First Grow - Casey Jones - DWC - SCROG - Ice Probe Thermoelectric Chiller


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Hello everyone, after a long veg i finally filled my SCROG and flipped. This is my first grow. Things have been going pretty flawlessly to this point. Here are some of the details, if i missed anything feel free to ask.

Strain - 1 Casey Jones fem seed
Week 1 day 1 of flower was 8/5/15
Tent 38x38x55
5 Gal w/ 6in net pot DWC with CoolWorks Ice Probe - h2o temp is 67f-71f night-day
Vegged with CFL for 7wks, Topped once, pretty extreme LST
Flower 400w HPS
6in CanFan exhausting CoolTube with inline carbon filtration
4in inline fan bringing in fresh air
Temp 77@ night 87 during day
RH 35-45%

Veg - 16ml/gal Connie, 8ml/gal b52, 4ml/gal Sensi calmag+ (low PPM city water), 1ml/gal DutchMaster Gold Zone
Flower Week 1 - 16ml/gal Connie, 8ml/gal b52, 8ml/gal Bud Candy, 8ml/gal Bud Ignitor, 8ml/gal Rhino Skin, 8ml/gal Bud Factor X, 4ml/gal Sensi calmag+, 1ml/gal DM Gold Zone. Will be starting Big Bud week 2, Overdrive Wk 7&8 and Flawless Finish wk9 for flush.

I haven't messed with any Ph Up/Down Products. I eliminated all enzyme/mycos products from AN Grand Master line after having a bad experience with Voodoo Juice in the first weeks of veg. Immediately flushed and switched to DM Zone and everything has been super simple. My roots are loving life.

Since Flipping and switching to 400w HPS I'm starting to notice what appears to be necrosis on new and old growth. I ran light at 50% Day 1, 75% day 2 and 100% day 3. I do not have any pest or bugs. There was about a dozen common houseflies that had been hanging out while i was with family the past 2 days but they have been eradicated. Would a house fly be eating the leafs?

I don't have the answers on your issue, I don't see much wrong in the picture, do you have a picture in regular light? It might help someone who can help see it more clearly. Is that a 4x4 tent, and one plant? It's beautiful and huge, congrats. Pretty awesome for a first grow. When you get a chance I'd love to see a picture of the bottom of the plant, it's gotta be amazing.
dabbledo your plant looks good overall to me. I can see in your second pic what looks like it could be some damage. But It is hard to see with that color light on it. I agree with jaygrow that it would be helpful to see it with regular light. And yeah can you show a couple of pics of the damaged leaves new and old? I wish you the best with the flowering phase. It is obvious that you took your time in veg to really fill your tent up. :goodjob: I really wish you the best with the flowering.
@JayGrow21 yeah thats one girl. I did some heavy LST and a decent amount of super cropping to get it to bush out before putting in the screen. Closer to 3.5x3.5ft




thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I know its nothing major, if it is correctable i just prefer to nip it in the bud early. Ive been on this site daily for years. I've learned everything I know from 420mag and IC forums. I hope you guys will stick with me for the next 9 weeks. I cannot be so blessed to have this run fool proof for another 9 weeks.
is it a rdwc? just curious how you do res changes and do weekly or bi-weekly cleaning
if its not rdwc
Thanks for stopping by dr fish. Before insulation and before the ice probe was installed the res temp was soaring 87F+ Now that the res is insulated and chiller installed i can get it down to 65F while the lights are running, air temp is 84-87 during the day if its completely zipped and vents are closed. I had purchased a temperature control for it but the girlfriend fried it (water damage) during a res change when i was out of town last week. I now have the ice probe on the timer with the lights. It is on when the lights are on and off when the lights are off. I left it on one night to see how low it would go and it dropped to 58f. That temp didn't seem natural to me for this part of a plants life cycle, i just couldn't imaging that happening in nature. I am really happy with it. If you search you can find the chiller probe and the control unit bundled for under $100, if you are really interested i will go back through my email and provide a link to where i purchased it from. Dutch Master Gold Zone combined with the probe has my roots really happy. They have almost taken up the entire 5 gal bucket.

@Cronichemphog sorry i didn't fully answer your question. it is not rdwc, the DM Zone keeps my res incredibly clean. Up until now i have been removing the screen, removing res and rinsing with h2o2 solution. I think i am going to wait until stretch has finished before i remove res again and rinse it out. at that point i might abandon the screen.
Thanks was just curious even tho I doubt ill ever try scrogging
messes with my timelines for perpetual and space lol
This is what my friend Dr.AmberThichrome on riu did with a regular waterfarm... Not only is she a great artist, she kills it with a water farm....

Damn Fish! If I can pull off half of that I will be ecstatic and maybe the lady will stop giving me so much hassle, she's the one smoking it all anyways. Thats really impressive, I had no idea she could yield like that. I don't mess with RIU. I would love to know what she was using for wattage, notes, and veg time. I have always been a big fan of the strain and was lucky to be blessed with a singe fem seed from a friend who grows it. Figured i would try and make the most of her. My Casey has gotten a whole lotta love. Only time will tell. Kinda nervous seeing nothing has gone wrong yet. All credit due to the 420mag family for all the wisdom.
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