1. Selfmedigrow

    Newbie in need of some light shedding on this problem

    Hi Guys, Can someone please help me out, I'm new to growing, I've germinated a few seeds, got them in the tent now after 9 days from sprouting in coir & perlite, with lights at max height and only veg lights on with a 420 watt(actual from the wall) led, it's at 79f & humidity is 50%, only fed...
  2. Lungbutterorbs

    Curing for taste

    Hello all, Hopefully someone can help me out here with this question and Im sure there are multiple ways to go about this.. I'm looking to obtain a nice taste and aroma with my buds. Assuming genetics are on par, grown in soil using organic nutes, and I have no budget cap(lol working on...
  3. 2A49DF6E-0967-443D-A068-B6CDC08A859F.jpeg


    Is this potassium def ? Only on the few lowers ?
  4. 3C5397DE-9F6C-4D7D-8953-26454FE2D860.jpeg


    More bud sites on TTB @[296555:@Derbybud] she grew today on me lol
  5. 215BegginingGrower

    What are these small white spots on my seedling? Please help!

    Im new To growing and I have one particular question about my new weed plant. There are these white tiny spots along the first two leaves that sprouted and I’m neverous if there is something I’m missing. I use a desk Lamp with blue light at 100W about 4/5 inches away from the plant in a...
  6. Tattootom2390

    New grower, can I FIM side nodes? Help

    Hello all. My name is tom and I am in my first grow. So my girl (hopefully) was planted on 5/20 from seed and I fimmed on the 5th main node, and have been lst ever since. I now have 10-12 tops showing all around even height. My question is is it beneficial for me to start fimming these secondary...
  7. AEF4C710-104A-4502-96C2-266B517AE07A.jpeg


    Nitro def? Or light fading ?
  8. E8BF49DF-4A67-4056-B3E8-6F717BFB9ED5.jpeg


    Pennywise @[263335:@Pennywise] here is the issue I was worried about ? Is this actually nitro def ? Kinda yellowing ? Up grow nitro I think ?
  9. G

    I’ve faced some problems early

    Hi it’s my first time growing and in the second week of growing I made the genius mistake of giving it nutes. I gave my plants 0,5ml/l of bio grow from bio bizz, and 3 days after the plant was getting burned. Purple Bud auto white label 75% indica 1plant Seedling Indoor Soil Solo cup Only soil...
  10. magicfingers

    Green Crack - Week After Planted Still Have Seed On Top - HELP

    Hello! Was just wondering if it is normal for it to take a week (and a day) or longer for the seed to completely pop off of the plant and for it to show it's first set of leaves. I attached a few images to help you grasp what I mean - please help! Worried I did something wrong. I put them under...
  11. Brassico


    THIS is my first dwc grow and i know the basics only thing i dont have is hydrogaurd which i am going to get asap but there for now only thing is a little root rot which im using hydrogen proide to get that fixed also i have some kind of leaf problem idk i dont need to be maimed about how bad...
  12. L

    SCROG Blue Dream CoCo 600 Watt HPS - Tiny Spindly Buds - Help!

    Hey Everyone, My second crop is nearing harvest and not looking anything like I'd hoped :( The more reading I do the more I think they may all be hermies. It's the first time I've tried the SCROG method, as i found my blue dream outgrew my tent height really quick the first time around. But...
  13. Brassico

    Help! DWC ASAP!

    Hi sorry to see manic im not i just am new to dwc i grow in soil so im having some trouble i believe root rot is ruled out i need professional assistance to what the yellow on the leaves and colas is Please anybody that has any info let me know iv never seen this before here the roots and...
  14. A

    First time grower - Autoflower super soil question

    So I'm planning on planting an autoflower seed or two.. or three, .. my problem is that I would like to visit said plants as few times as possible so I've been looking into 'super soils' from what I've read the BioBuzz all mix is too hot for seedling to begin growth in, but the BioBuzz light mix...
  15. M

    First Timer

    I'll just jump right into it This is not my first time growing and it won't be my last. Started out with a 6.5' x 6.5' x 6' tall room one light and a heater. Every couple of months I would add to my room and now feel im all set. 3) 40 watt UV light bars (lights of America) 1) 8 inch fan 1)...
  16. 17701C8B-BA40-492C-B5EC-F0B7FF18B821.jpeg


    Help what is this def week 7 flower or day 56 since pistils ?
  17. AF537633-B3A0-401F-81A8-16F275256ACC.jpeg


    Need help with diagnosis of def please headband on lots of fans mostly lowers . Not cal mag is it at 4-5 ml per gal ish ?
  18. N

    DMSO and cannabis oil?

    Does anyone have experience using cannabis oil topically with the help of DMSO? Is it possible? (they don't seem to mix easily at all) I am tempted to conclude that if I want to go the topical route with DMSO, I will need a non-oil extract, maybe water. But then, more questions. How do...
  19. coralman

    Little help with sugar based feed and boosters

    So i usually use biobizz top max through out flowering or just straight mollases, iv recently got the Shogun sumo boost bio stimulant which contains sugars (i bought it for the tricantanol) So my question is would it be wise too ditch the topmax whilst using the sumo boost and maybe just...
  20. R

    Leaves yellowing too fast

    Hi im new to the forum and growing and can do with some help please,im 5 1/2 weeks since switching to 12/12 and have problems with yellowing bottom/middle fan leaves,growing with 400w hps ph 6.5 ionic nutes 5ml/l bloom 1ml/l calmag was giving pk boost but cut that out last feed incase was the...