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  1. M

    Need Urgent Help

    Hey guys this is my first time growing. I need a lot of information if anyone can help. I’ve got my clone on a 18hr light time by 6hr dark time, using lemon water only on soil never misted the leaves. and not sure whats happening to it! Hope you guys have some insight! Some pics for visual!
  2. S

    Discoloration on leaves HELP

    there is a few spots on a couple leaves thats worrying me will include photos
  3. W

    Is this a male or female?

    Need help first grow, I need professional eyes to give an option please thank you in advance !
  4. W

    Hydroponic newbie

    Hello everyone, New member here... I am also a newbie in growing and hydroponics. I have a set up already and with many failed attempts I have germinated and sprouted some seeds but never got passed that. Troubleshooting I have found that I may have been overwatering the seedlings. Currently I...
  5. Brbcp

    Help my plant's innocent leaf problem

    Hi anyone can help me please what my plants problem ? Im use 300 watt cfl there is 25C in grow room maybe max 28C my plant 42 days old im give plagron pk 13-14 . First the bottom leaves start turn yellow where no light . But some day ago everywhere leaves turning barely yellow from the edge. And...
  6. H

    Would like some advice on a growing location

    I live in Michigan, i'm 18, and I have never grown marijuana for medicinal purposes ever and I hardly smoke. My parents both have medical cards but they don't grow or smoke anymore. Id like to set up a spot that is odor free and hidden from everyone. I live on a non-operational farm and I want...
  7. P

    Detox help I'm skinny, is it possible in a week?

    Hello im 5'11(180cm) and 121 Pound (55kg) (I'm trying to gain weight btw is hard.) and im going to take a urine test in a little more then a week and need detox tips or other. My plan is to detox in 1 week i'm gonna exercise every day and eat healthy and fiber drink tea and juice but is there...
  8. Growingasmile

    Heat from a piston pump, also noise

    Anyone know how to reduce the noise and heat generated by a pond pump? I love the smell of cannabis getting ready for sleep it's like a mowed lawn but with cannabis.
  9. madmarv0525

    MadMarv Makes a Comeback!

    Hello 420 Fam, It has been a long time since I have been on here, so let's catch up. I am a disabled veteran, college student, and father of four. We all live in a 900sf 3br house with my mother, our two dogs, and one cat. Due mainly to poor credit decisions while I was in the Army, but...
  10. Growingasmile

    Thrips on clones

    something is eating my new leafs on the new clones I got and after a bit of research it appears I have a pest that needs to be handled, I have used a cinnamon, organic soap, and spicy peppers mix for my girls last time but the cinnamon and spicy stayed behind on the finished product.. what's the...
  11. Growingasmile

    Grape Presidential

    I bought a clone at a local dispensary but I can not find any info on it online and the dispense is keeping its secrets anyone ever hear of it?
  12. D

    What Obstacle Is My Plant Facing?

    Hey guys! I am a first time grower, and I am doing an indoor closet grow. I am using organic growing methods, fox farm potting soil, and fox farm big grow and big bloom fertilizers. I am in week 5 of vegetation, and as this is my first grow, have run into some errors. I was not giving my plants...
  13. M

    I am afraid for my plant! Picture

    help?! why did this happen? is my plant gonna make it alive? the part that connect the stem and root is so thin compare to the rest of the plant. its also brown and hard. will my plant fall off? is there a way to fix this? I don't want 6 weeks of growth to just disappear!
  14. B

    Need help with my grow

    Hi I planted a amsesia gold Auto I’m not sure what’s wrong with it I’m pretty sure it’s nutrient burn can someone help Thanks
  15. B

    Help my plants are dying

    Hi I planted a amsesia gold Auto I’m not sure what’s wrong with it I’m pretty sure it’s nutrient burn can someone help Thanks
  16. C

    First grow! Need help determining gender

    Hi! I’m growing my first set of plants and I am pretty sure this one is male. One plant out of my 4 definitely looks different than the rest, but I am looking for confirmation before I cut it down.
  17. N

    Strain recommendations

    To put a long story short my seeds that where germinating fell onto my tubular heater and cooked them Lool I'm looking for a recommended strain to grow Thinking about doing hydrophonic this time round Grow space Just over 5ft from one side to the other 2ft from front to back 5ft tall...
  18. N

    Seed problem

    So the other day i prepped to germinate my seeds (paper towel and water method) in a sealed container uselly I just leave them above the shelf over my tubular heater and this works perfect for me everytime but this time I went to check up on them and they had fell onto my tubular heater and...
  19. R

    Help: 24hr Drastic Change

    Using 600W MH approx 22-24” from plant top. 2 Gallon air pots. Installed a new trellis net and within ONE day my plants look severely wilted. The bud sites and leaves just look shrivelled and droopy. Some pics for comparison
  20. B

    First Grow Ever! Please Give All The Advice! Aurora Indica, Coco Coir, Indoor, 2018

    First time growing literally anything. Not a single plant of any variety haha. I've read a bunch of forums and guides. Which equates to a knowledge base slightly above zero haha. Really doing this as a hobby because my friends and gf smoke, and I needed a hobby. Sounded fun to do all of the...
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