PowerpuffGirl's 1st Bubbles Grow

Shame you had to cut her down, but we always wanna think about the majority. =) very healthy tho!! :bravo:

Thanks! Yeah, I thought the Bubba Kush was a great plant and the only pure indica I was growing. I started her later than the other two though, and they just overwhelmed her as they got into the growth groove. I could see where the BK growth was stunted on the sides because of the other two plants shutting her out, poor thing.

If I had separate grow/bloom areas and a larger bloom space, I would have loved to have seen her through. I'm definitely going to try a Bubba Kush again on my next grow. Since the seeds I'm using are feminized, I'm going to hold myself to 2 plants from the start.

With the way thing stand now, I'm hoping I can get some of those super-tasty buds I've seen Deep Water Culture growing!
Yes. Attitude Seed Bank. I've ordered from them a few times, and the turnaround was consistently a week. The free seeds they're including right now are Green House too. <3 Attitude.
I had a freakout yesterday as I was replenishing water. I have DIY cutouts for the net cups in my 5-gallon bucket lids. Apparently the circle I cut was a close thing, because the White Castle weighs enough that the cup FELL THROUGH to the res. Suddenly I've got hydroton in my water and torn leaves! I was able to cutout another hole from a res I wasn't using and use it as a brace to keep the plant from falling through the res hole again, but it sure got my adrenaline going! I'm a little worried that experience could have stressed the plant too early in flowering, but she seems happy enough this morning.

Since I've already figured out that 2 5-gal buckets using fem seeds is the best fit for my grow space, next time I'll just put in net bucket lids made for the 5 gallon.
hey ppg. the net pots made for the 5 gal buckets are great. i have 2 . very sturdy. didnt have any problem with tipping plants.
:nicethread:Somehow I've missed your grow. Which is a shame, because your plants look great! I'm doing 3 White Castle plants in a SHydro Deep Water Culture setup. I'm Subscribing now, and will be reading your journal to get info on your grow. If you have any extra info to share about the WC, I'd love it. Thanks for sharing.
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