3G's Sponsored NukeHead Grow

Still waiting on our @CropKingSeeds order, we are expecting Durban Poison and some Blueberry regulars. Thanks to a Sherry @Gorilla Seeds for the generous prize package for POTM, ordered some Triple Cheese and 8Ball Kush and received so much more
This Grow is over and done with, but will continue to update as the prizes continue to trickle in from POtM. Thanks again to all the sponsors and to 420 Mag
I liek Barney’s farm they have some great linage ✊
Wish i had a compound down here sometimes. But then they would think we are gun toting religious fanatics. Just lay low here lol
I just meant we have quite a few LO’s and a little following of kushes, autos and others lol that’s our compound & our religion is Rastafarian & guns are ok too as long as no one gets hurt (soda cans =)
Lol thanks Van, that early tip spreading keeps em close and the early topping helps keep em together. It's def genetically responds to the training better then Emma did, I am def impressed with her as a veg plant.
After reading through this journal again I have to say I wish I was more active in the beginning. I was very much behind the scenes bc I had recently had our 4th child and was nursing up until a month ago. Idk how important it is now but I want you guys to know I’ve been along for the ride, kinda missed all the gerbil and fluxing stuff but I guess I get enuf of that at home anyway. Lol. :Namaste:
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