Icemud's Budmaster LED Grow Light Journal: Hybrid LED's & 730nm Far Red Triggering

Hey everyone!!! I'm back with another exciting new grow and I'm really happy to get started :)

If you aren't familiar with me, I'm Icemud, Welcome to my journal!!!!! I encourage everyone to participate and join in the fun as I have some new things to be excited about and want to share! If you don't know me, I've been a member here at 420 Mag for about 5 years now, I started my very 1st grow here at 420 magazine and nailed it with the help of the community and lots of reading :) Now I'm probably on my 15th grow or so, lost count a while ago, and still love being a member here, sharing what I learn and know with others. I hope all of you can follow along and join in the fun!!! Lets get started ;)

I've been searching for the past few years for grand daddy purple, and after a few disappointments I think I may have finally found the real deal cut. I also picked up 5 other new strains which I will be running for the first time, all very elite cuts and strains which I am very excited about.

Also new in this grow, over the past 2-3 years I have been recycling my soil over and over again. For about the 1st year and a half the soil and the plants seemed to keep getting better and better, but after about that 2 year mark it seems that things started going slowly downhill with more deficiencies, smaller yields, and more problems. Well I decided to dump that soil and start fresh. So this grow will be featuring my new soil mix, new strains and hopefully have some really good results :)

I also will be using some Budmaster LED grow lights with this grow, but with an all new arrangement. Budmaster makes about 5 different types of LED grow lights, and they are all modular built and all the same size. This gives you the ability to swap out modules, and customize your lights and spectrum to your liking. So on this grow I decided to take apart my 2 GOD-4 panels, and 2 COB-4 panels to make 4x Hybrid Budmaster panels, each with 2 GOD modules and 2 COB modules. This I think will allow for both of best worlds, getting the intense penetration and deep reds of the god modules along with the even spread and intense white light of the COBs... I'm excited to try this out :)


I also will be trying again to test out the all new Budmaster Emerson LED grow light. This is a 730nm Far Red LED, and for use either to increase photosynthesis with the emerson effect during lights on.... or it can be used as a flowering trigger for 15 minutes after the main lights go out.

Well, lets get to the details :)

Here are the grow journal details and specs:

What strain is it?

Grand Daddy Purple (kens): Purple Urkle x Big Bud (commonly known as, however Kens description of the lineage is different.

Candyland (kens):
Bay Platinum Cookies x GDP

Mendo Grape Kush: Mendo Purps x O.G. Kush x Grapefruit

Trainwreck: Mexican (Sativa), Thai (Sativa), Afghani (Indica)

Gorilla Glue #4: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel

Race Fuel OG: High Octane OG x Face Off OG (BX)

Ogiesel: SFV OG x Giesel (Mass. Super Skunk x Chemdawg)

1 mystery Bagseed: unknown genetics.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?

Currently this grow is in early veg.

If in Veg... For how long?
I don't count the veg days but the plants are ranging anywhere from a few months to a few weeks.

Indoor or outdoor?


Grow Area Description and equipment
Each grow tent is a Hydrohut silver edition 2x4' tent. Actual measurements are larger and each tent measures approx 2.5'x5'x7'. Each tent is equipped with a large carbon filter (Can-filter), 6" fan on a manual variable speed controller. Intake air is sucked into the tent by the negative pressure and let in the lower portion of the tent on each side. Also the flowering tent is equipped with 2 circulation on an intake hose at ground level, and the other on the roof of the tent blowing downwards. The lights are by Budmaster and I am running 3 Budmaster 4 module frames, with custom modules. (2 COB and 2 GOD per light) 3 lights total, plus the 730nm Budmaster Emerson Far Red panel.


Here are the videos showing the 3 Budmaster Lights I am using in full detail (As they come stock, the hybrid swapping of modules was done by me):




Is it aircooled?
The lights are cooled by individual fans to disperse the heat given off by the lights. A pin style heat sink is used on each module. The case has plenty of holes and openings for ventilation.

The tent is cooled by a 6" hydrofarm fan hooked to a large carbon scrubber mounted at the top of my grow tent.

Soil or Hydro?


If soil... what is in your mix?

Base Soil Mix
18 (3 gallon pots) of Promix HP
4 (3 gallon pots) of Ocean forest
approx 5 (3 gallon pots) of coco coir
2 (3 gallon pots) of worm gold worm castings (with kelp and lava rock)
1 1/2 (3 gallon pots) of perlite

Total Soil Base 90 gallons of above soil about a 4 : 1 : 1.25 ratio of Promix HP, Ocean Forest, Coco Coir.

The additives:
each measurement is per 90 gallons of soil above.

1 1/2 cups EB Stone Sure Start: 4-6-2 Contains Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Dried Chicken Manure, Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal, Potassium Sulfate, Humic Acids and soil microbes including mycorrhizal fungi.

Sul Po Mag 0-0-22 (1 cup)

Azomite 2 cups

EB Stone Charcoal (2 quarts dry, 1 full bag)

gypsum 1 cup

Calcium Carbonate Powder: 2 cups

1/2 cap per pot of osmocote plus 14-14-14

If soil... What size pot?
For this grow I will be keeping the plants in 5 gallon round pots for the entire grow,

Temp of Room/cab?
usually my ambient temps stay between 75F-85F (during the current summer months the upper portion of the tent can reach 93F while the canopy stays roughly 85F.

RH of Room/cab?

my RH typically stays right around 50% but sometimes (rarely) the winds come off the desert and dry the RH down to 10% or less. Usually in the winter months of October, November, December and January we see a lot of offshore breezes and low humidity.

PH of media or res?
I don't check PH of the soil, and usually don't check the feedings either, but sometimes I will verify its around 6-6.5.

Any Pests ?
No pests at all

I do use a few preventative measures to make sure it stays this way..
I grow high brix, so typically pests don't go for high brix plants.
I spray in veg with spinosad which pretty much prevents any pests from wanting to breed
I use yucca extract in soil and foliar sprays which also seems to be a great pest deterrent.
I use mosquito dunks early in veg to kill any fungus gnat larvae that may be present.

How often are you watering?
This depends on the portion of the cycle I am in, but typically I water about 1x per week in early veg, in late veg about 1x every 3-4 days, In early flowering about 1x every 3-4 days, late flowering about 1x per 5-6 days.

Type and strength of ferts used?
All nutrients and pest products used are 100% certified OMRI organic with the exception of my silicone additives (armor SI and bulletproof SI)

My main nutrients (bottled): (all organic/natural)
Earthjuice: Grow, Bloom, Meta K, Microblast, Catalyst
Botanicare Pro Grow and Bloom and cal/mag
Mammoth P microbes
KAngaroots microbes
Thrive alive B1 organic
Yucca Extract

Other nutrients on hand include and may be used:
occasional additive:
Advanced Nutrients: carboload, organic b, fulvic acid
General Organics: hydrolyzed squid,
Bonide: liquid fish this stuff!
Armor SI (potassium silicate) (non organic)
Bulletproof SI (silicone dioxide) (non organic)

Enjoy everyone!!! I'm thrilled to have new soil, new strains and the new budmaster hybrid arrangement going! should be a lot of fun, and some great results if all goes as planned :)

As a reminder, this is a sponsored budmaster grow, so out of respect of sponsors, no mention or discussion of other LED brands in this journal please :) If you do have a question or comment about another brand, feel free to PM me and I would be happy to answer it for you.
Re: Icemud's Budmaster LED grow light journal: Hybrid LED's and 730nm Far Red trigger

Well Here is my first update post :) I am currently in veg with these girls. and they are aging ranging from the oldest being the bushy large mystery bagseed in the front left of the tent which is probably about 5 months old, and the youngest plant is the Candyland which was a clone taken from my dying Candyland plant from my seed project which is only 1 week old in the soil.

I will be vegging these plants out for a while, probably at least 1 month until I get a nice full canopy and the plants take hold of their new soil as most were transplanted just a week ago from 3 gallon pots.

The strains in order from left to right, back to front..

Back row (left to right)
Ogiesel, Mendo Grape Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, Trainwreck

Front Row (left to right)
Mystery Kush, Candyland, Grandaddy Purple, Race Fuel OG

Since I used both Osmocote Plus 14-14-14 and also an organic 4-6-2 feeding I won't be giving these plants much in their feedings besides compost teas, fish fertz and microbe/enzyme brews for most of veg, and depending on how they look come flowering most likely I will be doing only 1/2 to 1/4 feedings after the flip. My goal was to make this grow very easy in terms of feeding and to be less reliant on bottle feeding and more on a simple water and grow formula.

For the very first feeding after the girls were transplanted, they were given a compost tea consisting of bubbled worm poop and premixed soil in a paint strainer :)

Well here are today's photos :)
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Subbed. Question, are those pots the 7 gal hydroframs? Those are really close together so are there trays/saucers underneath?

The pots are 5 gallon and I believe they are hydrofarm brand. There are saucers underneath, however the saucers are really for 5 gallon round pots as the 5 gallon squares actually should have larger trays. These were the only ones I had that fit so the 5 gallon pots actually sit slightly above ground level.
Re: Icemud's Budmaster LED grow light journal: Hybrid LED's and 730nm Far Red trigger

Subbed keen to see how the cobs go man

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Hey there.

I am currently running a DIY cob and very interested in the far reds.

Great info so far.

I'm excited to give them a run too. Supposedly they will cut about a week off flowering according to other growers I've spoken with that have used Far Red. Excited to test this out :)
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Subbed keen to see how the cobs go man

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Welcome!!! Happy to have you following along! Should be an excellent grow :)
Re: Icemud's Budmaster LED grow light journal: Hybrid LED's and 730nm Far Red trigger

I'm In, always ready to take a seat and watch, appreciate the chance
to see your progress and follow along as things change :thumb:
Re: Icemud's Budmaster LED Grow Light Journal - Hybrid LED's & 730nm Far Red Triggeri

I'm In, always ready to take a seat and watch, appreciate the chance
to see your progress and follow along as things change :thumb:

Count me in.


*jumps over the seats into front row-looks around* "sup peoples" Icemud Im in brother. :tokin:

Welcome everyone and Happy Holidays!!! Glad to have you all here!
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Update time!!!

Hey everyone! well I definitely feel the festivity with the holidays right around the corner. Speaking of I will be going away for about 6 days so I will be prepping my garden to be ready for while I am gone. I gave the girls a very light watering yesterday because I want them to be ready for another watering before I leave so I can give them a good soil drench and be sure they won't dry up while I am gone.

I have to say the plants are absolutely loving their new soil and growing much faster than they have in the past grows in the recycled soil. Also they have much bigger leaves than I have seen in a long while, so very happy to see that as well :) I notice they smell much stronger early on too so I have high hopes things will go very good this grow.

I did noticed a few fungus gnats in my tent the other day, probably complimentary biologicals from the ocean forest soil (seem to get them everytime I use this stuff) so I added mosquito dunks to my last feeding and yellow stickys to the tent. I'm sure they will not survive as I caught them very early, and the dunks and stickys work great. I didn't see any today at all and only 1 was on the sticky cards so I will repeat the Bti treatments for a couple more feedings until I know they are gone for sure (30 day lifecycle).

I also decided to remove the Candyland from the tent and replace it with the large vegged black cherry soda I had in my 3rd tent. The candyland was just not looking happy and needed to be put in the other tent for some TLC. I might just go get another clone of her when I get back if the dispensary still has them.

Well I'm really happy with what I am seeing right now, and I will give the girls a topping before I leave, to bush them out a little more. This also will most likely slow their water use while I'm gone as they will be focused on repair and will have less leaves to transpire.

As far as my clones, they all pretty much rooted, and now I just have to take a few more when I top the girls tonight, but other than that most of the clones got put into soil yesterday.

Here are the pics of the Budmaster Hybrid LED tent:


Here are the photos of my 3rd tent with the clones in.

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Hey all, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!!

I wanted to share this video which shows a press conference between some of the top California company leaders discussing prop 64 and what now, how this effects all of us and so on. Very good information. Give it up for the cameraman, yours truly :)

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Happy Holidays everyone!
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