Icemud's aka Muddy Genes Beans Test Grows: Seed Genetics Trials

Hey everyone! Welcome to my test journal!

I will be testing random seeds from my personal breeding/pollen chucking projects conducted over the last 7-8 years.

I've been a member here at 420 Magazine since I think 2011 and did my very 1st grow here. Some of you may know me, some of you may not. Welcome to all!

A little history on my breeding/pollen chucking journey:
I started pollenchucking/breeding about 8 years ago when I began to become a clone hoarder and started collecting clones/genetics from my favorite strains.. it got to the point that I had so many and wanted to preserve the genetics in case something happened like a bad pest attack or other sudden tragedy so I learned about making feminized seeds and gave it a go. I tried colloidal silver and STS and had some success but overall got tired of wasting entire grow cycles to get a reversed female but no pollen. I think I tried about 5 different grows with about 3 or 4 different strains with only 1 as a 100% success and 1 grow a handful of seeds, and the rest, nadda... so...

I began purchasing seeds (and getting gifts) from respected breeders and developed quite a collection. I then would keep my 9 "parent strains" which consisted of the following and for each "pollenchucking run" I would plant 8 or 9 seeds from a single batch and open pollinate the entire tent, not only making additional seeds from the batch, but also crossing the seeds pollen with all of my beloved strains.

My "mother" strains/clones consisted of (changed slighlty over the years:
  • Harlequin (clone from prop 215 days at a dispensary in long beach)
  • Black Cherry (clone) I believe this may be SunyCheeba's cut.
  • Ogiesel (clone from local clone supplier)
  • GG#4 (clone) (clone from private grower/breeder collection)
  • Private Reserve OG (clone from prop 215 days dispensary in long beach)
  • Skywalker OG (socal sativa, not the EU version)(private grower and breeders cut he had for a long time)
  • GDP (clone from dispensary in long beach)
  • Birthday Cake (s1 from cannarado seed I planted)
  • Chocolate Thai #5 pheno (part of a later project that I kept as a mother) (From Hazeman Seeds and originally DrawhOH)
  • DJ Short Blueberry F4 pheno A-3 (part of a seed project I kept as a mother)
  • Trainwreck (clone from private breeder growers collection, original TW)
  • Mendo Grape (clone from long beach dispensary)

My Grow Journals where the breeding takes place:

Here is the journal where I try multiple attempts at making feminzed seeds:
Black Cherry
GDP (fail)
Ogiesl (fail)
Icemud's How To Make Feminized Seeds Using Colloidal Silver

Here are my 1st 2 seed projects using regular seeds

  1. 79 Xmas Bud Breeding project (thought it was pine tar kush but found out the strain I had was not, and instead 79 Xmas Bud),
  2. Also my Deep Chunk (hazemans monkey balls) project is in this journal.
Icemud's 2018 Journal: Pine Tar Kush Pheno Hunt & More

The following journal includes all of these breeding projects:
  1. Sour Grapes,
  2. Bangi Haze,
  3. Apollo 13F4,
  4. Gods Gift F2,
  5. Chocolate Thai,
  6. Blueberry,
  7. Alien Antifreeze
  8. 88G13HP
Icemud's Breeding Projects And Motherchucking Pollination Extravaganza

I will post the list of strains I have created on a separate post.

Here are the grow journal details and specs:

What strain is it?

All of these strains/cultivars were created by me over the last 7-8 years of breeding and pollen chucking projects. I haven't decided if I will make this a ongoing journal or just specific to this particular grow. Here is the current cultivars:

Classified and Classified OG= [Ogiesel (clone) x Apollo 13 F4 (mendelxmotarebel)]

Un-named = [(GDP (clone) x Deep Chunk (Hazemans Monkey Balls F2)] x Alien Antifreeze (Mycotek)

Unnamed= (Cannorado Birthday Cake S1 x Obsoul33t Genetics Orange Fruity Pebbles OG)

Unnamed = [(Black Diamond OG (clone) x Black Cherry (reversed clone)] x Gods Gift F2

Unnamed = Ogiesel x Sour Grapes

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
Currently this grow is in early veg.

If in Veg... For how long?
I don't count the veg days but probably about 2 months total veg max

Indoor or outdoor?

Grow Area Description and equipment
The tent is a Hydrohut silver edition 2x4' tent. Actual measurements are larger and the tent measures approx 2.5'x5'x7'. The tent is equipped with a large carbon filter, 6" fan on a manual variable speed controller. Intake air is sucked into the tent by the negative pressure and let in the lower portion of the tent on each side.

The tent is equipped with a circulation on an intake hose at ground level, and the other on the roof of the tent blowing downwards.

I am using 3 budmaster lights that I manipulated by putting 2 different models of budmaster together. I took apart the COB and GOD(blurple) lights to put 2 modules of COB and 2 Modules of GOD(blurple) together into a single panel (4 modules total). Each has a switch.

In veg I have only been running the 2 cobs on each fixture (100w each), and in flowering I will be running all 4 modules per fixture which will be around 600w total grow

Soil or Hydro?

Base Soil Mix
A blend of Promix HP and Happy Frog, probably a 3:1 ratio

If soil... What size pot?
For this grow I will be keeping the plants in 2 gallon round pots for the entire grow,

Temp of Room/cab?
usually my ambient temps stay between 75F-85F (during the current summer months the upper portion of the tent can reach 93F while the canopy stays roughly 85F.

RH of Room/cab?
my RH typically stays right around 50% but sometimes (rarely) the winds come off the desert and dry the RH down to 10% or less. Usually in the winter months of October, November, December and January we see a lot of offshore breezes and low humidity.

PH of media or res?
I use PH drops and try to target right around 6.5

Any Pests ?
No pests at all

IPM (insect pest management)
Early in veg gave a foliar spray of neem oil and spinosad
clean tent prior to grow with bleach and water
keep tent closed at all times when not tending to plants
IF pests detected, treat as needed. Usually only fungus gnats or thrips are the pests I deal with, both pretty easy to get rid of if spotted early.

How often are you watering?
This depends on the portion of the cycle I am in, but typically I water about 1x per week in early veg, in late veg about 1x every 3-4 days, In early flowering about 1x every 3-4 days, late flowering about 1x per 5-6 days.

Type and strength of ferts used?
I havent really decided on which route I am going to go with nutrients on this grow. Since I am in small pots I probably will stick to a hybrid salt/natural nutrient feeding to get a little of both worlds.

Right now I have and may use:
Foxfarm Grow
Superthrive (early veg only)
Jacks 3-2-1 method
Mammoth P (flowering)
Bushdoctor (mycos and bacteria)
Foxfarm Bigbloom

I think that is pretty much all the details that I need to give everyone a good picture of what I have going on.

I welcome everyone to join as I test some of my hybrid crosses that I have made and see how they turn out!

Questions are welcome!

Advice is always welcome!

Conversation is welcome!

I don't frequently update my journals so there may be long intervals between my posts and responses, however I will try to keep things updated and answer questions/respond.

Wish me luck!
Here is a list of all of the seeds that I have made over the last 8 years. Most of these crosses have not ever been tested. A few have been run by very close friends of mine in different regions and environments. The grower friends of mine report back to me with photos, details of the grow as well as feedback on the final product.

Most of these crosses do not have names yet, however some have been officially named by myself or close friends of mine involved in the process. If they are named, the name will be in bold following the cross description.

Also, please note... I do not sell seeds, I do not gift seeds... so please do not ask.

Muddy Genes Seed List:

Black Cherry Soda (Feminized) project:

Black Cherry Soda x Tangie #5 (black and tange)
Black Cherry Soda x Black Diamond OG (Black Cherry OG)
Black Cherry Soday x Tangie #3 (black and Tange)
Black Cherry Soda x Black Cherry Soda
Black Cherry Soda x Fire OG (Black Sour Soda or Black Fire Soda)
Black Cherry Soda x Ogiesel (Cherry Float)
Black Cherry Soda x Harlequin (Black Harley)
Black Cherry Soda x Tangie #6 (purple pheno) (Black and Tange)

Trainwreck Feminized Seed Project:

Trainwreck x Black Cherry Soda
Trainwreck x Skywalker OG
Trainwreck x Ogiesel
Trainwreck x Harlequin
Trainwreck x Mendo Grape Kush
Trainwreck x Private Reserve OG
Trainwreck x Tangie #3
Trainwreck x Ogiesel
Trainwreck x Harlequin

'79 Xmas Bud (regular seed) project (Hazemans Pine Tar Kush)

Xmas Bud x Harlequin
Xmas Bud x Xmas Bud #7
Xmas Bud x Xmas Bud #4
Xmas Bud x Black Cherry Soda
Xmas Bud x Ogiesel #1
Xmas Bud x Ogiesel #2
Xmas Bud x Xmas Bud #2
Xmas Bud x Xmas Bud #1
Xmas Bux x Mendo Grape Kush
Xmas Bud x Trainwreck (GOTHAM LIMITED)
Xmas Bud x Gorilla Glue
Xmas Bud x Xmas Bud #3

Deep Chunk (regular seed) project (Hazeman's Monkey Balls) F2's

Deep Chunk x Harlequin (300-450 seeds)
Deep Chunk x Private Reserve OG (250-400 seeds)
Deep Chunk x Mendo Grape Kush (400-600 seeds)
Deep Chunk x Deep Chunk #7 (150-300 seeds)
Deep Chunk x Skywalker OG (400-600 seeds) aka (Deep Space)
Deep Chunk x Deep Chunk #2 (350 to 450 seeds)
Deep Chunk x Black Cherry Soda (350-500 seeds)
Deep Chunk x Deep Chunk #8 (150-300 seeds)
Deep Chunk x GDP (30-80 seeds)
Deep Chunk x Gorilla Glue (300-450 seeds)
Deep Chunk x Deep Chunk #4 (hermie) (200-350 seeds)
Deep Chunk x Trainwreck (400-600 seeds)
Deep Chunk x Deep Chunk #5 (350-500 seeds)

Sour Grapes (Regular Seeds) Hazemans Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes x Skywalker OG (MACE WINDU)
Sour Grapes x Sour Grapes #6
Sour Grapes x Mendo Grape Kush
Sour Grapes x Gorilla Glue #4 (MONKEY MERLOT)
Sour Grapes x Ogiesel
Sour Grapes x Private Reserve OG
Sour Grapes x Trainwreck
Sour Grapes x Harlequin
Sour Grapes x Sour Grapes #4
Sour Grapes x sour Grapes #1
Sour Grapes x GDP
Sour Grapes x Black Cherry Soda
Sour Grapes x Sour Grapes #7

Bangi Haze F9 (Regular Seeds) From Hazemans private seed stash, originally from Gage Green and worked by Dragon Flame Genetics.

Bangi Haze x Skywalker OG
Bangi Haze x Bangi Haze Pheno 1
Bangi Haze x Mendo Grape Kush
Bangi Haze x Gorilla Glue #4
Bangi Haze x Private Reserve OG (Bangi Reserve)
Bangi Haze x Trainwreck
Bangi Haze x Harlequin
Bangi Haze x Pheno 2
Bangi Haze x Pheno 4
Bangi Haze x Black Cherry Soda

Apollo 13 F4 (Regular Seeds) From Hazeman's Private Collection, Bred by Mota Rebel Genetics

Skywalker OG x Apollo 13
Bangi Haze Pheno 1 x Apollo 13
Mendo Grape Kush x Apollo 13
Gorilla Glue #4 x Apollo 13 AKA MOON MONKEY!
Private Reserve OG x Apollo 13
Trainwreck x Apollo 13
Harlequin x Apollo 13
Pheno 5 x Apollo 13
Pheno 6 x Apollo 13
Pheno 7 x Apollo 13
GDP x Apollo 13
Black Cherry Soda x Apollo 13
Ogiesel x Apollo 13 (Classified OG) T

Gods Gift F2 (Regular Seeds)From Hazeman, Originally from a breeder in Cali

Skywalker OG x Gods Gift
Bangi Haze Pheno 1 x Gods Gift
Mendo Grape Kush x Gods Gift
Gorilla Glue #4 x Gods Gift
Private Reserve OG x Gods Gift
Ogiesel x Gods Gift
Gods Gift x Trainwreck x Gods Gift
Gods Gift x Harlequin x Gods Gift
Gods Gift x Pheno 5 x Gods Gift
Gods Gift x Pheno 6 x Gods Gift
Gods Gift x Pheno 7 x Gods Gift
Gods Gift x GDP x Gods Gift
Black Cherry Soda x Gods Gift
(Black Cherry Soda x Black Diamond OG) x Gods Gift

Orange Fruity Pebbles OG (
Seeds gifted to me by hazeman, originally bred by Obsol33t. using Cali Orange x FPOG)

OFPOG x Harlequin
OFPOG x Birthday Cake s1 (birthday cake from Cannarado)
OFPOG x Skywalker OG
OFPOG x Mendo Grape Kush
OFPOG x Private Reserve OG
OFPOG x Ogiesel
OFPOG x Black Cherry Soda
OFPOG x Trainwreck
OFPOG x Gorilla Glue #4
OFPOG x Gods Gift pheno #4
OFPOG x (Black Cherry Soda x Black Diamond OG)
OFPOG Pheno #3
OFPOG Pheno #5

MESSED UP SEED PROJECT: Most likely DJ Short Blueberry pollen (early pollen) however some seeds may be chocolate thai (late pollen) due to a phenotype mixup. Due to the delay in Chocolate Thai pollen, Most seeds should be DJ Short Blueberry

Blueberry x Birthday Cake S1
Blueberry x Harlequin
Blueberry x Black Cherry Soda
Blueberry x Ogiesel
Blueberry x Private Reserve OG
Blueberry x Chocolate Thai #5
Blueberry x GG4 (
Blueberry x GDP
Blueberry x Trainwreck
Blueberry x Blueberry A1 (frosty and great bud structure, minimal terps)
Blueberry x Blueberry A3 (not as frosty, decent bud structure, blueberry syrup terps)

Chocolate Thai F4, Bred by Hazeman at Infinity Genetics. Hazeman to drawoh chocolate thai 2.5 x drawoh chocolate thai, to make these.

Gorilla Glue x Chocolate Thai F4
Black Cherry Soda x Chocolate Thai F4
Harlequin x Chocolate Thai F4
Private Reserve OG x Chocolate Thai F4
Trainwreck x Chocolate Thai F4
Ogisel x Chocolate Thai F4
Grandaddy Purple x Chocolate Thai F4
Birthday Cake s1 x Chocolate Thai F4
Chocolate Thai Pheno #5 (short flowering hybrid) x Chocolate Thai F4
Chocolate Thai Pheno #6 (long flowering sativa) x Chocolate Thai F4
Deep Chunk x GDP) x Chocolate Thai F4
Chocolate Thai pheno B3 Pheno x Chocolate Thai F4
Chocolate Thai pheno B1 x Chocolate Thai F4
Chocolate Thai B4 x Chocolate Thai F4

DJ Short Blueberry F4 (3 males used)

Harlequin x Blueberry F4
Black Cherry Soda x Blueberry F4
Gorilla Glue x Blueberry F4
Birthday Cake S1 x Blueberry F4
Trainwreck x Blueberry F4
Private Reserve OG x Blueberry F4
(GDP x Deep Chunk) x Blueberry F4
GDP x Blueberry F4
Chocolate Thai #5 x Blueberry F4
(White Shark x Aloha White widow) x Blueberry F4
Ogiesel x Blueberry F4
Blueberry A3 pheno (blueberry syrup) x Blueberry F4
Blueberry B1 pheno (shortest) x Blueberry F4
Blueberry B2 Pheno (tallest) x Blueberry F4
Blueberry B4 Pheno (purple leaf) x Blueberry F4

Alien Antifreeze (Mycotek)

Birthday Cake(s1) x Alien Antifreeze
Chocolate Thai x Alien Antifreeze
Ogiesel x Alien Antifreeze
GDP x Deep Chunk x Alien Antifreeze
Black Cherry Soda x Alien Antifreeze
Blueberry A-3 x Alien Antifreeze
Gorilla Glue #4 x Alien Antifreeze
Private Reserve OG x Alien Antifreeze
Harlequin x Alien Antifreeze
Trainwreck x Alien Antifreeze
Alien Antifreeze #2 x Alien Antifreeze
Alien Antifreeze #3 x Alien Antifreeze
Roasted Garlic Margy x Alien Antifreeze
GDP x Alien Antifreeze

88G13HP Crosses (Hazeman) originally bread by NDNguy (3 males)

Birthday Cake x 88G13HP
GDP x 88G13HP
Black Cherry Soda x 88G13HP
Trainwreck x 88G13HP
Roasted Garlic Margy x 88G13HP
Harlequin x 88G13HP
Gorilla Glue 4 x 88G13HP
Alien Antifreeze #2 x 88G13HP
Alien Antifreeze #3 x 88G13HP
Private Reserve OG x 88G13HP
Ogiesel x 88G13HP
Chocolate Thai #5 x 88G13HP
DJ Short Blueberry A-3 x 88G13HP
88G13HP x 88G13HP

So many strains that I have made and so little time to try them all!

My goal with this journal is rather to just enjoy the creations that I made and take notes. Sometimes you have to just step back and smell the roses... or in this case hopefully some sticky green flowers!
Welcome everyone!

I will have some photos up hopefully this weekend. Doing a Hard drive transfer/backup and its taking much longer than anticipated. So far been going for 3 days. Hopefully by the weekend it will be complete so I can get some photos posted!

I hope everyone is well and happy to see everyone that came for the show :)

I have to say I am about 1 to 1.5 months into veg from seed and my tent smells absolutely amazing... I'm actually questioning if its time to replace my carbon scrubber type funk happening right now... really excited for this grow and to finally be able to taste the fruits of my labor :)
Hey Everyone!!! So here is the pictoral history of where we are at. I started popping the seeds around Halloween 2023. Some of the plants are a few weeks different timing as I started with 1 strain and worked my way up to 5 total.

Here are the seedlings as of November 3, 2023

November 9th photos:

November 11th, 2023

November 20th

November 23, 2023:

November 28th, 2023

December 2, 2023

And here is the photos as of December 9th, 2023 (yesterday)l. I havent really been feeding them much nutrients up until the last feeding in which I gave them some hydrolyzed fish/seaweed, a 1/2 strength foxfarm veg, superthrive and some mycos/bacteria and enzymes.

How I have the plants positioned are in pairs (by strain).

Looking at the tent, LEFT to RIGHT

FAR LEFT: Classified OG = (Ogiesel x Apollo 13F4),
2nd LEFT: [(GDP x Deep Chunk] x Alien Antifreeze),
MIDDLE: (Ogiesel x Sour Grapes),
2nd RIGHT (single plant): [(Black Cherry x Black dimond og] x Gods Gift),
FAR RIGHT: Birthday Cake x Orange Fruity pebbles OG

FAR RIGHT: Birthday Cake x Orange Fruity pebbles OG

2nd RIGHT (single plant): [(Black Cherry x Black dimond og] x Gods Gift),

MIDDLE: (Ogiesel x Sour Grapes),

2nd LEFT: [(GDP x Deep Chunk] x Alien Antifreeze),

Classified OG = (Ogiesel x Apollo 13F4)

Well we are caught up everyone! Sorry for the delay! My grow tent smells like fish and dank which I think should be a good sign of great things to come.

I am trying to decide, whether or not I should top these or let them grow natural. The part of me says leave them natural is so I can get a good idea of yeilds, growth traits..etc since these are all a 1st run tester, however the "greedy" side of me says to top them to get more bud and also can see how they react to manipulation and stress which also wouldn't be a bad test to do.

I will be deciding over the next week if they get topped or left alone.

Have a wonderful holidays everyone! I may get 1 more update in before the holidays but depends on how busy I get with the approaching holidays such.
Hey everyone. I took these photos on the 12th, so about 4 days ago. I decided that I would top the girls for a few reasons. One as a stress test to see if any genetics were weak and hermied or had issues with topping, for a little more yield on harvest as well as I will be taking a short vacation and to hopefully reduce water uptake while I'm gone.

So far 4 day late all of the plants responded positive to the topping and look already like new growth is forming.

Its been extremely dry lately 10% RH or less so soil has been drying out fast. I finally bought some plant risers that the plants sit on top of so the can drain into the trays without soaking the water back up. Nice purchase :)

I did a top dressing of some old organic/natural nutrients I picked up back in my high brix exploration days here on 420 mag... its basically a blend of a bunch of different natural nutrients and rock powders in good ratios with high calcium and always made my plants look great when i used.

I will be setting up a timer/drip system for when I travel away just for a mid week wetting to keep them from drying out if the weather stays the same as its been.

Well here are some pics:

Before topping

after topping

Classified OG: ogiesel x apollo 13 f4

GDP x Deep Chunk x Alien Antifreeze

ogiesel x sour grapes

Black Cherry x black diamond og x gods gift

birthday cake s1 x orange fruity pebbles og
Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Holidays so far!

I had a wonderful holiday trip to spend Christmas with the family and really enjoyed it. I hope everyone also had a great holidays!

While I was gone I was going to set up a drip system but I decided against it, and instead topped the girls a about a week before I left. Since the plants topping the leaves were still little and growing so water use was much less anyhow that it was pre topping. I watered them good with just plain water and some T&J enterprises natural powdered nutrients and turned the lights down to just 100W of COB while I was gone...

Well 1 week later I am happy to say the plants look great and did not need water so my timing was good.

The plants really grew while I was gone and the Classified OG and the Ogiesel x Sour Grapes are both very tall. The Classified OG in the back left corner almost looks prehistoric the way the leaves are growing so jagged and large. Love what I am seeing so far.

All of the other plants are equally growing nicely and seem to be fairly healthy with just the water and T&J feedings for now.

Well not much else right now to report on.

Here are some pics:

Full Tent:

Classified and Classified OG= [Ogiesel (clone) x Apollo 13 F4 (mendelxmotarebel)]

Un-named = [(GDP (clone) x Deep Chunk (Hazemans Monkey Balls F2)] x Alien Antifreeze (Mycotek)

Unnamed= (Cannorado Birthday Cake S1 x Obsoul33t Genetics Orange Fruity Pebbles OG)

Unnamed = [(Black Diamond OG (clone) x Black Cherry (reversed clone)] x Gods Gift F2

Unnamed = Ogiesel x Sour Grapes
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