SmokeyMcFly's Plushberry & WOS Brazil Amazonia HighBrix LED Grow


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What strain is it?
1 TGA SubCool Plushberry
2 WOS Brazil Amazonia Landrace Collection

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
Started from seed around the beginning of June.
Ran them on 12/12 for a few weeks to sex them and then switched them back to veg more and get clones. Probably not the best idea.
Flipped to final flower on 7/14

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or Hydro?
Soil, DocBuds high brix kit soil

If soil... What size pot?
7gal Airpots

Size of light?
Mars II 700w LED

Is it aircooled?

Temp of Room/cab?

RH of Room/cab?

PH of media or res?
No idea

Any Pests ?

How often are you watering?
As needed every 3-4 days at this point.

Type and strength of ferts used?
Doc Buds high brix as per instructed.

Tent is 5x5 Gorilla for flowering room and 2x4 Gorilla for mothers and clones. Both are using a phresh intake filter and the 5x5 has a phresh exhaust filter. I run a humidifier to keep the humidity to at least 40% it is very dry here.

Here is the log I have started keeping since right before the flip, I tried to keep it accurate but I am sure I forgot a couple things here and there :D

7/13 took clones 2 pb and 2 amazonia
7/13 repoted amazonia and pb, added roots and fed with transplant but not as much as I should of so I added more on next watering with tea
7-14 flipped
7-15 stress
7-17 brix
7-18 repotted the amazonia that started in big pot, should of done this sooner but realized it was gonna run out of room if I didn’t add some more soil to the bottom of the pot.
lolipoped all plants
7-19 trained two amazonia lst
7-21 1/2 oz transplant 3ml tea to all plants and clones (should of done this at transplant)
7-23 brix
7-24 watered flowering plants with .2 oz transplant in 2 gal
watered clones with a bit of it and top dressed with roots.
1/2 strength stress on clones

around aug 4-8 first cat drench and recharge top dress
Second cat drench at very next watering
aug 25 last shot of transplant

A couple pictures of the new flowering room, I love having room to get inside and work :D I would like to make a small scrog on each bin so I can still move them around as needed. I might need bigger stronger bins to pull it off though.

The Front and back left plants are the amazonias, the plushberry is closest to the fan.


Thanks for looking!
Very very nice a clean setup. Job well done on setup. I wish you the best and keep it growing green..
Thank you sir. I am drooling over your bud porn right now. You have some mighty fine scrogs. I have the amazonias LSTd right now but have stuff coming tomorrow to do a scrog on them. Its not to late is it? Mine will be much smaller then yours we have pretty restrictive limits here but I should be able to pull more then enough for myself out of these. After this run I will probably switch to running one bigger plant per run or maybe two mediums if I am running out of variety :D

At what point do you stop tucking them and start letting them grow up through the net?
Small update with some natural(ish) light pictures.

I built one ghetoscrog for the plushberry. I was going to use the netting I ordered but the squares are 4" and just to far apart for it to work on the plushberry. I had some plastic 2"netting I got at lowes that seems to be working ok I am just concerned about it not having much give to it like netting would. Since taking the pictures I raised the sides of the screen up to level with the center and zip tied the center down to one of the main Ys so it is more even across while still holding the center low enough.

So far I have one amazonia LSTd and it is pretty even and I think im gonna leave it alone. The other one has no real training other then the topping that was done. The tops are not that far apart but it is a bit taller then the other plants since it hasn't been trained down. I think im gonna leave this one alone and only LST if necessary so I can compare between the two at the end since its structure doesnt seem to be as friendly to training as the other one did. I want to pick up another LED anyway so the height diff shouldn't be to much of a problem.

I know its kind of late to start a scrog and its not going to be a huge one but I needed some way to get the 4 tops down to the height of the rest of them or I think I would of pulled four decent colas and not much else off of her. Hopefully it turns out good enough to get me to with a nice big real scrog on my next grow though :D

My ghetto portable scrog plushberry, just a bin 4 dowels zip ties and the netting.





Non trained Amazonia

LSTd Amazonia, I am really happy how the training on this one turned out.

Thanks for looking. If I am fucking anything up please let me know :thumb:
Glad to have you here KJC! I just ordered a Hydro-Logic Tall Boy with the upgraded filter for chloramine. It would of sucked to keep killing off my goodies all the while thinking I was getting the bad stuff out of the water by letting buckets sit around the house for over a week per bucket, the wife was not impressed by the old method either...
Not much of an update but all my clones seemed to have rooted and are doing good. I only took 4 because of our plant limits so I was really worried about not getting a survivor of each strain. I didn't use rooting gel or anything, just cut them scraped the bottom inch or so and put them in the high brix soil with some root powder and transplant water. Only one that I took out of the dome to soon wilted up and looked rough the rest just looked like healthy little plants the whole time. I am really digging your kit doc :thumb:

Gotta see that Brazil Amazonia grow. I almost got one last time :thumb:
Great to have you here GT, I have been following your grows for some time and they are always impressive!
I have a feeling the Amazonia are gonna be beast even though I flipped them back and forth they just want to grow and I have the tops trained to be even enough they should have a nice bunch of colas. They seem like they have a lot more vigor then any of the plushberrys. I expect good things from them, they have a big root ball compared to the size of the plant I think because I ran them on 12/12 for a few weeks before putting them back into veg. I also have some columbian gold, pakistan valley and a free strawberry blue from WOS for my up coming grows. They claim the amazonia is high in cbd, how high I have no idea but I am looking for something significant if its going to be the keeper for my cbd plant, I can only keep so many mothers unfortunately. I just saw they have harliquin seeds now, I am going to hold off and hope they come out with a fem version. If so I will be all over those :D
Subscribed. I'm pretty curious about high brix as thats the step up from organic right?
Hey Smoker Joe

Yeah the highbrix is DocBuds kit. Here is a link with lots of good info on it In The Lab

Here are a couple close ups I took last night. I ended up doing a small LST on the other amazonia to keep them all level. Just seems like it will be easier then having them be different.

Nice man. Im currently looking around to pick out seeds for my next grow. I like herbies but it seems they have less regular seeds now and mostly feminized. I want to grow some sour diesel and pineapple express and perhaps breed them with my northern lights hmm so many choices.
Nice man. Im currently looking around to pick out seeds for my next grow. I like herbies but it seems they have less regular seeds now and mostly feminized. I want to grow some sour diesel and pineapple express and perhaps breed them with my northern lights hmm so many choices.

Hah I have the opposite problem. Everything I really want to grow ends up being clone only (which I cant get in my state) or they don't have fem seeds for it. We have stupid restrictive limits here, 7 plants total 4 immature 3 mature, mature being a plant that is visibly showing flowers so it makes it hard for me to plant 5 or so to ensure I get a good female out of the deal. Its just so much easier for me to go with fem seeds so I can plant one or two at a time and hopefully get a keeper.

I also plan on grafting up a super mom as I collect different strains since its just not possible for me to keep a bunch of different moms hanging around and I really like switching up strains often so I don't get to much tolerance built up.

O and to top it off were only supposed to have an O on hand ready to smoke at any given time. Combine all those rules and its just about impossible to grow enough to supply my demand without breaking at least one of the rules but I do my best to stay within them for peace of mind if nothing else. For this reason I don't own a scale and will not be posting yield figures on any of my grows... Sorry guys. This is also why I would rather grow less weight but super potent bud then lots of normal potency bud and will probably be making hash out of my extra weight on each grow even though I would rather smoke the bud.

I have been trying to get my wife to get a card just so I am not so limited by the limits but she is not having any of it...

I get sour D from the dispensary from time to time and really like it.
Subscribed. I'm pretty curious about high brix as thats the step up from organic right?

Also I am glad to have you here but you might be better served by also looking at some of the more experienced growers journals if your trying to evaluate if Highbrix is for you. This is my first highbrix grow and only my 4th grow ever. I have already made a couple big mistakes that are going to negatively effect my results (screwing up the photo-period, watering with chloramine, not perfect timing on feedings etc). As you can see the plants still look healthy and are doing good but I am sure they would be doing even better if I wouldn't of made these mistakes and I don't want anyone to think the less then stellar results are the kits fault.
Dont worry I subscribed to help if I can and to monitor your progress. I have to reup on journals after getting rid of 75 or so inactive,abandoned or complete journals no worries.
I transplanted the clones into 3gal smartpots or w/e their called tonight. Here are the pre transplant shots. They never had any die off and I didn't even use any clone-ex like products. Just took the cuttings, scraped the bottoms and trimmed the leaves. Then stuck them in the high brix soil with some root powder and watered with transplant on first watering. Every few days they would get sprayed with stress. As you can see the plushberry is still trying to go back into veg and is just stalled out right now.

These were cut on 7/13
If you cut the bottom of the stems vertically about a inch you will get a larger area for more roots. Something to keep in mind for future cloning but they are looking nice. Is there less or no shock using brix?
I only cut them about 1/4" at an angle but I scraped an inch to inch and a half of the bottom up a little bit so they would get more exposure. Plants grown in the high brix kit are just very healthy and survive the cloning process without much damage.
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