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  1. B

    Please help!

    First grow, 5th week into flowering (strawberry banana) natural soil, have been using dyna grow bloom but haven’t the last time I watered. Ph was 7 just got it down to 6. Leaves at bottom are turning yellow and dying. Other leaves have started curling. Don’t know what to do I don’t know if it’s...
  2. J

    Can anyone help diagnose this?

    Plant is in promix, just about to enter flower, outdoor. Ph going in is around 6.3-6.5, haven’t measured runoff yet. Been slowly introducing nutrients as the promix should be getting depleted after the two months in pot. Noticing these sandy/rust colored spots. Any help diagnosing fast...
  3. Km021

    Could you notice the problem?

    Hi, recently i hve seen a problem with my plants leave, could somebody notice the problem? Stage: flowering Ph: 6.3 Thanks. @Emilya ❤
  4. H

    Rotten egg smell from run off water?

    Okay I’ll get straight to it! I am growing under a 600w hps which is currently adjusted to 400w, I have different age clones , 3 being around 8 weeks and the other 2 are 4 weeks ish. Growing in coco. Had a pest problem recently so I have been using some horticultural soapy spray. Not my issue...
  5. H

    Devastated! Little white insects on my leaves!

    So just went to give my plants a little look at they are around 7 weeks old veg, and the one of em I have noticed little white really tiny insects just moving forward like a tiny work! My second grow and I am worried ? Any help please !! I am growing in coco too
  6. D

    Want to yield around 10pounds to get out of debt

    Hi all. Really sorry if I may sound pushy but I want to know if there's a way to yield about 10 pounds in one grow without taking too much space. Im about to rent a house which has a close neighborhood and my goal is to do a one time shot to get out of financial troubles. The fact is that I see...
  7. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    What is going on here? I have no idea...
  8. celticlyle

    Need help please, nitrogen toxicity week 4 flower in coco coir

    Hi there guys I have some blatant nitrogen toxicity showing on 2 of my smaller girls. They are indica dom hybrids 8-9 week flowering time photo periods. They are considerably smaller than the rest and its completely my own fault as they have been getting the same food. I am currently in week 4/5...
  9. D

    Brown spots on leaves: fungus/Septoria?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone knows what these brown spots are. Haven't seen something like that before. This is a sativa.on its 5th week. I did a quick search on G and some photos talking about fungus/septoria look pretty close to my plant. These spots are.on the top leaves. Soil: plagron batmix...
  10. IMG_20200622_143850.jpg


    White go quadlined I need help please someone what should I be doing it growing out of control lol
  11. G

    Second Attempt Autos!

    Hi everyone 9 days into my second grow. Ive learnt alot from my first attempt and thanks to everyone that gave me feedback on my previous thread. Using LEDs, a fan and putting plants outside on sunny days. Getting at least 20 hours of light out of 24. Careful watering around plant only when...
  12. C

    Newbie seeking help

    Hey Guys, I have recently started growing my 1st plant and seem to be having some issues. Can someone please stir me in the right direction? The tips of my leaves seem to be discolouring? Also the true leaves seem to be dying.. what do i need to do please? HEEELLLLPP :) thanks in advance
  13. J

    New grower, need help with a seedling: does it look healthy or stressed?

    Hi guys, first ever grow. I’m not sure if my seedling looks healthy or a little heat stressed. The temps went up to 29 degrees this morning and I am paranoid that the leaves look a lil turned up? Currently it’s under a 300 watt day light cfl at around 8 inches away with an oscillating fan...
  14. E

    First outdoor grow help

    Hello this is my first time doing a out door grow so any help anyone can give would be nice I got about 10 plants going I'll upload pics of plants soil I'm using and pest control stuff just need help really want them to turn out good..can I use that sevin lawn insect killer? Any help would be...
  15. Funkygrower


    why are the veins in my plants turning yellow/white??. I just gave them a small does of Advanced Nutrents grow,micro,bloom. Should I add in a small shot of some cal mag?. Using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. Thanks
  16. C

    QB: Samsung LM301b V2 3000K

    Hello guys, I am thinking about upgrading from my HPS 600W light to Samsung LM301b V2 QB lights (3x120W). Is this light good for growth and flower cycle? Or do I need to modify it in any way? Like, add some LED light with grow light spectrum, etc...? I really new in growing weed. So I am a...
  17. Drillerjoe

    New grower, New here and would like your input on this plant.

    Would like your opinion on this Auto Cheese. This plant was started in soil and it grew 2" in 3 weeks and It was nowhere near the other strain I was growing. I dug it out (it had a good root system), rinsed all the soil away and put it into a DWC set up and it took off like wildfire. There was...
  18. Marsella

    Noob’s First One: 2x2, 125W QB, Coco

    Hi guyz ! Im very new and this will be my first experience as a grower so all your advices are well welcome, English isn’t my language but I’ll try to do my best (I’m also new to us/uk forums so I’m trying to learn your words for growing !). « Sadly » i have to go on hollidays in a month or...
  19. G

    First Grow!

    Hi all, I'm 13 days into my first Grow. I have 2 Fem auto magnum buddha seeds 11 litre pots with plant magic soil. Getting about 11 hours direct sunlight daily. Been watering gently with a spray bottle Increased water today by pouring 2 litres each and won't water again until soil has dried. I...
  20. V

    Newbie planning on building micro nano grow box

    Hello guys, I'm newbie here, I've read a lot of stuff about growing. And decided to test it by myself. The only problem I have is space... So I want to make it stealthy as possible (quiet, no smell, easy to access) and as cheap as possible. I'm planning on using 30x35x75 cm box (1'x1'x2,5' ?)...
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