Jandre2k3's Intelligent-Gro Testing: Phase 1


The swell is just getting started over at MK2
one cross that may exceed the bd is the "durple pream" bd X gdp got a notm with it so far its been frostier than bd with that gdp taste blended with the awesome haze aroma ,i need to make f2 and start finding the gem!

{{rummages through a stack of tiny red papers}} "YAY!" {{Holds up a rattly red square and shakes it}} "Five inside!"
What a fantastic grow journals.:bravo:
Jandre2k3, you are definitely awesome!!!:thumb:

Wow! Thanks T-LED! I didn't even know you were lurking there! Glad to see that other manufacturers are seeing the journal as well as all our members! :cheesygrinsmiley: Get the LED message OUT THERE, y'know?
These plants are looking lovely Jandre :thumb:

I'm reluctant to ask, but what became of Darly? Wasn't that your project?
Darly was almost completely eaten by DEER and mites. I have one singular plant left from the project, and it is the only survivor, D04...

We'll see more of her later this year.

I'm very happy to hear you have one survivor. :) That was a special project.
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