Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!


Hey Everyone!!! Welcome to my 9th grow journal featuring the all new Intelligent Gro 2!!!!

I am really excited to be running the generation 2 lights by Intelligent Gro because the Generation 1 are doing so well and the Gen 2 lights have even higher Umol measurement, a even better and more spread out blue region of the spectrum, and added UV so hopefully even more trichomes than ever before!

I will be running 3x the Intelligent Gro 270w models in a V-Scrog, using the same strains that I currently have growing in my Gen 1 journal :)


If you haven't seen my Intelligent Gro Generation 1 grow, you can find it by clicking the link below.
Icemud's Grow 8.0 - New Intelligent-Gro LED - 2 x IGRO-228 LED - Testing & Review

So lets get into the general format of the grow journal, and then into the fun!

What strain is it?

Black Cherry Cola:(I have 2 of these growing, will be on the right side of my scrog)
I'm not exactly sure what the genetics are but found this on one website "Airborne G13 X Ortega x C99 x Blackberry x Cherry AK-47 — 20% Indica/80% Sativa"

Harlequin: (This one will be growing in the front middle of my scrog)
A High CBD strain that gives about a 1:1 ratio of THC/CBD, great for the medicinal effects without a full blown high. About a 75%/25% sative/indica and typically produces 4-6% CBD or higher I couldn't find the details on the genetics but the sativa side is supposedly from a columbian gold and a strain from switzerland and the indica side from a Nepal strain.

For the other 2 strains
, I am not certain that the genetics are correct as they were ordered, because they smell and look more like a OG kush type hybrid, but in my Generation 1 grow they are looking so good that I had to run them again, they smell amazing!

These are what the other strains are supposed to be:the 2 matching strains labeled as GDP will be on the left side of my scrog, the Purple Dragon, will be in the center back

GDP: Supposedly Big Bud x Purple Eurkle, this is one of my favorite strains. I am excited to have 2 of them Definitely going to have to keep them around for a while.

Purple Dragon: Purple Urkle x Blue dragon (Sour Diesel x Blueberry)


Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
The plants are in veg, about 3 weeks in the soil at the start of this journal.

If in Veg... For how long?
These plants were clones that I had taken from my last grow. They have been rooted in root riot plugs, and were put directly into 5 gallon pots. They have been under low LED lighting under a 18/6 schedule for about 3 weeks.

Indoor or outdoor?
Indoor using a 2x4 Hydrohut Silver Edition (Actual Measurment 55" x 28" x 78"),

Soil or Hydro?

If soil... what is in your mix?

I am running the soil from my last grow, mixed with about 30% new soil that has cooked for a few months. Both were amended at the same time with the following amendments. In the amendments section you will see the amounts of everything I added to the soil, after the mix of the premixed soil, and used soil.

The Base Soil Mix: (you can find the details of this on my last grow)
ProMix HP
Worm Castings
Volcanic Pumice

The Amendments: Make up 15% of my total soil mix
2 Cups of Azomite (trace minerals and micronutrients)
2.5 Cups of Calcium Carbonate Powder 97%
2 Cups of Soft Rock Phosphate (Collidal Clay with high phosphorus and CEC value)
1/2 Cups of Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate)
1 Cup of Crab Meal 2-3-0 23% calcium(also a P source and source of chitin a hormone/growth regulator)
1 Cup of Fish Bone meal. (3-18-0) 24% Calcium
1 Cup of Lava Sand (adds trace minerals and supposedly adds paramagnetic value to the soil)
2 Cups of Crab Shell Meal 2-3-0 23% Calcium
2 Cups of Kelp Meal (also has growth hormones and PGR's, plus trace minerals)
1 Cup of Alfalfa Meal. (2-0-3) (contains Trichontinol which aids in plant growth and health)
1/2 Cup of Powdered Humic Acid (Adds Carbons to the soil as well as trace minerals and aids in chelation of minerals)
1/2 Cup of Humboldt Myco's Maximum (Beneficial Bacteria and Mycorrizae Fungus)
1/2 cup of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate)
1/3 Cup of Greensand (0-0-3) (Trace Minerals)
1/2 Cup of Dry Molasses (1-0-3) (Energy for the Microbes)

If soil... What size pot?
5 gallon plastic square pots.

Size of light?
(3) Intelligent-Gro 2, 270w LED Grow lights (IGRO-270LED) (light details to follow)

Is it aircooled?
The tent is yes, the lights are vented and cooled with internal fans.

Temp of Room/cab?

Between 75-83F in Flowering Tent

RH of Room/cab?
Generally between 40-50%, humidifiers are available if it dips with offshore breezes here in Socal.

PH of media or res?

I don't check it, its soil.

Any Pests ?

Not any currently, I use Spinosad, SNS and other preventative measures to keep it that way

How often are you watering?
Young vegging plants about 1x every week and a half
larger Vegging plants about 1x per week
flowering plants about 1x per week

Type and strength of ferts used?

Using foliar products including Bloomit, Amaze and PGR.
I also will be using Tand J enterprises tea and bio-minerals
about 1x per month I will be giving a soil drench of earthjuice

Other nutrients on hand include and may be used:
occasional additive include advanced nutrients: carboload, organic b, fulvic acid
occasional additives include general organics: bioweed, cal/mag, hydrolyzed squid, florablend tea, bioroot
bonide liquid fish this stuff!
SNS pest products for prevention
Spinosad by bonide

Nutrients and foliars:

Pest control and prevention:

I am very excited to get this grow going with the all New Intelligent Gro 2 lights! They seem even brighter than my I-Gro gen 1 series lights, and much much brighter than my Mars II lights!

The Intelligent Gro 2 LED grow lights: Details, specs, program info and more!

I am really excited to be using these lights as my Intelligent Gro series 1 are awesome, these I have a feeling will even surpass those by a longshot!

If you aren't familiar with Intelligent Gro LED grow lights, these lights feature 3 color channels for choosing your own combination of spectrum output, in which you use the custom controller to program (very easy). For each hour of a 24 hour day, you are able to choose what intensity of light, per channel is directed towards your plants. Intelligent Gro has recommended schedules for VEG, Bloom and Clone phases of growth, and I had very good success on my Gen 1 journal, I plan on using these schedules again. You also can program your own custom schedule if you choose.

Here are the lights schedules:

The cool thing with these features, is the additional power savings over other fixed intensity LED models. Like when I had my Mars II going, I basically was running 175W per light all the time, even when the plants were young and didn't need that much intensity. With the Intelligent Gro 2 lights, you actually save even more electricity, because even though these 270w models max out at around 180w, they only run that intensity for about 6 hours of a 18 hour day, the rest of the daylight, the intensity is either gaining intensity or reducing intensity past the mid day peak, so this is where the additional savings are. Intelligent Gro does an excellent job highlighting how this adds up on their website, and I encourage everyone to check it out.

I pulled this off their website as well: This is the power savings per module on the light so more accurately you have to multiply the savings by how many modules you have on your lights... Pretty impressive how it adds up though!

Another thing that Intelligent Gro 2 offers is UV-A chips which emit around 380nm. In my belief, plants use a lot of the blue/purple/uv region of the spectrum for protective measures, and with our favorite plant, we want to trigger these protective responses because as many of us know, the more resin is the result :) I see they actually have 4 different wavelength diodes in the blue region which makes me very happy!

Here are the Spectroradiometer readings for the new Intelligent Gro 2 LED grow lights:




Bloom and Veg:

Bloom and Grow:

Veg and Grow:


Full Intensity/Full Spectrum:

Intelligent Gro also did something I have never seen before, and they have dual chip LED's where they actually did like a mini-COB and added 2 different wavelength led's in one 3w chip area! pretty cool new technology I have never seen on any other LEDs.

Intelligent Gro 2 also has higher Umol readings than the Generation 1 lights. I pulled this off the website to show the readings.


Here are the light details off the Intelligent Gro website:

Intelligent Gro 270W coverage area and footprint:


Minimum height of 14"-16" from the canopy during flowering.

This size panel is designed to replace a 250W-400w HID light fixture.

Every customer will receive 1 free Intelligent Gro Custom Programmable Controller.

Intelligent Design

Efficient Aluminum Alloy Printed Circuit boards offer superior heat dissipation when compared to most other LED Grow lights which feature fiberglass circuit boards.

State of the art frame and housing constructed with aluminum alloy and high strength plastic ensure a lightweight and durable lighting solution with superior heat dissipation. (most competitors LED lights use a steel casing which adds un-needed weight and poor heat dissipation, plus may rust quickly)

Low profile frame and casing measuring just under 3". Intelligent Gro LED lights are engineered for maximum vertical growing space and to run as cool as possible. Our cases are designed with the purpose being performance.

Each lightweight aluminum frame is designed to act as a heatsink, pulling heat away from your precious electronics and keeping your LED grow light operating for years to come.

Every light module includes a large aluminum heatsink to offer superior cooling and helps pull trapped heat away from your LED Chips for longer lasting performance.

Daisy Chain Feature allows for up to 10 units to be connected in-line, reducing the amount of power cords and outlets needed in your grow area. Our Intelligent Daisy Chain feature also offers data transfer of custom program modes to each light from 1 custom controller.

Illuminate your garden with Cutting Edge LED chip Technologies:

We use the highest quality BIN LED's to ensure your light output is of the best intensity, color and coverage for your plants.

Intelligent Gro features all new 54W High power center COB matrix chips, which deliver a high intensity, PAR spectrum lighting to your plants canopy with high penetration.

Each center COB matrix LED features high quality optical lenses which are engineered at a (105°beam angle) which help spread the light into concentrated photon energy, boosting your plants performance.

Specially designed Lens Plate surrounds our 3W LEDs (78° beam angle) to focus the energy directly on your plants so they receive the maximum light intensity boosting plant performance and yield and allowing for even light footprints within your growing area.

Full spectrum lighting Including UV and IR.

3 Independently programmable LED color channels:

3 independent and customizable LED channels allow you the flexibility to create the right blend of spectrum and intensity for all phases of growth and all plant types.

By using the Intelligent Gro Custom Controller, Each LED color channel can be independently adjusted for every hour of the day of a 24 hour cycle. Save energy by reducing intensities for young plants, change the growth traits of a plant by increasing the blue or red to minimize or increase internode lengths, create a color shift similar to the sun. Imagine the possibilities!

Save additional energy over other leading brands. Why settle for a LED grow light that offers only 2 settings (on/off)? Dimmable LED grow light intensities allow you to conserve energy over your growth cycle by minimizing light when it is not needed. This allows for additional energy savings over other fixed LED grow light solutions.

Intelligent controller

Custom controller and IR remote allow for quick and effortless programming of your custom lighting schedules and intensities, inside or outside of your growing environment.

By using the Intelligent Gro Custom Controller, Each LED color channel can be independently adjusted for every hour of the day of a 24 hour cycle. Save energy by reducing intensities for young plants, change the growth traits of a plant by increasing the blue or red to minimize or increase internode lengths, create a color shift similar to the sun. Imagine the possibilities!

Pre programmed light modes to replicate Sunrise/Sunset, Moon Lighting, Cloudy Days, as well as custom programming modes for full 24 hour automation.

Daisy Chain Feature

One controller can support 10 lamps.

Minimize the amount of cords needed and clean up your grow area.

Reduce the amount of wall outlets/power strips needed to power multiple lights.

Synchronous control

Saving cost for controller

Intelligent Gro offers complete lighting solutions for all indoor applications

Commercial Greenhouses

Indoor home gardens

Vertical farms


Research facilities.

I will be doing a full unboxing photo journal, IR thermo temp readings on the lights, kill a watt meter tests and also a video showing the whole process.

I invite everyone to join my journal! Have fun, ask questions, leave comments and watch Icemud (me) try for over 1 lb in my v-scrog!!!
re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

:popcorn: Haven't read the opening post yet but will as soon as I post this. I just never had a chance to be first.

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re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!


So the lights arrived yesterday and I wanted to do a full unboxing of the lights to show everyone how they are shipped. I received 1 large box, taped up very well, with no indications on the outside of what is inside, which is good for anyone who wants to keep their privacy.


Inside this box, there were 3 more boxes, sealed up in plastic packing wrap and surrounded by foam peanuts.


When I tore off the plastic and opened the 2nd box..... guess what was inside...?????

Another box!!!! man these things are very very protected and could be thrown off a building and probably survive :)


So inside the 3rd box came the light, suspended between 2 foam endcaps, which contained mounting hardware, a power cable and a brochure.


Also inside the main large box, in the foam peanuts was the additional daisy chain connectors (2x), the custom controller and cable, and IR remote...

Upon removing the lights from the box, the lights again were wrapped in a plastic bag, open on 1 side and were free of any scratches or damage at all, very nicely packaged...!!!

Here are a few photos of the contents after removed from the box...

re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

So after unboxing the lights, I wanted to take some nicer photos of the lights, the design, and close ups of the components.

I have to say, I love how light these Intelligent Gro 2 lights are..... When I took my Mars II lights down, each one seemed to weigh about 12lbs or so, and these I-gro 2 lights probably weigh just under 6lbs each!! my grow tent roof is going to thank me!!!

The lights are made with a very nice looking brushed aluminum which is great for helping to pull the heat away from the internal components.

Each corner features a nice molded plastic endcap that has vent holes drilled in it, along with vent holes drilled in the top panel of the lights in each corner for letting the heat out.


On each side of the light there are 2 connectors, each capped with a nice rubber fitting to keep out dust and moisture if not used. This is where the power and the data cable get plugged into, as well as on the other side of the panel, the daisy chain connectors for linking the lights together.

Each light features 3 switches which turn on and off the 3 color channels (grow, veg and bloom).

When you turn the light over to look at the face of each light, you will notice that the LEDs come in a center COB surrounded by individual diodes and some new technology of dual diode emitters! (not sure if that is the correct term for them, but thats what they are)

Overall very lightweight, sleek looking lights :)
re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

So after shooting some photos of the lights. I wanted to get into the draw testing.....

I first shot some photos of 1 of the lights, with each channel turned on so I could show the different diode layout than the generation 1 lights...




Full Intensity:

I have to say, these lights run extremely quiet.... I also noticed that on the Generation 2 lights, the fans do not come on right away, but after a few minutes once the light reaches a certain temperature the fans come on.... Very quiet running and you can't even tell by listening if the fans are on or not.. !! I had to actually look with a flashlight to see if they were spinning! Very good for being stealthy, and so excited that I don't have to listen to those loud Mars II lights anymore!!!

Just to show how bright these lights are... I turned off all the lights in my grow area, and just turned on 1 of the Intelligent Gro 2 lights, facing it up towards my ceiling... OMG!!! these things are super bright and lit up my whole room brighter than daytime!!!

re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

So then I wanted to get to hanging the lights....

Since I will be mounting these lights longways, I had to remount my rope ratchet hangers 90 degrees which will allow for amazing coverage of my grow tent, especially with the v-scrog.


Each light comes with 4 wire hangers with a clip, and a metal carabiner for each pair of wires.

I chose to mount mine slightly different than intended (see upcoming video) and double upped the wires in a loop fashion to give more vertical height area to my tent if needed as well as allow for better positioning if I need for some reason to angle the lights.

After each rope ratchet was re-connected to the roof of my grow tent, I began hanging the lights.

re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!


So now that the lights are hung, I wanted to test the draw wattage and amps of each light, so to do this accurately, I plugged each light into my kill a watt meter, 1 by 1...

I tested each channel individully, as well as all of them on together for total draw...

Here are the results...

Light 1 (far left)
Grow: 1.71A, 111W
Veg: .57A, 36W
Bloom: .6A, 38W
Full: 2.53A, 174W

Light 2 (Middle)
Grow: 1.67A, 109W
Veg: .55A, 35W
Bloom: .6A, 39W
Full: 2.51A, 172W

Light 3 (far right)
Grow: 1.67A, 110W
Veg: .6A, 39W
Bloom: .6A, 39W
Full: 2.56A, 176W

Here are the photos of the actual tests being done...

Light 1






Light 2





Time for a small Chronic Break!!! Some SFV OG from my last harvest


Light 3




re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

The next test I wanted to run was the IR thermometer readings of the Case exterior.

I wanted to really just show the operating temps of the lights, so I shot a reading on each panel at the top of the panel, dead center.

I also wanted to try shooting the sides of the panels, right in the middle.

All of these readings were taken with my circulation fans off, and after the panels had been running for over 1 hour on full intensity.

Here are the results...

Top IR Thermo readings...

Side IR thermo Readings..


I have to say these lights run cooler than the Gen 1 lights slightly!! definitely a plus :)

I also want to note that the middle panel was reading much less than the outside panels when I shot a reading on the side of the panel. I think this may be due to the middle panel being inverted vs the other 2 so that I could daisy chain them together. I believe there probably is a power pack on one side and not the other which may be the cause of the different readings :)
re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

So after I got all the tests done, lights hung, it was 3AM, and I was too tired at that point to put a good quality journal up. I appreciate everyones patience as I delayed the reveal until today!!!

I also have a full 20 minute video that I will be posting showing the full testings, unboxing and some additional information. I will post it as soon as it uploads.

So after hanging all the lights I took a few photos of the full grow tent, with vscrog added...

As I mentioned before, the plants that I have are all clones taken from my current Intelligent Gro Gen 1 journal (minus the OGiesel which doesn't like to be scrogged). The plants have been vegging for about 2-3 weeks under 1 single mars II 80x5w, which now has been replaced by these awesome Intelligent Gro Gen 2 lights!

I did notice some spider mites about a week ago on just one of the plants, so I hit them with Bon Neem, some spinosad and some insecticidal soap, which is why the leaves look a little shabby right now. They will recover but I think the sprays may have been too much for them.

I checked the other day, no more spider mites :) but I will continue to spray them every week for the next few weeks just to make sure :)

So as for the plants... I have 2 Black Cherry Cola's on the right hand side, In the middle we have in the front my harlequin, and in the back thee purple dragon (well its a mystery strain, claimed to be purple dragon). On the left hand side of the tent are my 2x GDP (again a mystery strain because I am not 100% sure its GDP, but it sure looks dank so I kept it)

Here are the photos of the tent all set up, plants enjoying the new Intelligent Gro 2 lights!

Stay tuned for the video!!!

and Welcome everyone!
re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

Nice setup but I have to ask - cups of amendments?!?! Is that really necessary? :peace:
re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

Did I make first page? Cool!

re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

Subbed! Man these lights are so kewl! Very awesome that you're using clones from the other grow. It'll be very informative to see the difference between the lights.
re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

Nice setup but I have to ask - cups of amendments?!?! Is that really necessary? :peace:

Cups? not sure what you meant,

I used a measuring cup (like for baking flour) to measure out the amounts, so "cups" is referring to the actual amount used..(not just a regular drinking cup)..

I'm not sure if that is what you meant by your question.... if not, let me know and I will be glad to address it.. :)
re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

Subbed! Man these lights are so kewl! Very awesome that you're using clones from the other grow. It'll be very informative to see the difference between the lights.

Hey Boscoe!!! Glad you could make it!!!

I thought it would be a cool comparison to run the same strains... even though the grow style is different with the scrog, I think we still will be able to see the bud structure, and other growth traits still pretty well with the screen :)

I am glad you could make it over here :) I am so excited to be using these new I-gro's...especially with higher PAR umol readings than the Gen 1!!
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Did I make first page? Cool!


Haha!! you did!!!! So happy you could make it Graytail!!! Welcome!!!
re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

Yay cool!!! :)

Hey Toker!!! Glad to have you here!!! Welcome!!!
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