Duggan Does C&N's Devils Carnival

Hello everyone , hope ya's all are having a groovin summer! Would like to start a new journal today for Canna and Nis's Devils Carnival. I have heard great things about the two strains it came from so i'm excited to see what i can do with it. Along with all your support ,ideas, and good humor , my chances are better. The "gang" as i like to refer to you all have been thru many grows with me now and i'm so glad we can have fun and continue to get better at this. I'm thinkin showing and telling about all my gear must be getting boring by now , so i'm just gonna skip all that stuff. It's all same , same as before.
This run will be in 3rd. run DBHBB soil. Right now, the four DC's. are under the Budmaster 2 , 675 XG. This light was purchased , due to a demo , a member called Big Irish Doodle was doing with them ...right before he passed. R.I.P. BID. before that i was using one 400w HPS and one 400W CMH...in summer months i could only run with one of them due to all the heat they produced.

This grow is again a result of Doc Bud's High Brix Kit, without it , i would prolly still be trying to figure things out. Thank you for all your hard work and diligence Doc...it is very much appreciated sir! We have such a great group of growers using it and having a lot of fun learning how it 'ticks'.
Cheers gang ...lets get this started.......:circle-of-love:
re: Duggan Does C&N's Devils Carnival - With Doc's Gear

Back with a few early pics of things. Wanted to show the bottoms of things,...the HD plant trollies w/five casters, for these massive pots.Also , tonight i just realized something....:wood: When i was setting up the drying strings , i set the timer to outlet 'on' ...damn light has been on 24 hrs since they went in a few days ago...whoops....!
All's good now...i hope!:tokin: Timer is set for 16/8...my new photoperiod. Lites are on at night , lots of reasons. Pic also shows the array of lights all 'off'. anyhow gang have an awesome weekend and welcome to my new journal!:welcome::circle-of-love:

Thank you Canna and Nis for your very generous gift . I hope i am worthy!:Namaste:
re: Duggan Does C&N's Devils Carnival - With Doc's Gear

Grabbing a front row seat this time.......last time I was stuck out on the back porch trying to catch a peek every once in a while. I even brought some Gulden Draak to enjoy!
Grabbing a front row seat this time.......last time I was stuck out on the back porch trying to catch a peek every once in a while. I even brought some Gulden Draak to enjoy!
Hey Stank , great to have you along sir! Here bud,..try a lil yr. old Green Crack!:passitleft:
I have always seen everyone battle for the front row for Duggan's place but, this journal I will enjoy the view from the front. :blushsmile: YAY! Now it's time to read the other seven posts. Haha
Ya beamer , that's the stuff bud! Love having you along for this most cool ride...i hope...:tokin:

There is an extra Gulden Draak in the cold box if you want one TripleBeam
What is that stuff....it's cool Beamer ...if it's that 'black' beer ...just grab one of my ice cold Stella's....:slide:

Grabbing a seat up front this time and taking notes :)

Blessed Buds our friend and be well :passitleft:
Great morning to y's D and J...so glad you made the first page.Have a great sat. Ok! ... Cheers!:ganjamon::party:....just a lil reminder...LMAO..:)

No reminder nessesary for my man Gray.....always have my back ..long time :thumb::Namaste:
Such a good feeling knowing your along my friend! Cheers Gray ,..have an awesome Sat bud!:high-five:

Ciao tutti.

Hope I'm not too late.
SF ...great to see you here so fast . Lets all see how these DC's like Duggans Dungeon eh!:tokin:

Boom!! Here I am!! . ..
Great morning to ya 7. getting to know you has been a pleasure sir! Thanks for coming along for this ride,...these DC's are very special and i will try my absolute best to make C and N proud. They worked hard creating the strain...so i've got very high hopes this grow!Cheers bud...talk soon!:Namaste:

Mr. , hope your well today sir. how goes the 'kit' stuff search....you still gonna give it a 'go'?
Thanks for comin along ...gonna have some fun , glad your along sir!:high-five:

WooHoo Love me another Duggs Grow :)
Mornin to ya Mouser...great to have you along. Very special grow , this one. Both strains from DC are extra good (so i've heard)so , i feel i've made a good choice for this grow! Cheers to ya sir,...have a great Sat. Mouser!:high-five:
Hey ...there ya are Hook. Hows all the goodies bud? Pretty cool gettin all the prizes eh. Enjoy them bud...you deserve them. Cheers to ya,...and much thanks for comin along for this most cool grow! Very special plants this time!:high-five:
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