5'X5' One Plant Scrog Pounder With LED

Strain, Train Wreck
Soil FFO
Nutes None for now
Light L.E.D 144x3 top led lights
Age of plant is 3 months
Pot size is 7 Gallon smart pot
Tent is 10'x5'x6'.8"
Side lights 2ea 6500k 2ea 2400k T8 bulbs
I like your setup, especially the T8 side lighting! I have a set of cheap walmart shop lights, Lights of America. I first got the white one that plugs in and turns on, and then got a metallic finish one with the on/off pull chain. I like having the on/off pull chain but I think the white reflector has a slightly better percentage for light reflection than the metallic finish one with pull chain, but that is my opinion based on my eyes and personal preference and is no way backed up by any light testing instruments or research. This opinion is based on the appearance of the metal finish being a more of a shiny grey, and you would think that a shiny white would be more reflective no? Anyway, rambling again.

Lights of America
I hot glued aluminum foil inside on them to help reflect light. I have done flower and veg with them. The chain one seems to last longer. The other one last maybe half a year or so. I had one go out in two months. I hot glue foil in everyone I have even the ones I do not grow with lol. Helps me see better when working on hot rod in garage lol.
Nothing new going on with Mother Train Wreck. I will post some pic today or Tuesday. I am building a new misting cloner and will be doing some cuttings off of her to test cloner. So as soon as I get the water pump and do the live test video I will take the update pic of train as I am doing the cuttings. Happy Growing for now.
Train Monster grow up date. Shes just growing right along. There is a lot a stake here. I have done this with HPS and MH before so this will tell me the truth on what 144x3 can do. A lot of time invested so far I am happy.
I might add another side light in the back. I will look around and see if I have a extra. I need her to grow to the back a little faster to catch up with the front and sides. Happy Growing to you all.
Oh I be forgetting to say what is holding the side lights. Its a trick we use in a walk in cigar humidor. Red Spanish cedar. Bugs hate the smell of it and it keeps them out of the cigar rooms. So I thought it works for cigars why not here. Just some food for thought.
Good lookin grow CO. I just built a bubble Cloner 1-2 months ago now and ill never clone in soil again!! This strain is on my list of todos so I'm subbed and watching and I always like to watch led grows, even though I have no interest in going led right now.

I also use the lights America tube lights as side lighting. They were my primary lights before I finally went to mh/HPS dimmable. Thy also light my veg/clone room.
Thanks closetgrown. I will always use T8 and T5 tube bulbs for growing. I use them in my veg room mostly. I did put a LED in my veg to see if there will be a different's in taking a veg plant from LED or other lights into flower under LED.
Thank you virgingrower. I have way to many train wreck lol. I was testing ways to clone and they all worked. Some better then others but bottom line its almost time to flower them out. Train is easy to grow and clone.
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