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  1. J

    Humidity control

    So I have 5 10x20 grow tents with the 32 slight undercurrent set up running 8000 watts led with 932 cfm exousting outside 932 cfm on low for intake my room outside the tents is around 73 degrees with 12.5 tons of ac and have 2 ultra aire 205 dehumidifiers running and they say 50 %rh but in my...
  2. Slothman

    Deficiency in early flower Auto Sweet Tooth

    I have 3 Auto Sweet Tooth plants that all seem to have the same issue, RH 50 to 55%, 81F on 74 off, cyco nutriants, 600watt HPS and 315watt CMH in different tents both same RH, CMH tent is 2 degrees cooler lights on, soil fox farm ocean Forest, pH is high 6, I feed at 6.3
  3. I

    Nasty leaves on outdoor GG plant! Help!

    This is my 2nd time growing and have been spotting a bunch of shit on my leaves compared to my other 4 plants. They’re all the same size and grown in the same place but this one has little black dots of shit from insects and has white residue stuck on it. Today is the first time I look in really...
  4. Slothman

    Community health check: any and all advice welcome

    I have a Blueberry plant and a purple kush that are 2 weeks or so away from harvest, im getting a new 1000w hps light tomorrow to get my 2nd flowering tent up and running. i want to make sure that my baby's are OK im fairly new to all this and just want to make sure the yellowing and such is...
  5. weednado

    Tweed Argyle: Day 11

    My first grow, curious what people think of these? I noticed on the two right side plants that there are some small yellow circular spots on the leaves. I recently (Monday) moved them into a grow tent with a ~1000w CREE COB LED. Have I overwatered them? Is it a fungus? Do they need nutes...
  6. I

    Outdoor grow: dying plant! Can it still be saved?

    7/15/19 Just took it out of the soil today. What should I do? Keep and try to save or throw away? It’s Gorilla Glue grown in Fox Farms Soil and about 3 months old. I just add regular water and the rest of my plants are doing good except this one. The heat in Riverside is crazy hot!
  7. jebivetr

    Help with identifying problem

    Hello guys, I have 9 plants and 4 of them are starting to show mosaic pattern and on one of them the tips are starting to show burn sings and other spots on leaves they are 3,5 week old and that is including first week when they were germinating so 2,5 weeks if i dont count first week. They...
  8. UKgrower320

    Need help regarding badly high humidity again

    So I made a post a while back on my humidity being to high, got told to use cat liter or a dihumidifier Well I've used both an it's still in the 80s tent closed, 65% tent open... I'm two weeks into flower and basically ripping my hair out in case of bid rot, something I genuinely can not be...
  9. Z

    Help! My plants are loosing color and one is dying and I don't know why

    I have gotten 2 clones from a friend 2 weeks ago and since i have startet growing them. They are now in week 2 of vegetative state and are having some problems. One of the plant is turning its new leaves brown and yellow and older leaves get yellower. The other one is much more healthier but it...
  10. J

    Help! Can someone tell me what the problem is?

    Can someone tell me what is wrong here? Let me know if you have questions.
  11. M

    Small holes starting to form don't know what it could mean

    i would like to catch what ever is wrong right away so if anyone knows what could be doing this. there very healthy otherwise
  12. Boombarta

    Any help please

    Is this any where near harvest
  13. J

    First Time Growing Yellow leaves

    Hi, this is my first time grow I use led by mars hydro Flowers had tough life since they started first few week without light only on sunlight and after that Im struggling with temp its around 25 up to 31/32 so cause of heat I blame they are small. But few weeks before I had a lot of yellowing...
  14. 4

    Possible bud rot?

    Hey guys I'm currently at week 7 in flower on my first grow. I have 2 plants (Royal Gorilla auto) I had some problem with over feeding or a nutrient lockout 1,5 weeks ago, where i flushed it using advanced nutrients flawless finish, after this i reduced the amount of nutrients i used by 25%...
  15. P

    Very High Humidity

    Hi All. New here. First grow. Having issues lowering my humidity. Would appreciate some experienced help. Whole setup below is in basement which is always cold, typically between 17 and 21 degrees Celcius. Intake draws from the floor outside space and exhaust exhausts outside space at...
  16. UKgrower320

    Far too humid in grow tent

    So ive had to come back on 420 to ask another question. I'm using a 80x80x160cm tent Running a 250w and a 300w CFl. My indoor temps are 21.1°C and a RH of 66% with both lights running. Outside (world temp) is 12°C with a humidity of 92% (this is extremely uncommon in my town, normally is...
  17. MVcowboy

    First real grow, clones, autoflowers & random seeds: need all the tips and advice I can get!

    Hello everyone, This is my first real grow. Currently have 12 plants growing. 7 clones ( Green Crack, Sour Diesel, Skywalker, Platinum, Big Bud, Cookie Glue, XJ-13), 2 Autoflowers ( Critical Purple and Gorilla Glue), Seeds ( 3 random seeds from some Reggie). I have some Feminized White Widow on...
  18. T

    Help! Am i ready to harvest? 8 week flowering strain

    Hello guys. This is my 3rd grow but my first using a photoperiod. I have TH critical HOG. 5 girls and very close to being done. I'm just wondering when to harvest and a good way to. I normally count back the weeks in harvest, but I totally forgot when i put these girls in flower. I have a...
  19. Quality G

    Super crop: bending and securing down

    Are my plant old enough/big enough to be bent and tied down would appreciate the info
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