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  1. ChefDGreen

    People of the forums, help me decide on a strain!

    Hello everyone, I’m planning to set up my tent again soon and I need some help deciding on genetics. I will only be buying regular seed, no feminized. I want to be able to harvest seed and keep a fairly large quantity of beans for my anytime use. As far as what I’m looking for in genetics; I...
  2. C3A0A4DF-1EA8-4A54-95FF-6B03711BF5A8.jpeg


    Trailer trash betty or derbybud wow what a stalk
  3. P

    Crown Royal & Purple OG Kush Grow Log - 100% Germination - TY CKS!

    New to the forum but ive been doing so well with CKS genetics i wanted to pay homage and respect and do a little follow along with this grow...i do a organic soil indoor grow in a space about 6'x6' 8' foot high....400 watt hps and led preflower....3 days ago i dunked 3 crown royal fem and 3...
  4. Webuilt

    Webuilt Indoor Grow

    Hi All, Ready for attempt number 2, after a failed outdoor grow which suffered an attack of mold. Learning the ropes for an indoor grow where I can control the environment a little better. So far I have been keeping the Temp around 73-78(daytime), 65 or so(night time) and humidity around 45%. It...
  5. S

    Anyone hear of these breeders?

    Thug Plug and MSS Genetics - can't seem to find how to contact (MSS Genetics has 3 killer strains reference "seedfinders.eu"):thanks:
  6. D

    Self-topping plant - Bad genetics?

    This is an Amnesia Haze auto that has started growing funky the last week/10 days. Started this one from seed on 9/17, and a bunch of seeds I started a week later have caught up in size to this one (unfortunately none of the same strain). Is this common? Bad genetics or something else? I don't...
  7. Cannapot

    Norstar Genetics - Regular Cannabisseeds Now At Cannapot

    Hiho! :Namaste: We now have another seedbank with great regular cannabisseeds now at our small online Hempshop - we have a very nice stock of seeds by californian breeder called NORSTAR GENETICS, they have a great quality and realy interesting crosses, you can find the whole productranger...
  8. Ian Bastage

    Tweed - Sun-Grown Sour Kush By DNA Genetics

    Strain Name – Sun-Grown Sour Kush From – DNA Genetics – available only from Tweed Main Street (Licensed Producer in Canada) When – 8/2017 Price - $7 per gram (minimum purchase: 5 grams) Type – Indica dominant. THC 14.9% CBD <0.07% Appearance – medium green with orange pistils. Frosted. Small...
  9. R

    Mephisto Genetics

    I just started an auto flowering from Mephisto Genetics. Does anyone have any feedback on these as far as yield and quality.
  10. anduin1

    Gorilla seed bank question

    So I have a gift card to the store and was wondering if anyone knows what the best genetics you can get from the store? I was hoping to find Mephisto autos or maybe Bodhi genetics but no dice so I'm wondering if anyone else has any strains they would pick above all else.
  11. T

    Night's Indoor Breeding - Ft SSS Genetics & More!

    Hello again, I'm back for a small indoor breeding project. My goal is to create new genetics and hopefully bring back some old school genetics from history. My setup is a small tent (I think the dimensions are 0.8mx0.8mx1.6m) with just a couple blue spectrum CFL's to get the young ones...
  12. ResinSaurusRex

    Thoughts on how much longer I might have? KF#1 Imperial Genetics

    I haven't been able to find a grow journal for this strain. Its Kurple Fantasy #1 from Imperial Genetics. Yup, it is the #1 seed, not the #2 seed. The purple side of the genetic tree is starting to show up now. Thoughts on harvest? I'm thinking early July.
  13. R

    Maximixing Crop King Seed Genetics

    Hello all! First time poster on this forum. As the title states, I'm trying to maximize the Crop King Seeds genetics of my Northern Lights. I'm trying to manage multiple ailments, from anxiety and depression, to eating disorders and insomnia, and everything in between. I've heard many negative...
  14. H

    Herbies Seeds Updates 5th April 2017

    Back in stock this week (you can see the full list of recently added stock here) Connoisseur Genetics North London Church Cookies Fems — 9-10 weeks flowering, indica/sativa, Church x GSC (Reversed) Reserva Privada Tangie Regs — Cup winner in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 70% Sativa, 9-10 weeks...
  15. R

    Looking for landrace Lamb's Bread?

    Lamb's Bread (or Jamaican Lambsbread) has mysterious lineage, but is believed to have long-lasting, predominant Sativa genetics from the island of Jamaica............looked for the straight genetics but all i found was crosses:thanks:
  16. Jackalope

    High dollars seeds

    More and more new growers out there. Just thought I would make a suggestion to them. While genetics are the key to good smoke. It is best to make a grow or 2 to work out all the bugs in your system. Plus you learn more about growing indoors. There are lots of lower priced genetics out there to...
  17. G

    Seed Authenticity

    Just had a quick question for the community. I hope this is posted in the correct place. Has anyone ever read any reviews of certain seeds that included genetic testing? I was just curious because seeds are not cheap nowadays by any standard. How do I really know that I'm getting Big Bud strain...
  18. tandemdreams

    Blue Dream

    So i git this blue dream seed and cracked it the first leaves grew to giant sizes before anything else ever happened now off the first node i gave prettty sure eight different tops they keep shooting out in odd places and i was going to use this girl in a cross so my question is should i cross...
  19. C

    Looking for great Diesel/Purple/Kush genetics

    Hey Fam, The title speaks for itself. In the Southeast my experience is you kinda just get whats available. And even then you never know what it really is with all the fake names. I'm looking to collect some good genetics like the different diesels and skunks and lemon strains. These are...