Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

good luck ICE!:goodluck:
always a great show around here for NOMS!
re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

Hey everyone, I just noticed this on another thread so I figured I would post it here too since it applies.. These lights work well! I got my highest Gram/watt in my setup with them so far :)

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re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

Ice, man your buds could win notm, you just need to start photographing them on a black background, that's how you'll win, they deserve it, lol
re: Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow With V-Scrog - Going for 1lb & Beyond!

Great journal Icemud , great work with the grow space and wattage used .. Outstanding !!
Gosh! Where to start? Great info, useful pix, balanced reportage, awesome choice of strains, all under some pretty good looking lights. It's really cool that they have pre-sets that you can tailor to your specific situation.
Thought it might be an interesting experiment to grow several landraces and tailor the lights their native latitudes. The flexibility of these lights would make that possible. The Walkabout Series leaps to mind.
Many thx for taking the time to share w/us.
...looks a lot like the buds from the LEDS I am using... seems that LEDs are not producing dense buds...

LED's produce very dense buds (strain dependant) but the lights have to be giving the proper amount of illumination.
Howdy Icemud,
Respect for your Scrog/VScrog skills. I've had an idea for a type of grow which I think could be very efficient and is Scrog-related percolating in my mind for a while. I'd love to run it by you, for your input, but don't want to shanghai your forum. Suggestions?

Start a thread about your scrog ideas... Might find others who have similar grow styles or thoughts on it...

I feel the need that I should update on this thread as a word of caution to anyone considering these lights.

Even though my end results and harvest were good.... I want to notate that I did have issues with my COB's going out on 2 of the 3 LED panels I ran. I was sent a replacement driver quickly and replaced the driver on one of them and it worked fine afterwords. A 2nd of the LED panels had a COB go out but then it somehow fixed itself and ran normally for the duration of my grow. I figured it may have to do with the controller regulating the voltages but this was just a suspicion and not confirmed and after I unplugged the controller I had no problems for the rest of my grow and had a successful harvest.

with that being said...

After seeing this problem happening to many growers with this brand of opinion of reliability has changed and I can not recommend them to anyone at this time due to their inconsistent problems.

I feel bad for "vouching" for these lights and for anyone who spend their money on them because of me or my journals... . For this reason I can no longer feel good about recommending them to anyone at this time, and I really feel bad for anyone that I helped to make a purchase decision on these lights.

At the time that I finished this journal, I was unaware of any other existing issues and thought my issue was exclusive to my LED's alone...but now months later after seeing handfuls of people are having issues, I just can not feel good about recommending them due to reliability issues viewed on other threads and also forums. Therefore my sincere apology to anyone who purchased these lights because of me, and a word of caution to anyone who is considering them.
Ice, thank you for being forthright and honest. You're the man, bro.
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