ShiggityFlip Starts The Hunger Games - Huckleberry Kush - Agent Orange & Mad Hatter

I have been out of the growing game for a year or two, but have run out of meds and my ADD is taking its toll. I miss the whole aspect of growing and have retaken the plunge. Reading Doc's thread has me eager to get back into my old roots of living soil and High Brix seems like it is a great fit for me. I had previously switched to ebb flow hydro but have always missed the beauty of an old fashioned soil grow. So I ordered one of Doc's kits and started cooking it on the 10th of October. It will be ready on the 10th of November though I will end up cooking it a bit longer than that. My plan is to hold a hunger games of sorts using my old nutrients that ends with six winners from three strains. The lucky girls will be chosen for High Brix and their daughter clones planted in 10 gallon fabric pots of Doc's HB soil. Currently growing 3 strains and a few random bagseed. All seeds are regular non-feminized seeds so it will be fun culling the males and looking for the true gems in the bunch!
I soaked 26 seeds in moist paper towels for 12 hours then planted directly into the soil mix. TGA Agent Orange 10/10 germinated, Dynasty Huckleberry Kush V3 11/11 germinated, Alphakronik Mad hatter 5/5 germinated. Perfect score! But wow I have my work cut out for me. Here is a list of the strains:

TGA Agent Orange
Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper
Agent Orange is a very good producer with extremely resinous large dense buds. The smell is amazing with hints of oranges, lemons and the smell of a whiskey sour cocktail. The strain contains pigments that have the ability to turn maroon and purple with cool nights. The buzz is up and motivating and will make you smile. The strain is a very heavy producer yielding large flat topped colas with very dense heavy buds. It does very well outdoors reaching over 10 feet in northern California. Indoors it can be topped and produce full canopies and heavy colas.

Phenotypes: Two main variations - one short and thick and one taller and more resinous
Height: Very tall block head colas
Yield: Very heavy but all during the last weeks of flowering. A heavy producer
Indoor and Outdoor
Best way to grow: Top and train into a bush
Harvest: 55-65 days
Sat/Ind: 50/50
Hybrid: Local Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen
High Type: Strong and tasty leaves with an orange after taste and an almost trippy high
Taste: A cross between oranges and sour mix. It even makes the bong water smell like oranges!

Dynasty Huckleberry Kush V3
Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc
Stable F1
Lineage: Oregon Afghani x Huckleberry 2014
Parental Information:
Mom- The mother of this strain is an Oregon Afghani clone that's been around since the early 80s... Pure Kush in appearance and smell, but the Oregon Afghani has been around well before the "kush" label became predominant in the cannabis scene. High CBD make this strain very useful for medical users.

Dad- The father is a select male chosen out of the Huckleberry 2014 gene pool. The huckleberry 2014 is basically a huckleberry backcross, using an old Dj short's BB clone in the mix. Huckleberry 2012=huckleberry 2011/(Dj short BB x Huckleberry 2007... This line has shown great medicinal value and a fast maturation period. This same father has been used in the crater lake V5 and more.

Indica/Sativa % Indica Dominant
Bloom Length: 8-9 week
# of Phenotypes? 3 main phenos
Describe each phenotype expression:
**Huckleberry Kush is another potent medical masterpiece!! After 4 years of work put into this line, we are happy to introduce the Huckleberry Kush Version-3. By far the smelliest and our favorite of all the versions.

Pheno#1 (30%) is leaning more towards Huckleberry and will display a "whiter" appearance. Hairs will tend to be more spindly on this pheno. a bit more sweet/sour huckleberry smell/taste than the others.
Pheno #2 (40%) 50/50 between both parents. Good yield, great sweet/sour smells and lots of trichomes makes this an easy choice for a keeper.
Pheno#3 (30%) is leaning towards the Oregon Afghani but is still dominated by the father... The tops will be a bit more "blunt" and the hairs will be standing on end in straight lines... a bit more earthy kush smell/taste but the huckleberry essence cuts thru in almost every plant..
All other phenos observed were slight variations of the above descriptions.

Expect the following throughout the gene pool;
**White Strain. covered with trichs, makes it great for hash
**High THC and decent CBD...functional medicine with great pain relief
**Kush "pole plant" structure, minimal branching
**Easy to grow, plants can handle fair amount of stress without harm
**Dense buds, harvest on time or beware of mold!!
**8 week bloom time
**Good for Sog...but not as good for scrog though
Expect these slight variations;
**Smell/taste...... more/less huckleberry/kush depending on pheno
**Stretch ...... between .75-1.25x
**yield ....... some buds will grow "outward" more = more yield
**Veg time... slightly longer veg time required on some plants
Stretch: 0.5-1.25
Resin Profile:Copious Resin
Odour Score:8
Odour Description:sour berries, lavender, coffee, hash oil
Flavour Score:9
Flavour Description:sweet/sour berry, coffee/hash
Potency Score:9
High Type:initial cerebral, deep body stone..

Alphakronik Mad hatter
707 Headband x Gobstopper
Flowering Time : 63-70 days
Indica Sativa% 45/55
Madhatter was made at the request of AKG test grower and friend, Gonzo Farms. After seeing the successes that Gonzo had with the Rawdawg line, they asked us to consider making a new hybrid with another favorite of theirs, Gobstopper. We obliged and what came of the hybrid was nothing short of spectacular. Keeping the majority of the headband structure with stronger branching and thicker stalks, the Madhatter brings forth flavors of Skunk, Fuel, and OG with a soft sweetness that lingers on the tongue long after you stop smoking. The high is noteworthy in that it creeps up on you about 5 minutes after you put the bowl down. Expect yields ranging in the 1-1.5oz/gallon in soil.

Materials and Methods:
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg stage. On Oct 6th Seeds soaked 12 hours in moist paper towels then planted ¼ inch deep in soil mix and sprouted @4 days after. They were vegged in 1qt soup containers until the 23rd of October @13 days after they popped the soil.
They were then transplanted into 2.5 gallon buckets.
Currently a mix of 25%vermicullite, 25% perlite, and 50% peat in 2 .5 gallon pots. Mix is from a previous run so cannazym added to get rid of old decaying roots.
Size of light? 2 600W HPS for veg, 3 150x3 11 band Led lights being added for flower.
4.5 ftx12ft grow space.
Temperatures @75 with RH of 50%
Is it aircooled? 2 HPS are air cooled
I am using town water left to sit for a day which has a ppm of about 50 to start.
Currently using Holland Secret nutes for the remainder of this grow before switching to Doc's HB soil. Just trying to use what's left and not buy anything new. Hopefully the old nutes won't be degraded too much. Mixing these nutes at 2/3 strength of what is listed. Foliar feeding 2x week with Epsom salts as the seedlings were showing the beginnings of Mg deficiency.

Any Pests ? None so far (crosses fingers)
How often are you watering? Currently every 4 days or so, when the pots are light enough that I know the roots are getting dry.

So come along with me on this magical adventure moving on the yellow Brix road towards the Emerald City. Not High Brix yet but we will have the strains to do so as soon as I start flowering and seeing what's up. Help me decide who moves on to HB greatness!

General Plan is:
1. Grow these plants another several days and take one top clone of each then train the 4 or so resulting branches.
2. Remove the bottom foliage before flower and take more clones, then flip them into 11/13 light /dark to accentuate phenotype.
3. Cull males and pot rooted clones into 1 gallon fabric pots. Toward the end of flowering, repot my six best candidates into Doc's HB soil, and the rest into the last run of old nutes/soil.

What's happened so far:
1. All seeds popped and planted in 1qt containers.
Oct 16

Huckleberry Kush has nice purple underleaves


Agent Orange

Mad hatter

2. Seedlings get bigger in small containers, they don't like the old soil I had on hand so I mix in some peat moss and add some dolomitic lime and start adding cannazym. Transplant to 2.5 gallon pots. Happiness ensues.
Oct 22nd


Oct 26th

Oct 26th Huckleberry Kush #4

Oct 26th Agent Orange #4


Happiness continues and the plants are settling in nicely to their new pots.
Oct 29th Notice anything different...yup two 150x3w LEDs added!


So you are now up to speed, lets see what happens next dear readers. I look forward to the next few weeks. I plan to take top clones in a few days, this will leave four growing branches for each pant which should be plenty considering the numbers. Though the numbers should dwindle once the males start to show! If you notice the plants in smaller containers, these are the three slowest Mad Hatter and some random bagseed that has already been fimmed.
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Here, I'm gonna slip in here nice and cozy next to Jim. Slide over Jim? Thanks :love:

Wow, buckaroo, you don't mess around do you? How many years did you grow before you quit,mand just because I'm nosey as can be, why did you take a break and how extensive a break was it? Yeah, I don't mess around either. :laughtwo:

These are interesting strains. Have any been chosen for their medicinal value to you in particular? I didn't realize this was possible until it was too late and he died. Geez, that never gets easy to say. Have you grown any of these before? I personally look for as Sativa dominant as I can find. I like the sounds of these though and the opportunity to watch yet another pheno hunt is irresistible. Sooner or later I'm going to try one, so the more I watch the better, right?
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Sue I grew for about 12 years. I continued less seriously the past five of seven years with the last two as a break. I have been busy getting a PhD but I find I was a better student when I smoked consistently. Mary Jane has always been good for my undiagnosed ADD, she was always that voice that let me know when I was procrastinating or slacking too much. Good sativa strains kept me motivated and good Indicas helped me sleep. I just had thought that to be a better student I needed to give her a break and now find out I am lost without her. I also have some back issues that she really helps with.

So Huckleberry Kush is to be my sleeping pill and back helper, and Agent orange is hopefully my motivator. Mad hatter is a freebie so I am just glad to have another along for the ride. And then as I told you before the Twister is my holy of Holies and I will get her back from a friend who was keeping her safe.

I have been thinking of my brother a lot who passed away a few years ago. I now believe he was a high functioning autistic. It was really nice the times that we shared some of my produce. I really wish I could have had him try it on a regular basis.
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Relaxed Lester grows Swiss Cheese and swears by it as a motivator. I find it fascinating how we all find the strains that speak to us.

Do you think your idea about being a better student was born out of social pressures? Dale and I were entrepreneurs most of our productive years and much of what we did was in the creative realm, so cannabis was a normal thing and we resisted accepting the social stigma.

Then I decided we were smoking too much and took a piss-ass job that held the threat of peeing in a cup to force us to quit, and for eight long years we were straight. I can't shake the thought that despite my relenting in that final year and even starting to grow I may have shortened his life by folding to social pressure. I know for a fact I decreased the quality of his life by doing so.

Fact of the matter is, many of us function better, for one reason or another, under the care of cannabis. So now the country is looking at a scenario where we may have legal access but the corporations are going to hold to their archaic testing practices. Social madness. So for two years you tried to deny who you were. Well, the take-away point is you saw the error of your thinking.
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Checking in tonight. We have reached the point where a few hours shows a nice difference. They really are enjoying the addition of the two LED lights! panorama makes things a little wierd in second pic, LEDs off for ease of view.


And look at the side view. These strains are so nice and squat! There are some light stretchers and I am hoping at least some of them are just tall female phenos. Let's hope most of them are. If I end up with some good smokable males I may just take some female clones and make a breeding room upstairs, doesn't hurt to have some extra beans lying around!
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Y'all move over. :popcorn:

Here ya go rifleman, I'll just snuggle up against Jim and you can squeeze in here. :battingeyelashes:

ShiggityFlip, when they shoot up like that I get nervous, - wait! You hope to find some good males. What makes a smokable vs a non-smokable male? I'm still pretty new to this game.

I find it humorous that you guys have all been growing for years and I discovered growing just over a year ago. I was totally oblivious to the world of indoor cannabis cultivation or that online communities had been built around that trend.
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Good morning Shig

This looks like it will be an interesting grow. I am going to sit over here in the corner to watch. Don't be fooled if I appear to be sleeping, I don't miss much even when I look like I'm asleep ;) and on the odd chance I do doze off and start snoring, I am sure Sue or someone will throw something at me to wake me :snooze:
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Be glad to help out TheCelt. Pass to the left. :passitleft:
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Greetings friends, Well yesterday I took the plunge and cut the tops of the candidates, in this pheno search I am looking for girls that like to grow the way I like to grow. So they all get the treatment. Normally if I top I will take less off and usually will take clones off the bottom, but I made a compromise and topped a couple nodes so I could clone the tops. If the tops don't root I will take one of the bottom in a week or so, but just didn't want to waste the opportunity for success here.

I got one of those ultrasonic fogger units and tried using it in the cloner but it seems the one I received is more of a spitter and less of a fog machine. I will order another and try later with both. So I quickly changed back over to the old manifold sprayer. The clones picked back up nicely and are looking great. I have a lost a few of the foam inserts so just duct taped the ones I wont be using until I get more inserts.

Topping seems to be done at the right time, the candidates are all nice and squat and their bottom branches didn't get too leggy yet. I have been doing my usual bending and tucking. I don't usually use tie downs unless they wont stay or if they get flimsy later. Usually I just bend them each day. I feel it helps them to grow strong, each set of cell ruptures from bending makes scar tissue that will help them hold their shape later.
Agent orange seems like the fastest grower with Huckleberry Kush trailing a little behind. Both show some taller and shorter phenos, still hoping some of those are female. I think I know some of the males but the preflowers are too small just yet so to me they are still all girls.

Here are some good representations. I have been liking HK#4 and Ao#4 since the very beginning, hopefully they are girls! If you notice there are pictures of both from the very beginning. Sometimes a particular seedling or two just call out to you. Like they are vying for your attention and love.

I can see that some of the older leaves on a couple plants are showing Mg deficiency. I know that LEDs are famous for inducing Cal and Mg deficiencies so I top dressed with some dolomitic lime and am foliar feeding epsom salts. Most of the Mad Hatters are trailing a bit behind and are in smaller containers just yet.

Thanks for sitting with me a bit and taking time from yoour day to journey with me. I look forward to the day when I have all my chosen beauties in high Brix, I am thinking of adding a Sativa to the next round. All of you have inspired me. Any suggestions?
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:popcorn: All aboard
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A little update, plants are recovering nicely from topping, I have been training twice daily and lower branches are coming up. In order to combat any Mg deficiency I have been foilar feeding Epsom salts. Excited, starting to see some preflowers! No final decisions yet but it seems like a few boys are sneaking in to the grow :
Huckleberry Kush #9 (looks like a boy to me..) Will have to smoke some leaves and see if there is any kick once he starts flowering (another room)

Huckleberry Kush #11 (girly girl I hope)

Agent Orange #5 (a super bushy lady)

No preflowers on AO9 but a cool triple leaf pheno.

Agent Orange #4 She is really burly, thick stalk and stems, super short internodes.

Agent Orange#3 (girl please)

Agent Orange #8 (girl please as well)

There are some other plants with possibly male preflowers but I don't want to show the pictures for fear that it will make it true. So I will hold off on that a bit and just watch. Here is a pic of the garden with all lights on. I have upcanned the mystery bagseeds to 5 gallon pots as they were getting rootbound and asked me to.

I am still daydreaming of sativas for a future grow. though I haven't typically liked to grow them. I refuse to back down from a challenge.
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The Huckleberry Kush, I'd bet my life is a male. Same with AO9. Keep an eye out. You already know that. The others you showed look like they're presenting as female, so lucky you, eh? How many females are you hoping to get from the planting?

What intimidates you so about the sativas?
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Morning Shig

The plants look great mate:thumb: That trifol girl, if it smokes well, would be an awesome pheno to perpetuate if you are into main-lining, only 2 cuts and you would have 9 tops :)
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