Graytail Goes LED - 810W Intelligent-Gro II w/ High Brix

Is that Medicann Blue Blood ? If so have you grown it before? I just ordered some and would love a world famous GT smoke review if you have already had it :)

That is indeed Medicann Blue Blood! :cheesygrinsmiley: I'm really eager to harvest it myself. I was worried when I found the male flowers, but it didn't accelerate - only found a few more attempts. And the trichs are finally starting to develop. This is supposed to be an 8-week strain and that pic is at 49 days 12/12. I'd like to see it go another 10-14 days. These next few days will tell. In the pic, I see bursts of new pistils. :cheesygrinsmiley: If she can keep that up, it'll be one very nice seeded plant. I'll cut a test bud in a week or so.

GT, your girls are ALWAYS contest winners! :) They just dont always get acknowledged with a title :bravo:

LOL, I have to confess that I love hearing that stuff! But this past six months has been duly humbling. Doc's kit is just so easy that a guy gets to thinking he's da bomb, but ... whew, I have a lot to learn.

It sure feels good to have happy plants again! And Brix continues to stay pegged at the top of the range. I took a careful, well-considered sample of Utopia Haze a couple days ago and it read 20/21. Dunno. The proof will be in the pudding. We'll know in a few weeks, starting with Blue Blood, which read 17/18 last week while busy growing seeds. Go figure. :straightface:

You really do have a gray tail don't you... My buds seem to catch my long hair

I do! :cheesygrinsmiley: One unfortunate thing about well-lit macro shots is that you discover all sorts of crap on your plants. :laughtwo: I'm not at all careful when I reach in there to fiddle with the plants or spray all around 'em. I hope some of them are fibers, at least!

great update GT!
Plants look real nice and super frosty!!!!!:cheer:

Thank ya, Sir! We like 'em frosty! :slide:

I'll post an update in a day or two. This is that exciting part of the grow when all the action happens! :yahoo:
I need to get over there and check out the contests. I was diligent about MOTM, giving it careful consideration (I'm too new to be really considered and I still know the other nominees just in passing, so that took a lot of time). I was so overwhelmed by that research that I had to take a break.

Your grow looks marvelous Greytail. I can feel the well-deserved pride oozing through. I do so love a trichome-filled shot. :green_heart:

I need to study this Brix thing. I have no idea what that's all about.
Alright, here's that aforementioned update. :tommy:

Brix is back within range but continues to run very high on most of the plants. Color and posture look good, especially on the two new ones, Carn7 and Dest1. They're both glowing, each in her own way. The mature ones are doing what they're supposed to do - even Blue Blood is behaving herself, busy making new trichs for me while she grows her seeds. I discovered a few seeded calyxes on Utopia Haze and Nexus, but nothing serious, just a nice bonus. I've been smoking a little bit of Buddha Haze recently, and it's improved while it's been curing in the jar. I had to chop it a few weeks early because it hermied, but it's become pretty good smoke. There's a thick-headedness to it that I'm not all that fond of, but a lot of the trichs ambered while I tried to get it through the photoperiod fuggup, that may be what it is. I think these seeds may be a fortunate screwup. :cheesygrinsmiley:

Here's Blue Blood, seeded but still chuggin' along. Without the bright flash her pistils are much darker, a deep rust shade over most of the buds. But in the pics I see new pistils, so I'll let her run as long as she can.

Blue Blood - 187 days old - 49 days 12/12 - 39 since pistils - brix 16/17





Destroyer will be the next one after Blue Blood, a week or two later. I've enjoyed watching it run this second time. :cheesygrinsmiley: There's a period a couple weeks into bloom when this strain explodes with trichs! Fun to watch! The blueberry aroma is starting to come on strong now, too. 2-3 weeks to go. :slide:

Dest1 - 152 days old - 49 days 12/12 - 38 since pistils - brix 17/19





Nexus is starting to show some flash of her own. She went into bloom a week later than Destroyer and has always been in her shadow, but she's sooo pretty now. The leaves are full-on high brix, all firm and sharp and shiny, with no sign of fatigue. 4 weeks to go.

Nexus - 165 days old - 41 days 12/12 - 30 since pistils - brix 17/17





Utopia Haze Cut1 looks a lot like it did last week. The good news it that it doesn't look any worse. :laughtwo: I got through another week without anything going south with this long fluffy Haze. I still haven't Cat drenched it - I think this week would be a good time, no? It's about 5 weeks from harvest.

UH1 - 181 days old - 51 days 12/12 - 39 since pistils - brix 15/16





Carn7 took to the bloom room with great eagerness and loves it right under the light. :cheesygrinsmiley: This should be a good yield. Funky lookin' thing - kinda reminds me of a reveg - sooo many tops on such a small plant.

Carn7 - 168 days old - 13 days 12/12 - 4 since pistils - brix 16/17





And Dest2 is doing grrreat! Beautiful color on this one. She's just 4 days into bloom.

Dest2 - 145 days old - 4 days 12/12 - brix 13/15





Hell yea GT!

Plants look frickin great!

They are all glowing right now with a nice brix shine!

Dest looks to be a true keeper, man even from this side of the screen she looks incredible! they all do though of course:high-five:
Sorry, Graytail, just thumbing and running. But had to stop and say, my firend, you grow some truly beautiful plants. No new, jaw-dropping smiley is sufficient. :adore:

Still slugging it out with LightAddict I see. C'mon, I've got side bets on you. Remember - body, body, body, then hook. Watch his left. Ding Ding, 15th and final round.
Gray, nice variety ya got there! Lookin pretty and all....tastey,nice green! Great update ,gotta like those "top" shots eh.You were askin about UT #1 and Cat D.....It's a perfect time to hit it. The buds have some real good structure and will benefit right now apposed to much earlier as some do.As you know ,i like to wait until they're well on their way,between week 4/5.Then again ,very next drink.
Who am i to say though....youv'e been rockin for a while now and it's nice to be a part of what your doin. Cheers eh...Duggs.:thumb:
What CareStaker said. :cheesygrinsmiley:

Tremendous and exciting win. That's quite something. Very, very many congratulations, Graytail.

I hope you have some fingernails left.

AWESOME! A well-deserved win against tough competition.
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