My DWC Deep Water Culture

Just joined up, referred from another site. Good to see some familiar folks here:goodjob:

Could not have done this without MC and Rosemans threads.

My AK fem on 12/20/09...14 days ago:


As of today


haha that's a full size Bic.

The roots at 12/26/09


And today...8 days later


And this little girl (hopefully, bagseed) on 12/20/ cute


And today


She finally found the bottom of that big ass bucket of the Waterfarm


Really enjoying the growth of these. Giving them half strength nutes right now. Following the GH Flora Nova feeding schedule since I had both Nova veg and bloom on hand.

Growing under 6500k cfl's right now. 6 23w for the "unknown" and 4 23w for the AK.

That's all for now, I will keep things updated. Any advice is well appreciated, especially on feeding.

Re: Hi all! My dwc...Deep Water Culture

Awesome man, I love the DIY, and I know your gonna love the waterfarm. That thing produces monsters!
Re: Hi all! My dwc...Deep Water Culture

Nice start now hold on for the fun !! :peace:
Re: Hi all! My dwc...Deep Water Culture

Very nice yard dog. i'll be watchin this one. they look real healthy though. keep doin whatever your doing.
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Posted up in the "intro" section, I'm legit now:grinjoint:

I will do some more searching on this but I will ask here anyway. When should I start to give them "full" nutes? Going half right now which is: 5ml ForoNova, 1ml Floralicious, and 10ml Florablend. I'm tempted to go full next res change (Wed. night) but don't want to jump the gun.

Thanks for the great comment's all, much appreciated:ganjamon:
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Nutrients are not my strong point, but here is what most people can attest to.

day 1-7 - Nothing but PH water.
Day 7-14 - Either just PH'd water or 1/4 strength.
14-28 - Here is when you increase by how your plant reacts. Keep it slow, and add more weekly to get your plant accustom to the higher level of nutrients. If you can get a PPM meter, it would help alot. Stick it in the Res and it tells you the total amount in there.... Basically it can show you how much your ladies are using.

I found a PPM meter on Ebay for 15 dollars... And it is a good brand.

It is all about how the ladies react! Good luck!
Day 24

Well here we are on day 24 of these girls lives. Everything seems to be going good, on full nutes now and the plants seem to be loving it.

The AK 48


Almost 15" wide now! Her roots


Topped her 2 days ago...ouch that was hard for me to do, very scary.


Trying my first clone attempt with the topping, built a small dwc box for it



The clone looks like shit now, very dry. I really don't know the time frame when it should look alive. Hopefully she will look alive soon.

On to the other girl, topped her too




Making the transition to flower now. Started 18/8 4 days ago. Set up the cabinet for the 250w hps light. Luckily my apartment is older and the 2 shelves in the cabinet just come right out lol. Went to work yesterday and cut a piece of 3/4" MDF for a new shelf. Flush mounted my 70 cfm bathroom fan.




Temps are holding around 78 with the doors shut...not too bad. For a 250 that light puts out a lot of heat for the cabinet. If only I had $500 to invest in some new grow equipment lol.

Off to buy some KoolBloom today and making the 12/12 switch Monday after the res change. A March harvest sounds great:rollit:
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Hey yarddog. looking good. id give the topped plants a good week to recover before switching to 12/12. also try making a dome for humidity for the clones. it will help. onthe than tha good job. i'll be watching this one. i also topped both of my white rhino plants and didnt have any problems. i actually topped each one twice.
Re: Hi all! My dwc Deep Water Culture

And VERY proud you should be! Roseman sends REP +

Thanks for the rep Roseman, means a lot. Everything I'm doing is because of your very helpful and informative posts. I don't really have to worry about much because of all the info you have posted. I just do my daily routine with them and so far so good:thanks:
Re: Hi all! My dwc Deep Water Culture

Now thats one nice lookin salad ! Pass the crutons please! I'm almost done with my first hydro grow of AK48s as well! I hope you get more females than I did (1out of 6) just started my last 4 they should be females right, 50% !! Anyhow hope you get all females its a good strain I can't wait to toke one up very soon ! :peace:
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