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Oh man! You leave the red lights on 24/7? If I understand what im reading correctly, Im positive thats why they didnt flower. I think for the red flower initiator light to work its 15 minutes on before lights on and 15 on after lights off. Leaving red light on for 24hours a day will keep you in veg though.

I was thinking the same thing. I'm not sure if I read it right.
Hope this is helpful info for next time.

The original study was done in the 50's and used 658 and 723nm. There have been hundreds if not thousands of repeat studies using everything from 620 and 680 to 680 and 750. The key is to have at least 60nm split between high and low wavelengths. The amount of far red is about 8% in nature or .08 not .8.

The effect is not exactly doubled, but it is greater than the sum of the two wavelengths alone. Meaning if there is 10 carbon molecules fixed using only 660nm light and 10 using only 730nm light, if you used the same amount of 660 and 730 at the same time you would get <20 carbon molecules fixed.

The angle of the sun in the day/ time of year mandates how much far red plants receive. Just as the sky looks more red in the evening, that's when the majority of plants grown outdoors would get it more. There is a lot of debate on this, but the Pf conversion leads me and many others to believe that you would have better results with it being used at all times.

This statement is completely false. Feel free to turn a crop hermie and see for yourself.

There is some truth to this, as the setting sun is skewed by the atmosphere to show more far red than other spectra. I have seen people successfully do 13/11 cycle with 15 min of 730nm+ only light after lights out. I've seen people try 14/10 using the same method and the plant dropped balls... So... could be weak genetics or it could be some strains are more tolerant of lighting.

There are more wavelengths to both Pr and Pfr
a. correct
b. correct
c. It is not spontanious... roughly 15 min for most up to 2 hours for some anad never for others. (not all Pfr gets reverted to Pr)

I have seen an attempt at it. No it didn't work. the test lasted 60 days with the plant never going into flower.

No any red light at all would interrupt the night cycle.

730nm just happens to be the peak wavelength that most diodes are made at.
I personally run my far reds for the entirety of my light cycle with no extra on either end. The longer my lights are off the cheaper they are to run. I actually shorten my lights on period over the course of flowering down to 9/15
The suns angle in the mornings (at sunrise) does not generate more far red than any other spectra, that occurs in the evening.

Here is an interesting journal on the emerson affect. He is using his far red 15 min after lights out only.
Icemud's Budmaster LED Grow Light Journal - Hybrid LED's & 730nm Far Red Triggering
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