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    Home grown vs dealer

    Average bud size from the dealer vs home grown. Support your own passion and grow your craft, keep the cash away from the dealers and invest it in yourself.
  2. S

    First Grow Agent Orange

    Hello all first time grower here in a legal state. I got a bag of Agent Orange that had a bunch of seeds and just thought “what the hell, why not”. Okay so I’ll post back pics but basically germinated the seeds and tossed them in organic soil on Oct 23, 2018. 4 total seeds, one did not make it...
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    Switched to flower
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    20180501_222447 (2).jpg

  5. ShiggityFlip

    ShiggityFlip Starts The Hunger Games - Huckleberry Kush - Agent Orange & Mad Hatter

    Intro I have been out of the growing game for a year or two, but have run out of meds and my ADD is taking its toll. I miss the whole aspect of growing and have retaken the plunge. Reading Doc's thread has me eager to get back into my old roots of living soil and High Brix seems like it is a...
  6. B

    Beni's Rookie Grow Op

    Hello and :welcome: fellow growers and readers. I finally feel like I'm ready to dip into marihuana cultivation and am eager to see what happens. I've done countless hours of reading on these forums and others and have learned about all types of techniques from all types of growers. I'm not...
  7. LeafLady

    LeafLady's Soilless Agent Orange & Fire OG

    STRAIN: Agent Orange (Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen), and Fire OG (OG Kush x SFV OG Kush F3) Clones. # OF PLANTS: 12 Agent Orange, 1 Fire OG. STRAIN TYPE: Sativa Hybrid's CURRENT STATE: Veg Week 1 GROW ENVIRONMENT: Indoor, Air Cooled, 73 degrees F. GROW MEDIUM...
  8. T

    Thawk's 2nd All LED Soil Grow Hammerhead - Agent Orange - Big Buddha - Blue Cheese

    Well this was going to be more fun to write until I wrote it the fist time and it took behalf an hour and my damn Ipad switched screens and erased it all... But here we go again. Alright guys for those of you that don't know last grow I was doing a couple good solid strains and it was my...
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