrum. Im using fox farm ocean forest for my medium straight out the bag no added perlite or anything. My planters are the smart pots fabric 3 gallon pots.. my critical...
  12. Selfmedigrow

    Newbie in need of some light shedding on this problem

    Hi Guys, Can someone please help me out, I'm new to growing, I've germinated a few seeds, got them in the tent now after 9 days from sprouting in coir & perlite, with lights at max height and only veg lights on with a 420 watt(actual from the wall) led, it's at 79f & humidity is 50%, only fed...
  13. Lungbutterorbs

    Curing for taste

    Hello all, Hopefully someone can help me out here with this question and Im sure there are multiple ways to go about this.. I'm looking to obtain a nice taste and aroma with my buds. Assuming genetics are on par, grown in soil using organic nutes, and I have no budget cap(lol working on...
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    Is this potassium def ? Only on the few lowers ?
  15. 3C5397DE-9F6C-4D7D-8953-26454FE2D860.jpeg


    More bud sites on TTB @[296555:@Derbybud] she grew today on me lol
  16. 215BegginingGrower

    What are these small white spots on my seedling? Please help!

    Im new To growing and I have one particular question about my new weed plant. There are these white tiny spots along the first two leaves that sprouted and I’m neverous if there is something I’m missing. I use a desk Lamp with blue light at 100W about 4/5 inches away from the plant in a...
  17. Tattootom2390

    New grower, can I FIM side nodes? Help

    Hello all. My name is tom and I am in my first grow. So my girl (hopefully) was planted on 5/20 from seed and I fimmed on the 5th main node, and have been lst ever since. I now have 10-12 tops showing all around even height. My question is is it beneficial for me to start fimming these secondary...
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    Nitro def? Or light fading ?
  19. E8BF49DF-4A67-4056-B3E8-6F717BFB9ED5.jpeg


    Pennywise @[263335:@Pennywise] here is the issue I was worried about ? Is this actually nitro def ? Kinda yellowing ? Up grow nitro I think ?
  20. G

    I’ve faced some problems early

    Hi it’s my first time growing and in the second week of growing I made the genius mistake of giving it nutes. I gave my plants 0,5ml/l of bio grow from bio bizz, and 3 days after the plant was getting burned. Purple Bud auto white label 75% indica 1plant Seedling Indoor Soil Solo cup Only soil...