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White Widow,Godbud,Mazar,Blueberry,ICE (July 24 2009)
Miscellaneous Bud Porn (August 13 2009)

the Nest is still here....never stops. FloraNova Grow and Bloom, Floralicious Grow and Bloom, Pihrana,Tirantula and Sweet.
secret witches brew of anal necters....crazy amounts.....ask if you dare
2 1K HPS on Rails (main room) and 434W T5HO for veg closet
2 Ebb N Grows...Up to 42 pots as needed
CAP NG CO2 generator
misc grow equipment...Mega gardens,waterfarms
grow support by the whole community
We are back!!
no pics today but everyone knows Im a pic whore so Ill have some juice for you tomorrow. Today is 25 days in bloom and vegged for 6 weeks...ugh...I know...A lil long but the situation was what it was. 23 plants right now including...Mango,ICE,WW,Mazar, and my old personal fave Blueberry #1.
1/2 of the plants are 46-50" and the other are 30-38"



the buds seem to be quite sticky for such an early day count...but it could me I guess.
I wont be giving too many detailed pics becuase they just so thick. aot of material there...I need to put my Spiderpig suit on jut to climb the wall and cieling to get thru. Next grow will belimited to 20 femmed seeds but all 5 ft at finish...yield looks real good so far and Im keeping my fingers crossed.
hope my widow get that white

the pic doesnt look that white in real lighting..but it is WW. good eye my man. The other pic is ICE..looks like a sativa mix with those thin leaves. I know its indica primarily. These plants are gonna have good yieds based on the other grows and I went big with these plants. I expect 4.-5 plus with some 6"s. I averaged 4.5 last time so I feel good about it. I wont count my chickens....and we will see. 80 plus should be doable. The average plants are 48" and bigger around you just cant see it. I will only pull some for POM next month.
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