Afghan Cheese Micro Grow from Seed

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Welcome 420 friends! This is an all around first solo attempt for me. I've worked with others and read and read and read so I finally feel competent enough to give it a shot myself. So let's jump on in.

First, I'll tell you about my cabinet. It's pretty small. If you can imagine a video cabinet, thats all it is. I plan to Mylar the insides as soon as i get some. The dimensions are: 23"(w)x28"(H)x10.75"(D) or simplified 2'x2'x1'.




What strain is it?
Afghan Cheese

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
60%/40% Indica Dominant Hybrid

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
Germinating for 24 hours so far..

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or Hydro?
Roots: Organic &Natural soil. Considering mixing in some more perlite like i did with FF Ocean Forest, but the guy at the hydro store said this soil doesnt clump as much as FF and allows for better drainage so i'm not sure if it'll be necessary. I've got red cups and 2" blocks of rockwool ready for when the taproots show.

If soil... What size pot?
This is still up for debate, i only have about 11" front to back so i need pots that will fit this area, open to any suggestions :)

Size of light?
2 possibly 4 6500K 100w CFL's for Veg and 150w HPS for flower mixed with 2700K CFL's

Is it aircooled?
Yes, I'm still figuring this out, I think i will use a 4" inline with my 150w hps, and i may install a couple computer fans just to keep fresh air flowing.

I think thats all the info i can provide right now.. As i progress I'll continue to update.:tokin:

Afghan Cheese seed #1


Afghan Cheese seed #2


Group Shot
Good luck ... I got a pc box and currently have a journal going!! Pineapple express .... The fun is when you get to lst!

Do you have a link to your journal? I'll go checkk it out and most likely take some information away. I originally wanted to do a PC grow box because i have a bunch of leftover towers from my dads work i could use but i dont understand the electrical part. Good luck with yours! Thanks for checkin mine out!
Day 3 4-14-11

Interior of cabinet has been mylared and is ready for a little vegging. Still have some construction to do, but it will work for now. I'm concerned im letting too much light escape out the cracks of the front doors, You can sort of see the light escaping in the pictures, any ideas how to solve this issue while still being able to use the doors?





Seed #2 has cracked and root is approximately 1/4" long. I'm going to plant them after the morning blunt here ina second. Seed #1 (which i thought was most viable) has shown no signs of germination. I'm getting ready to prep my soil in a 4:1 ratio (Soil/perlite) and will be placing them in rockwool planted in soil inside party cups.




I left some water out over night so it would be ready for this morning. I'm going to go by the hydro shop today and grab some veg formula just to be prepared when the time comes. Also, if i receive a purified water bottle service like from Alhambra, would this water be better for my plants than say tap water, even if its been left out over night?

Anyways, thats all for now, time for morning blunt and ill get planting around noon when theyve had officially 72 hours in the paper towel. Thanks for checkin in, more pics later on today!:tokin:
Day 3 11:00 AM 4-14-11

So everything went well, got Seed #1 planted and watered and under its light. I also began germinating 2 more seeds so im waiting for seeds # 2,3,and 4 to show roots. The seeds are in order (left to right) 3,4,and 2.


Seed #3 Began Germinating today at 10:30 AM

Seed # 4 same time

Preparing to plant seedling, heres what im using

Time to enter the cabinet now that its up and running..

Door 1 open

Setup in the reflection

Aeriel Shot of my little setup


Above the Dome

I have some more red cups coming so hopefully by sunday ill have 3 more planted. Any thoughts? Critiques, advice for my upcoming journey. Nothing to do now except wait. I'd say the light is approximately 2 inches from the top of the dome, should i back it up a little?

Will i need to water regularly at this point? i know the idea is to keep it moist and build moisture for the seedling but i poured a quarter cup of water in after i got it planted and settled, the soil felt moist like it would be okay; was this correct?

Idk when ill be updating, because i kinda gotta wait til somethin happens. I will be checking in on my post regularly tho. Thank you in advance for any and all inputs! Keep it lit! :tokin:
Day 4 4-15-11

No pics right now, but Seed #1 has sprouted a bit i can see the leaves starting to pop up under the dome. When is a good time to remove that plastic dome i made? Seed #2 also is showing a taproot breaking through so i may transplant her today if i feel so inclined. I'll take pics later tonight, i had a job interview so im gonna roll a fatty and have a beer to recharge the batteries.

So far so good, like i said Pics later on tonight
Usually when I do it if the seed hasn't broke through soil after three days, I remove the cover and it never fails the next day will sprout!! So you can remove now ... Personal preference!
Thank you Tweaks! lol I've had questions with no responses i really appreciate it. As per your suggestion im removing the dome because the intial leaves are above soil so i think youre right shes ready.

Seed #4 has cracked and showing taproot as of 11:50 this evening. Tomorrow morning i will plant her and check Seed #3 assuming shell be cracked and showing.

P.S. I know i promised pics but i went to the casino tonight to make some money for equipment and supplies. Succesfully i might add. Tomorrow while planting i will take pics and provide an update. Thank you to all those following and participating i appreciate the support! Keep it Lit Folks! :tokin:
Sunday, Day 7 April 17, 2011

Picture Day! Fixed my setup and added lights and watered a little and... well just check it out.

Seed #3 cracked and planted

Seed #4 Cracked and planted

My temporary setup

And the newer semi permanent setup. Now i have to figure out how to fit more lights in there.... Im thinking once i raise the lights i can post some along the walls for budding when more light is necessary. Maybe someone else can throw an idea at me for what i can do.


This is how the lights are hung. Ghetto rigged it but it works. I taped the chord also to prevent it from falling.

BBC #1 is lookin healthy and hopefully will thrive with the new lights



Nothing more to do except wait. Hopefully #2 and 3 show through the soil soon. I'm not expecting anything from #4 i accidentally clipped the very tip of the taproot on her when i was transplanting. Rookie mistake but i learned from it. Thoughts and critiques welcome and encouraged! Thanks for stoppin in and Keep it Lit!:tokin:
looking good so farm what are the temps inside your cab with the doors closed?

I dont have a thermometer in there yet, i plan to go on a shopping spree today for little necessities. I used my infrared thermometer but who knows how accurate that is. I got readings between 75 and 80. I'm gonna get some fans in there asap. I'm still trying to decide how im gonna pull it off. Any ideas?
4-18-11 Week 2

Goodmorning! Like i said #2 had begun to show just after a few hours of setting up the new lights. And this morning shes looking even better. I lifted the domes to see if number 3 & 4 had made any progress and sure enough theyve both grown to the top so i removed the domes and hopefully by tonight theyll have sprouted right up!

Group Shot.. Hopefully by the end of the week ill have all 4 sprouted tall :)

#1 Looking greener today

Not much Taller tho

Frontal Shot of #2's Cotyledons

And #2 again, hopefully shell open up wide by tonight :)

Thats all for now. Still thinking of how to vent this thing. I found some green string my dad uses to make stringers for fishing and i figure ill build a little stand out of pvc pipe and just tie the string to it for my ScrOG. I should have room for all 4 right? I had been considering moving #3 outside once she sprouts anyway just to see what the difference is and maybe have a sweet outdoor plant. Welp i suppose i should get my day started. Have a good day and Keep it Lit folks! :tokin:
cut a hole (4in or 6in. square) near the upper portion of your chamber, got an old pc? or have a friend or family member that does? take that thing apart and grab the fan out of it, you'll have to get a few more items, but that's the main thing, a little DIY ingenuity and you've got yourself an exhaust fan/port

as far as intake, you can either cut another hole near the bottom of the chamber or a few smaller holes for a passive intake, choice is yours, either way you'll be fine:hookah:
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