Growchy's Purple Series - Purpletually Purple

Just want to share with y’all how super happy I am with the outcome of using Clonex to mend the breaks. I highly recommend doing this and only use the tape as support. It regenerated a new stem. For the previous break where we used tape, I took water in a syringe and wet the inside of the stem that had dried out from using the tape alone. This little bit of water on the break was enough to hydrate the area and let the Clonex do its thing. Sorry the pictures aren’t the best, try to get better ones later.
It looks like this Grape Kush is starting her stretch, only two or three days into transition and it looks like she’s going to fill up this cab pretty quickly. Should be a nice harvest under the QB 260, will have to crank it up as we progress through the flower cycle. Three of four autos are into rockwool, unsure if the creme de la chem is going to make it. Will update the babies in a day or two. Glad we have another trick in our arsenal, good ideas @Mrs Growchy!
Hey guys! So a little update on our GK. She looks super huge, we may need to put her in the new grow space if she outgrows this current one.
The snapped branches are fully healed. You can see how nicely the plant formed new stem tissue.
A little experiment we did was adding extra lighting to the undercarriage to see if it made a difference in the size and density of the undergrowth. It looks a lot fuller but cannot contest yet. 2 CDL’s were used on the left side and 2 LED’s in the right.
So let us know what you think. Was gonna tuck the leaves but there were just so many, so decided to give ‘er a good trim. Hafta take a pic in the mornin’ to show y’all.

still hanging around growchy waiting for purple flower pics your plants look very nice im sure there will be some nice bud pics coming or way,those lights look cool in there i like those someday,i have a grow going rite now if i get anything with purple ill share have a good one!:)
Definitely share pix w/us! Organic growing :hug:
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