Icemud's Grow 8.0 - New Intelligent-Gro LED - 2 x IGRO-228 LED - Testing & Review

Re: Icemud's Grow 8.0 - New Intelligent-Gro LED - 2 x IGRO-228 LED - Testing And Revi

After you spent your 4th of July trimming, I bet these ladies will provide you with plenty of fireworks later. :bravo:

Re: Icemud's Grow 8.0 - New Intelligent-Gro LED - 2 x IGRO-228 LED - Testing And Revi

Thanks everyone for the awesome compliments and good vibes!!! Hope everyone had a fun, safe and memorable holiday weekend!

So today makes day 71 of flowering and so it was time for the last mystery kush to come down. I am still giving the 2x black cherry cola's some more time since they still are swelling slightly and the underbuds are really growing much larger. I moved them each directly under the Intelligent Gro 228's and angled them slightly to make a "tent" of light :) I will probably let these go a few more days to maybe a week at most and then they should be ready as well :)

I also got my new clones in today. I ordered Grandaddy Purple, Purple Urkle, Churchberry and Blue dream and got 1 of each so I would say that they will most likely be making an appearance in my upcomming journal :) I still have a seed project that I will be working on before that takes place so it may be a little bit, but I wanted to secure the genetics while I had a chance to :)

So I did some research on my "mystery kush's" and I looked at all the clones that the clone place that I got them from has. I really think the "mystery kush" looks like a master kush, but smells like a bubba, and when I noticed that the clone place was carrying "master bubba kush" I think this is what they gave me instead of GDP and Purple dragon like I was supposed to get. Either way I'm happy that I have some amazingly stanky dense nugs for the next few months :)

Well here are the photos of the remaining 2 black cherry cola's...

And here is the chop of the last of the mystery kush.

Re: Icemud's Grow 8.0 - New Intelligent-Gro LED - 2 x IGRO-228 LED - Testing And Revi

Another one in the pocket Ice. Congrats again...
Re: Icemud's Grow 8.0 - New Intelligent-Gro LED - 2 x IGRO-228 LED - Testing And Revi

Gratz Iceman :thumb:
Re: Icemud's Grow 8.0 - New Intelligent-Gro LED - 2 x IGRO-228 LED - Testing And Revi

Hey Everyone!!!

Well today marks the end of the line for my Intelligent Gro Generation 1 Test Grow. I harvested the remaining 2 Black Cherry Cola's today, washed, trimmed and hung to dry. I have to say, this BCC smells amazing, very floral like a blue dream, but with a heavy grape/cherry smell to it... This one is going to taste amazing!!! Also the BCC was the heaviest yielding plants out of the group, I haven't weighed anything yet and will do a final weigh in and smoke report once all the buds are done drying and have at least a week or 2 of curing underway.

I also will at that time give my final impressions of using the Intelligent Gro series 1 lights.

I was curious to see when transplanting today and remixing my soil, how the roots were from this past grow. At first I was thinking that the early finish, the smaller yield was contributed to no roots in the soil... Well when I pulled the roots out of all of the plants, this definitely was not the case. The roots were developed well on all 7 plants so my original suspicion of the roots dying off was not the case.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately regarding the dimming functions, dimming light and flowering photoperiods and I think that the dimming in flowering also may have contributed to less yield than I typically get, even considering the lockout. I read numerous studies done regarding photosynthesis yield and daylength in flowering and from what I have read, high intensity lighting, and actually 13 hours of light produces the highest yields along with higher Cannabinoid profiles, however 12 hour actuallly produces slightly better THC content but about 20% less yield. Therefore I think the dimming on flowering may be why my yield seems much lower than normal.

On a positive side though, the buds this grow I believe may be my best yet in terms of fragrance, trichome production and hopefully taste and strength. I did try a somewhat dry bud of the Ogiesel and I have to say of the 3-4 times I have grown Ogiesel under different lights, this time it tastes the best, is much stickier with trichomes, and has a much stronger high. So potency was great :)

Well like I said, these are just my thoughts so far on this grow and after I weigh everything out I will do a final yield report, grams per watt and such, as well as smoke report and updated bud photos :)

I want to say thank you to Intelligent Gro for allowing me the opportunity to be sponsored, and to allow me to try your lights in public for everyone to see. I think Danky Dave is a really nice guy and I do believe he stands behind his products very well and puts the customer first. I also see good things with my Intelligent Gro 2 journal being the improved spectrum and higher umol output. :)

I want to also thank all of you 420 Members who have followed along with this grow, contributed to its popularity, success and interesting nature :) You guys rock!!! I love doing these grows and hopefully will continue to test products for the 420 community :)

Today I spent repotting all my mothers for my breeding project as well as transplanting my new clones : blue dream, GDP, Purple Urkle and Churchberry.

I will not be starting a new journal for a while because I want to focus on my Generation 2 grow, and my breeding project that has been waiting for me to clean up everything and get some room.

I will not be proceeding with Cherry Pie as one of my strains, I have run it about 3x now and even though the buds grow large and look impressive, the taste, smell and high are not up to my standards, so I will be killing off my 2 cherry pie moms unless I can find someone locally that wants them, or unless I decide to throw them in my breeding project and see what happens. I hesitate doing this since I really am not happy with the strain/cut I have, I don't even think its worth keeping at all since I have so many other strains that are much better that deserve its spot.

Well here are today's photos of the Black Cherry Cola Harvest.

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lol...those looked so sad until you trimmed them up. Then they look pretty tasty. A shame the strain doesn't measure up, but that's one reason I try different strains each time. I'm still looking for my very own cannirvana. I have a couple good ones already, but still always looking too.
Re: Icemud's Grow 8.0 - New Intelligent-Gro LED - 2 x IGRO-228 LED - Testing And Revi

Icemud, thank you once again for a great journal, excellent unbiased opinion, and your sharing your vast experience and knowledge of 420! :)

You are very welcome, it was my pleasure to do this for everyone as well as myself :) It was a fun test grow and the Intelligent Gro's will definitely find their way into future grows as well :)
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