1. 79 xmas bud x ogiesel (1).jpg

    79 xmas bud x ogiesel (1).jpg

    Icemud and Muddy Genes genetics and strains created by Muddy Genes Ogiesel x 79 Xmas Bud
  2. S


    has anyone ever growen this strain - subpost to be one of the strongest plants around (looking at ACE seeds) All info welcome _ Peace
  3. C

    Hi guys and girls

    Hey everyone one I’m new and a experienced grower loving my wedding cake atm and been making some edibles what you all smoking
  4. Kalashnikov


  5. Greenhouse


    I rearranged the plants for better flow, & all the strains are together, easy to follow
  6. S

    Bruce Banner

    Who is the original breeder of Bruce Banner ? wanting to know the "best" Banner around !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help !!
  7. Full body shot

    Full body shot

    Cheese in bloom
  8. jodyhighrollr

    Gelato OG, Alaskan Purple, PineappleExpress#2 & light opinions needed

    Hey everybody! I had a lot happen this year and took a break after my last harvest but now life is starting to feel more normal again so I'm about to start my next grow. Any input would be great and if anyone knows grow journals with this strains maybe you could point me in their direction. My...
  9. Barney's Farm

    Barneys Farm Chill Out Zone

    Relax and take a break with strains from Barney’s Farm Chill Out Zone :Namaste: These irresistible cannabis strains will quickly seduce you with their potent spell, creating a whole new dreamy dimension of relaxation and relief. ! Chill Out Zone | Cannabis Seeds
  10. Barneys Farm Chill Out Zone

    Barneys Farm Chill Out Zone

    Barneys Farm Chill Out Collection
  11. Barney's Farm

    Share Your Barneys Farm Strains Photos

  12. Barney's Farm

    Which Is Your Favourite Barneys Farm Strain?

    Do you have a favourite Barneys farm strain? :love: Comment below your favourite and tell us why.....
  13. S

    Anyone try this gear?

    In House Genetics or The Plug - there strain sound great by the price is great also - Blue OX by The Plug is germinating no. , wanting to get some "JellyBreath " from In house but $289.00 a pack is a bit high
  14. T

    Tropical Australia - Strains & Seedbanks

    Hi all, glad to be here and thanks for having me! I love the cannabis plant for a multitude of reasons.. I've smoked for almost 25 years, though only recently did i decide that basically I'm tired of dealers, tired of spending all of my hard earned on weed, tired of buying the same "hydro" that...
  15. TorturedSoul

    Cold Weather Strains?

    I thought of this one whilst posting in one of SweetSue's threads earlier. I realized it would be very helpful to a lot of us if we had some sort of reference as to which strains would thrive - or at least survive from seed to harvest :rolleyes3 - at colder temperatures. And I'm not talking...
  16. B

    Trying this SCROG thing all the cool kids are doing

    I'm working on my 2nd soil grow. I have 7 fem girls at 24 days from seed. They've been topped once at day 19; I will top again in another week or so. My last crop ended up growing too big, even with double topping, only 42 days of veg, and picking short strains. My tent is 6ft tall...
  17. Jackalope

    How many strains do you keep on hand?

    For basic use I try to keep at least 4 strains on hand. Mostly it is way over that with small stashes of my favorite strains. Morning, mid-day, afternoon, and of course evening weed. When you smoke or medicate all day long it is hard to do with just 1 strain. Some strains can do most but none...
  18. Jackalope

    Regular seeds

    One of the oldest strains I grow is only in regular seeds. I forget just how wonderful this strain can be. The most special thing is these regular seeds usually run around 80% female. I have seen other strains bred by the same breeder that do it also. I have also run across this with major...
  19. S

    Ho Ho Ho - Happy Holidays to my fellow cannabis consumers

    Hello folks. My very first post (well second, I was researching info on RSO and responded to a post) on this forum. One of my fellow cultivator's told me this forum is awesome. So here I am, been smoking for 40+ years ( a bit baked right now, but that's what I do ), cultivating for 20. Never too...
  20. andIhalped

    Lemon Meringue - Outdoor Grow & Smoke Report

    My outdoor grow & smoke report on lemon meringue is in the strains section: Lemon Meringue - Outdoor Grow & Smoke Report
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