Stanks Switch It Up In 2019

Why another journal?

Well to be honest, the other one has gotten too long and to a degree stale. We are continually trying to get better in our garden and its our hope to improve on the journal as well. We will finish out the flowering girls in the old journal and retire that one. This journal will contain all the new stuff we are running.

What's changed since you went perpetual?

Well quite a bit since we started in the perpetual in 2018. We moved at the end of 2018 and increased our grow size. We got the new tent up and its our flower tent. We converted our 5x5 flower tent into the veg tent. We will continue to use the 2x4 as the seedling and clone area or a breeding tent.

We are still growing in our home made Stank Soil. I have been ramping up the soil production in anticipation of the outdoor season (which will likely include 3 or 4 outdoor girls this year). Our water will continue to be rain water when available and well water when we run out of rain water (which hopefully won't be often).

What sort of strains are you going to be growing Stank?

The focus of the grows switched for this grow. The beginning of this year will be mostly indicas. We have been helping treat my cousin with RSO for his brain cancer and the demand for indicas is greater than the garden could support. So while we help with this, we will be growing more indicas than I generally prefer. I tend to love the sativas for my personal preference, until its bed time.

Well to kick it off, we have sprouted some stuff to kick start us. I have an Afghani #1 from Sensi Seeds (crushing very hard on her early on), a Dark Star from TH Seeds (been stunted due to some fungus gnats that got into the cup) and some Grand Daddy Purp from Scorpio Genetics. The GDP are regs so hoping for at least 1 girl. We also got some new clones in recently that have been up potted to 1 gallon pots and those include Killer A5 Haze from Ace Seeds, and Bubba Hash from Ace.

We will switch to some Hybrids as things progress through the year....which strains, I couldn't tell you. I am not going to commit to anything this far out. Our growing will always be influenced by the needs of family, friends, and personal requirements and you never know what sort of curve ball life is going to throw you.

Ultimately there will be a fairly balanced mix of strains in our garden. I like to have strains to use for any time of day. If a strain fills a time slot, it will stay in the garden until I find something better. We will also continue looking for future stars to add into the breeding stable.

Will you use Nutes Stank?

Nope. As we continue down the soil path, our goal will continue to be to steer away from bottled nutes. Our goal from the beginning is to be able to grow in soil with water only and the occasional compost tea or top dressing. I have smoked enough cannabis grown with synthetic nutes to know I prefer the organic soil grown stuff we grow. I don't mind the work or getting my hands dirty and you can't get any more simple than adding rain water every few days. I don't knock anyone for the growing style they choose, you gotta find what works for you.......and for us thats our soil.

What lights are you growing under?

We are huge supporters of Fluence Bioengineering and their lights. We run their Spydrx Plus in the flower tent on a light rail 4.0. It draws 660 watts from the wall and produces incredibly dense buds with fantastic flavors. The coverage of the light and canopy height are unmatched in my opinion. I run the Spydrx about 6" above the canopy with no leaf burning or ill effects.

In the veg tent we are running a Dwarf Star Perfect Sun (250-260 watts from the wall) and a Viparspectra (280 watts from the wall) but we will be upgrading in here. I say upgrading, but only in the technology....not in wattage. We are actually looking to decrease wattages while increasing efficiency. Hopefully in a couple months, we will replace the veg lights with a veg light from Fluence....pulls about 345 watts from the wall while covering the 5x5 much better than what we are currently running.

We switched the lighting in the clone/seedling tent to the Fluence Razr. We are very pleased with the reduced watts (91 watts covering a 2x4 area) and increased coverage. And like all their products, you can park the lights very close the canopy.
Afghani #1 Veg Day 23

Here we have another strain from one of my favorite breeders Sensi Seeds. She was a feminized seed that was a freebie on an order from Seedsman. I have become a huge fan of Sensi's seeds just from the two strains that we have grown. This girl is quickly becoming the new hearth throb to start working with. I will be topping her soon to start bushing her out. She is getting close to being up potted to a 1 or two gallon pot here soon.

Killer A5 Haze Clone Veg Day 28

Next up is a clone of a great strain from @ACE Seeds , their Killer A5 Haze. I got her transplanted up to a 1 gallon pot last week (wanted to let the roots develop more before transplanting) and she is looking much happier. She's going to take a little bit to get used to growing in my soil, but she seems to be adapting nicely.
I am going to top her and start spreading her out a bit over the next week. Not a lot to say about her right now other than the smoke is really really good if you like sativas....WHICH I DO!

Opps....was supposed to be in the grow Journal section....not the journal of the month. @Teddy Edwards say buddy, want to help me move this thread to the correct spot bud?
Grand Daddy Purple #2 (CS) Veg Day 23

Up first today is what I believe is the first girl from the three seeds we dropped from CS. I have a feeling #1 is a boy so not doing a pic of him unless he turns into a she. This girl has some very nice side branching and is growing right on par with the Afghani from Sensi seeds. I watered them today and I swear they grew a lot from these pics yesterday. They will be getting up potted as soon as I find the ones with hairs. We really hope these two are girls. I wouldn't mind all three being girls.

Grand Daddy Purple (CS) #3 Veg Day 23

This one is another one that I am digging the pronounced side branching. I love that sort of growth from indicas. I find they yield much better with our aggressive training. Very pleased with the growth on both these plants.

I'm glad you told me about this journal. I don't follow but a handful and might never have found it had you not told me. I do love some Indicas that's for sure.
DTF #1 Veg Day 154

Its been a few weeks since we posted an update on this girl. She is finally getting to be what I wanted her to be. There has been a lot of time spent on the training with this girl. With the exception of the week to 10 days of harvesting we did....I generally try to do pinching, bending and twisting on her at least 2 times a day. I try to do it in the morning and before bed time.

She is getting about the size i wanted to have before flipping. The goal was to be able to fill up a 4x4 tent with this girl. She currently sits at about 43" across and about 19" tall. She is currently in a 5 gallon pot but will be getting up potted to her final 25 gallon pot in a week or so.

I can't say that this particular DTF was the most fond of the more aggressive training I have been doing...especially when they were younger, but she seems to be loving it now.

The plan here going forward is a bit more pinching, bending and twisting, but its mostly going to be letting the middle start showing the dominant shoots. I will cut off a lot of the stuff in the middle once I can see which shoots I am going to keep. Goal will be fill the middle and keep the canopy nice and flat. All the actual 'main' shoots are all on the outer edge of the plant. No clue how many tops there will end up being, but I can assure you that there will be a lot.

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