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  1. L

    420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Lime

    Well its about time to start a New Journey! @Weed Seeds Express has graciously decided to Sponsor me with their Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Photperiod Strain. Thank you very much for your generosity. Much love. Thank you @420 And all the Sponsors who are contributing to our Amazing Collective...
  2. WalterGamer8

    24/0 or 18/6 for my first grow ?

    Hey! I planted my 4 seeds and for my first grow. When my plants get a little bit bigger should I go 24/0? I heard 24/0 makes plants grow a lot faster a makes them bushier which is exactly what I’m looking for. How much faster do they grow under 24/0 compared to 18/6? I am also using a 600w hps...
  3. Hootenanny

    Hootenanny's Perpetual Grow

    I've been away from the forums for almost a year...I was lurking around here for a while when I was first learning to grow, I'm now on my 4th grow and visiting the site yesterday made me realise I have learnt a bit over the last year. I now have a perpetual room going, a 8x4 (2400 x 1200) tent...
  4. 20180530_125027.jpg


    Sativa hybrid week 5 flowering
  5. 20180529_060306.jpg


    Sativa hybrid
  6. 20180529_060418.jpg


    Sativa hybrid
  7. 20180526_153559.jpg


    Sativa hybrid last day of week 4 of the flowering period
  8. 20180527_135309.jpg


    Sativa hybrid last day of week 4 of the flowering period
  9. 20180517_105813.jpg


    Sativa 600 watt hps grow
  10. L

    SCROG Blue Dream CoCo 600 Watt HPS - Tiny Spindly Buds - Help!

    Hey Everyone, My second crop is nearing harvest and not looking anything like I'd hoped :( The more reading I do the more I think they may all be hermies. It's the first time I've tried the SCROG method, as i found my blue dream outgrew my tent height really quick the first time around. But...
  11. L

    Need help - 1st grow indoor Auto Amnesia Haze & Auto Jack Herer - 4x4

    *4x4 grow tent Secret JArdin Dr 120 *600w hps - dimmable ballast with euro reflector - Distance is 45 cm *inline customised 10" fan +A/C blowing directly at it *10" fan inside tent blowing directly at the bulb *4" exhaust fan with Carbon Filter - exhausting air all the way out of the growing...
  12. lxstnr

    Lx's Multi Strain Soil Grow - 2017

    Alright this is my second attempt at a journal hopefully get this one right..! What strain is it? Gorilla dosha (gg4 x dosidos), Gelato, random seed gifted by a friend Gorilla Dosha: Indica / Sativa: 75/25 Gelato: Indica / Sativa: 55/45 Random: not sure Currently in flower Vegged for 2-2...
  13. E

    Upside down leaves!? *first grow*

    I'm about a week away from 12/12. My veg room has 3 lights, 2 x CFL 250w and 1 HPS 600w. Now the plants are older, every time I put one under the HPS its drooping and on one strain the leaves are actually turning around.. I'm worried as when I turn to 12/12 next week, all three bulbs will be...
  14. S

    Spiffziggy's Third Grow, Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal, 2017

    Hi everyone! Very new here, been lurking for months but thought I would pop out and finally properly say hello! This is my first ever grow journal, very happy for your input. I usually see imperial units but I work in metric so I've done my best to indicate both. My first grow was a single...
  15. Kingsnake235

    Newbie Closet Grow, Cold Climate - Ideas, Setup and Gear Q's

    Hello! I've recently decided to start up my own personal grow and would really appreciate any direct advice I could get in regards to my situation; I've been lurking the board for about a week and have found/read/bookmarked a lot of great info, but there are a few things (or combinations of...
  16. ShiggityFlip

    ShiggityFlip Starts The Hunger Games - Huckleberry Kush - Agent Orange & Mad Hatter

    Intro I have been out of the growing game for a year or two, but have run out of meds and my ADD is taking its toll. I miss the whole aspect of growing and have retaken the plunge. Reading Doc's thread has me eager to get back into my old roots of living soil and High Brix seems like it is a...
  17. Doozy

    Marshydro LED for veg - HPS for flower - But when to swap?

    Hi all, I'm running 2300w of Mars 2 full spectrum LEDs in a 5x5 for veg, currently at week 4. I've already stated very clearly that i don't think these particular lights have what is neccesary for high yeilds in flower, but are really good for nice tight, compact plants in veg. I don't really...
  18. Flower Child

    TokesALot & Flower Child's 8 Strain Experiment

    Hi and welcome to our new journal. I'm Flower Child and I will start out by giving you a bit of background about us. This is the start of our fifth grow and it's still a lot of fun. And it's the second time we are growing eight strains in a 4 x 4 space. We veg in a 2x4 tent under t-5's, and...
  19. R

    What is the best brand/type of bulb to flower with?

    Hi there people, I have done a couple of grows and am still a bit baffled by the bulbs you can get for flowering. I always veg my plants under a 400 hps dual specrtrum sunmaster and get good results, I know everyone says metal halide is best and im sure it is but i do fine with the hps. What I...
  20. D

    600w Gavita VS 600w Advanced LED Diamond Series

    I'm trying to decide between the diamond series LED 800w and the 600w gavita hps, what would you recommend? I have a high ceiling, so the gavita sounds good, but does it produce a lot of heat? I am using a 10ft x 10ft x 9 ft room, and only 400cfm to exhaust, so I'm worried about heat. Also...
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