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  1. S

    Leaves around buds are starting to orange is this normal?

    I am at the end of week 4 to beginning of week 5 flower and the smaller leaves are turning orange. Is this normal? It is not squishy so doesn’t seem like bud rot but let me know. Thanks
  2. S

    Buds turning around quite early?

    The buds are turning orange quite early and I’m in mid week 4. I can’t tell if it looks wrong. Please help?!
  3. DeltaTango

    Strange goings on with how the stem is growing

    Whats going on with this plant its first leaves from seed one was damaged so maybe stress? Will it flower ok? Any opinions any one please ?
  4. G

    Male or female

  5. L

    Growing Concerns

    Soooo hey guys! I’m new to growing. I mean like brand new. Never planted anything in my life. Lol so I finally thought I give it a try. Here’s my progress so far. I’m two weeks in and I have concerns about the color of my “baby”. She seems a bit light to me. Am I missing something or is she...
  6. F

    Autos in Veg not looking so good: Can anybody help?

    Hello! So I’m new to growing and I keep getting yellow leaves on my plants. I’m growing Autoflowers in Fox farm potting soil with some organic composted living soil. I’ve also used a Roots Organics top dress (6-1-2). They’re in 2 gallon smart pots right now so I’m watering every 2 days or so...
  7. B

    Hello new friends

    I would like to introduce myself, I am bigdoosh696969 I would love to learn and see cool new things here. Please feel free to share anything interesting I should definitely check out here. Thanks! - bigdoosh696969
  8. S

    Beginner in need of diagnoses & advice

    Hey everyone ! Just looking for some advice , recently 3 of my little ones in veg have started to make these very odd leaves. I won’t say its spreading but it almost seems to be. Originally only one had the issue but now all 3 have it to varying degrees. Living in Fox Farms Happy Frog, using...
  9. C

    Dark shiny leaves cupping problem: Help!

    Hi guys, so its muy first grow in mapito and i am having some trouble. I have a 400w hps. Let me say i already done some hydro grows buy only in clay Pebbles and never had this issue. Now, my plants are still young at around 3 weeks into veg, new growth is getting dark shiny leaves and are...
  10. F

    Greetings: Minor help

    Hello! I joined this forum because it’s my first time growing and I’m having trouble with yellow leaves in 2nd week of veg for autos. They’re in Happy Frog soil with some roots organics top dress for nitrogen, but I’m still noticing the lower leaves yellowing... Could it be a watering issue? I...
  11. YahBoiNothing

    More of a question, if anyone can help

    Week 5 of flower (this is my first grow I don’t really know what the fook I’m doing) my question is why tf are the buds so small? It says it’s a fast flowering under 8 week yet I’m pretty sure she’s got like a lot longer than that left. Photo below
  12. G

    I think I topped my plant wrong please help!

    A week ago I decided to top my plant shes been in veg stage for 4 months. Prior to topping I read on one a forum my dad sent me on topping that said to top 7in down from the top on the plant, so I thats what I did. Her veins were a bright purple now theyre dark. Did I mess up? If so can it be...
  13. Coastal Dharma

    Help! One of my plants is looking a little sick/sad and i dont know why!

    Hello all! One of my plants is looking a little sad and i dont know why.. Its gotten the same treatment as the rest of my plants and they're all looking fine. I have 10 plants in total. They're under two 1200W ViparSpectra dimmable LED's, 4 fans running on fairly low speeds(more than enough to...
  14. T

    Recommended dist from plant with this lamp?

    Hey! Im not a pro on lights and such - or growing generally but 5 months now, wich is a good - bad, and fun prosess. I love to learn and never think i know enough. Thougts on my question about distance when using this lamp? :)
  15. S

    First Indoor Grow! Need some help please!

    Hi guys its my first time posting here. I have done a few outdoor plants over the past 3 summers and felt it was time to try an indoor grow. I'm growing (2x Purple Punch, 2x Mac1, 2x Lemon Sorbet, 2x Kush Cake)using LED they are currently 4 weeks from seed. They did very well the first 2 weeks...
  16. B

    First time grower

    So I have white widow autoflower and It started sprouting on then7th of September so its about 5 or 6 weeks old the top leaves around top of plant droop just a little is the plant healthy for being only 6 weeks old imguessing
  17. AppleBucket

    Seedlings looking unhappy and unhealthy

    So I played my 2 lemon haze autos a few weeks back and everything was going great until I decided to give them only a slightly bigger watering. The soil was damp for roughly 4 days before it finally dried again but during this time I caused a lot of stress and noticed my leaves were starting to...
  18. OMGReptar

    What’s going on with these plants? I really need some help

    I’ve got a few different symptoms going on with 2 of my plants. Both are the same strain and being treated the same. Both photoperiod. Medium: Happy Frog soil Water: tap, ph is around 7.4 and ppm about 90. Light: 300 watt LED, 24” away Grow area: 2x4x7 tent Temp: 25C (78F) Humidity: 65%...
  19. P

    First Time Grower: Help Making Sure Everything Makes Sense! Detailed

    Hey folks, Please note post is unfinished, but I've been trying to finish it for a few days and haven't had the time to. So I plan on coming back to update it as time permits. I have provided all of the details that I think are relevant to the current stage that I am in, but if there are any...
  20. H

    Autoflower not flowering after 2 months

    Hey all, So, I am confused about what's happening here. I have been growing a White Widow Auto since early August, and it's been in pre-flower since September 4th, or at least that's when it started showing pistils. I screwed up and didn't account for the increased water she would want, and she...
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