Lucky Charms First RDWC Grow

So tonight I flipped these babies to a 12/12 light cycle, I raised the SCROG up (not recommended for beginners) and checked out all the root systems to make sure everything was good and healthy. Then I carefully laid all the branches down some more and lowered the SCROG back down. So far to date we have had about a week for preveg, and 5 weeks for veg. We are now starting the transition week or WK1 BLOOM. We will most likely have a harvest in 8 weeks from the research I've done on the Lucky Charms strain, but I will of course utilize my microscope to check the trichs. I will post my exact mls/gal of each nutrients used in this week's res-change in the next couple of days, I've had alot of stuff going on and I'm tired. Here are some pics to enjoy though:






Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I don't think anyone's really following along anyway but heres an update. We are now in WK4 BLOOM. In WK2&3, I gradually increased my bloom nutes and CaliMagic. The plants started their stretch and filled out the net completely. They are a little over a foot above the SCROG now. In WK3, I stopped using ResClear and started using Root assist tea. My roots fill the 5 gal buckets they are housed in now. I also started using mammoth p because they decided to hook me up with a nice donation.
In the middle of WK3 all pistols started forming everywhere. The plants are now drinking around 15 gal of soup every week, I expect they're consumption to increase n the next couple of weeks. Now I bring you current with the start of W4 BLOOM! A couple days ago I lollipopped all 4 of these Lucky charms and thinner out the top just a bit. I'm going to stop listing how much of each nite I'm using but I will list the poms and pH with every res change. This week it's 5.7 pH and 560 ppms. Here's some pics to bring us current.
Well I had plenty of computer/camera problems throughout this grow, I could have updated a couple weeks ago for sure but I kinda already went too long without posting. But I figured I would chime in with what happened with these Lucky Charms.

First of all, around W5 Bloom I started to notice my plants were far to immature for a 8-9 week strain. I figured I would give it a week. My plants looked perfectly healthy.No strange leaves, perfect shade of beautiful green. Roots happy as can be. I started to worry as we entered W7. Plenty of budsites were everywhere. But nothing was swelling like my past crops....... Upon checking trichs I learned they were all clear, not a creamy one in sight! I decided to perform a 2 day flush in RO water. Then I went back to the nutes. I had been doing research since W6. I didn't understand why my buds weren't swelling, I've had buds swell up in the last couple of weeks but these were taking forever......grrr. I decided that 1st, The genetics were of the type that don't produce dozens of colas but rather, a more uniform cotton ball formation all over the plant. And 2nd, I topped these plants too much. I gotten used to Blue Dreams ability to respond incredibly with multiple toppings that I didn't think about creating too small of nugs.

Either way today I started my chop, these babies went 12 full weeks and I could still let them go another week or so. But I have many more that need this room. I'm disappointed that this grow took 12 weeks of flower. But.... I'm very impressed with the quality of the buds. While not overly large they did swell out the past couple weeks and produce a lot of super sticky, triched out nuggets that smell reminiscent of cookies and ripe ripe fruit. Almost all my nugs were about the same size and I didn't have any larfy stuff to speak of so that is a giant plus. Also I have so much sugar on all of the leaves, I will have an incredible run of bubble hash!
All in all I think I still hit my target weight. I will be back with the final weight in about a week when I'm done drying but until then here is some of the bud as I trim it. I have to finish the last plant tomorrow.










Hey Dread, The buds looks pretty even if they didn't fill as much as you wanted, which is exciting since I am running a lucky charms grow currently.
It is my first grow (Inacid's Indoor Lucky Charms SCROG Grow Journal - 2017) and I was wondering if you could take a look and offer any advice or insights? I just switched to 12/12 today although now I am worried I waited a little too long based on how yours filled out... but can't go back in time. I may trim below the SCROG to try and combat stretch? I still have room for them to double in height hopefully without getting to close to my HPS I will be dropping in tonight.
Hope all is well in your world.

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