Van Stank's Nukehead Sponsored Grow

I am glad you guys get it from time to time as well. They run a tight ship here. Nukes are looking good there Van.
Another update coming here shortly Sam...just took new pics.

Yeah it happens to us all from time to time. They do keep us on tight leashes but we stay out of trouble that way!
Nukehead #1 Flip Day 46, Day 36 With Hairs

This girl continues to impress me in flower. She is drinking like a hippo and just keeps putting on bud size. She just got a gallon and a half of ACT after I took her pics. She is starting to show a little color on her leaves.

Smells are getting a bit stronger! She just kind of hides out in the back corner and I don't do much with her but she seems to like it that way!

Nukehead #2 Flip Day 59, Day 52 With Hairs

Coming down the home stretch with this one. I am figuring she has less than 2 weeks left. Her leaves are starting to turn purple from that yellow color which is kind of cool. She is getting a gallon half ACT and half H2O. It will be her last dose of ACT and will get just water from here out.

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