Ace Bubba Kush x Hashplant & A5 x Malawi Highbrix Grow


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Hey all

finally got some new soil cooked up and a couple healthy plants two weeks since flip.

They vegged for months in bad soil and we’re pretty unhealthy when they got uppotted to new soil for flowering. Since they were unhealthy I gave them about three more weeks of veg in their new home before flipping. They’re right in the bins I used to cook the soil in, I drilled some holes in the bottoms for drainage. Anyway they should be monsters :morenutes:

They got top dressed and their second pruning this week and when my new kit shows up today they will get their first Brix spray. They also haven’t got any co2 yet, gotta get over to the place and get the tanks filled :sorry:

Only change to the room has been to finish off the irrigation. The rings suck so I’m replacing them with drip lines when the parts finish showing up.

For setup details the link is in my sig for details of the build.

Hope y’all had a good trip to Jamaica :passitleft:

A couple pics of the ladies after their haircut last night.





A5 x Malawi
Thanks everyone! I never really leave my ADD just kicks in and I get on some other kick for a bit. No worries the herb is the one thing in life I will never get board of :passitleft:

Neiko the last batch is all gone. I was pretty disappointed in the cherry queen tbh. Although it wasn’t the healthiest grown plant ever it wasn’t nearly as good as the other two plants that grew with it and certainly doesn’t seem to be up to Ace’s quality. It did grow some monster colas though so maybe there’s hope for one that’s grown properly. Also I have found the cherry strains flip out my muscle spasms and nerve pain just like the blueberry based strains do so I probably won’t ever grow it again.

Duggan, I have been using your feeding routine since up planting, so far so good thanks bud!

I took some cuts off these two and am going to start two new ones of the same strains from seed. I love both these strains and want to get a good keeper of each before I mess around with anything else.

My plan was to grow two plants per tote and leave four totes in the tent at all times. One tote in each side for growing that round and the other has the soil cooking for the next round. It’s a little tight in there but seems like it’s going to work out although this round I stuck to one plant per tote since the plants are so big.
Would love to see your big A5 about a week from's on my top 5 list of all time....a winner all the way!
Stay real my friend.... :high-five:

Wow thanks bud! Here’s what she looked like before her haircut. I was pretty aggressive but it was turning into a tangled mess of little sucker branches and I figure she probably has just a bit of stretching left :laugh:
Ya eh Yeti, i know he grew a monster . The A5 is such a prized strain. I just cant say enough about it. One still needs to have variety with it though as tolerance builds and a change in strains is required to keep the A5's appeal. This grow i'm doin now ...and with the up and coming Nevilles Haze grow , my Sativa thirst will be satisfied , for sure. Enjoy the day gang..:circle-of-love:
...Yup, it was 18 zips on that girl...had to run some heat in the shed to get her to finish...have big sativa stash now...other than another seed making attempt(could be a bunch of A5 X Panama seeds around mid/late summer)...not sure what will be run...cheerz... :high-five: ...h00k...:hookah:...
I absolutely loved the killer A5 Neiko grew, it and bubba hash are the top two strains that I have ever had access to growing, Doc had a couple really good strains too but I was never able to get a clone or seeds of those. The killer A5 was the closest I have ever came to feeling like I was going to hallucinate from smoking a J and I was pretty sure half my face had melted off :drool:

18 zips is amazing for a single indoor sativa well done:high-five:

Have any pictures?
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