Stanks Go Perpetual In 2018!

Hey 420!!! The new year is upon us and the Stanks have decided to go perpetual. We had a great time on our first two grows but we have decided to change things up a bit. In our first grows, I did most of the growing work and Ms Stank helped where needed and at harvest times. This year, she has decided to take the leap and will be growing a few strains of her own. We also wanted to have more flexibility in our garden. Doing a perpetual will allow us that flexibility to respond to our medicinal needs or to the needs of friends or family.

Who will be doing what??

She will be doing all the work on her own strains while I do my own selections to include training, watering, and defoliations. We will be growing at roughly a 4 strains to 1 strain ratio of my plants her her plants.

What will we be growing??

Great question!! We have a list of strains we want to try in the perpetual this year and we are excited to get them underway. Not much is set in stone yet because we know that things will change. However the first 4-5 strains are set and will not change. Ladies first so Ms Stank will kick us off with her first choice. It was her decision to decide to want to grow her own plants and her strain selections are her own.

Here are the first 4-5 strains up coming out of the gate:

Harlequin BX4 from BC Bud Depot (2 regulars in hopes of one male and one female)
Stankberry (ATF x Blueberry) from Stank Genetics (2 regulars...looking for 1 female)
Blue Dream from 420 (feminized)
Northern Lights from Sensi Seeds (feminized)
The Trilogy from Exotic Genetics (2 regulars in hopes of 1 female)

After those 5 strains, we plan on running in no particular order:

White Widow
Purple Kush
Orange Cream
Pineapple Express
Master Kush
Cinderella 99
Amherst Sour Diesel
Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze
Gorilla Glue #4
Dark Star
Mother of Berries
Jack Herer
Sour Blueberry
Ripper Haze
Cheese (of some variety)
Skunk (of some variety)
Purple Haze
Green Crack and many others that are subject to change

How is your perpetual going to run Stank?

Great question. We have everything planned out in my mind and they are clear as mud. I will give you the 10,000 foot view. We are limited to 12 plants legally. Its our intention to always stay legal so that will be our constraint. We intend to run 9-10 plants at once, divided up between flower and veg. Essentially we will start a new seed (or two if running regular seeds) every two weeks. The first week will be the seedling stage and that will end upon 7 days above ground. From there it will move to the veg area where it will stay for 8 weeks. At the 8 week mark (shorter for any long flowering Sativas), we will move each plant to the flower area. This will put us on target to harvest a new plant every two weeks on average (we know there will be times where we harvest two crops at once due to a short flowering strain or skip a harvest due to longer flowering strains. I used 10 weeks as an average flowering time when creating this schedule.

What will you be growing in Stanks?

Staying true to my roots, we will be growing in organic soil....Stank Soil specifically. We will be growing bigger pots for this grow....probably 7-10 gallon pots. My soil is a water only soil but I will be adding ACT (Aerated Compost Teas) to the watering regiment. No additional nutrients will be used.

What kind of setup are you running Stanks?

Our grow environment isn't the best. We are in the North East and our humidity is extremely low during the winter months. We have two areas to grow in.....the downstairs which will be our veg area and the upstairs which will be our flower area.

The veg area is two part. I have a small tent 2'x2'x4' and a large work table that I built several years ago. The tent will have one of three LED lights in it. I am not sure which light I will use yet. We have a Mars Hydro 600w Full Spectrum (280 watts from the wall), a Perfect Sun Dwarf Star (around 250 watts from the wall), and Viparspectra PAR600 12 band spectrum (around 280 watts from the wall). I am leaning towards using the Vipar or the Dwarf Star for their better spectrum for vegging. We are running a 4" Vivosun carbon filter and in-line fan as well as 2 small fans for air flow.

The work table is two levels. The lower shelf was build for seedlings an has a small 2' T5 with 4 bulbs that produces 96 watts with the 5400k spectrum. The top of the table has a large 4' T5 with 8 bulbs that produces either 216 watts with 4 bulbs on, or 432 watts with all 8 bulbs.

The flower area is currently a 4'x4'x6.5' and currently has two of the above listed LEDs in there along with a 6" carbon filter and in-line fan and 3 fans for air movement. We will be upgrading to the Fluence SpydrX Plus which pulls about 680 watts from the wall. I will add this to the tent when the first strains are ready for flower.


We will not be running any nutrients. The Stank Soil was mixed up about 6 months ago and will have everything in it minus the ACT treatments we will add. Organic soil is our preferred way to grow.

Pests and Pest prevention??

God I hope not! Battled spider mites on the second grow and I learned I want no part of them in the future. I will be making prevention a huge portion of this grow. I will be doing prevention spraying weekly and I am looking at a product from a local grow store that is a slow release predator mite thing. I will post a link to at some point when I get them rolling.

With that being said......lets get this show kicked off. First up, Ms Stank and her Harlequin BX4 regulars.

The Beans

Harlequin #1



Harlequin #2



Soaking in a 4 to 1 Water to Hydrogen Peroxide solution.

Ms Stank soaked the seeds overnight and placed them in a damp paper-towel inside a ziplock bag. I am not going to peek until she gets home today.
I beat Chris too!
I like that both beans got the full frontal and the profile shots!

Ms Stank surprised me yesterday with a Macro lens so i figured I would test it out. Hopefully I can learn to use it!!

Just made it (gasp puff). Did I miss anything?

LOL, no you are good brother, grab the sofa and catch your breath fly boy!!
Ms Stank surprised me yesterday with a Macro lens so i figured I would test it out. Hopefully I can learn to use it!!

LOL, no you are good brother, grab the sofa and catch your breath fly boy!!

Now when you say fly boy, do you mean Air Force or trout flies?
Now when you say fly boy, do you mean Air Force or trout flies?

That was an air force reference (by the dad is retired Air Force and my brother served 10+ years until his back got him medically discharged so its all in fun).
I'm in if you and the misses don't mind. It looks like a really nice list of strains. I like it!

Those are just a few LOL. I know there are some I missed that I wanted added. Glad you made it over here brother!
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