Jandre2k3's Intelligent-Gro Testing: Phase 2

Wow! I just finished reading PhaseI and am really looking forward to PhaseII. Thank you so much for keeping your rigorous scientific standards up. It's the only path to clear understanding.
:cheesygrinsmiley: Thank you VERY much for the kudos! Very much appreciated.

EIDT: Dang, man, You weren't kiddin'. You've been reading that thread for a few days! I looked at my "Like" notifications, and I've got likes from you on the first thread back to 1.23.15. hehe Thanks For reading!
No. I wasn't kiddin'. Your grow skills, efficient set-up avec cool gear, willingness to learn and teach and your thoroughness in reporting were really helpful to those of us just moving inside. It made for an awesome read. I've no doubt this one will be of the same caliber.
Thx again.

:rofl: Thanks! :cheesygrinsmiley: Cool gear! I've never been accused of having cool gear. All but the lights is DIY... That's what I think is cool. :rofl:
Jandre2k3’s Intelligent-Gro Testing: Phase 2

Flowering: Day 39



This evening when I opened the door to check on the girls, I noticed that the color was a bit off... So I looked at the lights and here's what I saw:

Anyone see what's wrong here?

I've contacted the owner, and am awaiting reply.

Problem #2:

I think that when I sprayed last time with lights on, I burned them. sigh...

Intelligent Gro LED Lights
yea it almost looks like its a burn
and one side the lights look a lot dimmer unless its the angle of the pic or something
are you running their controller?
maybe somethings going on with the controller if your running it
and if you are have you tried without the controller
just to narrow the possibilities down
COB's blown or gone out??
As for the malfunctioning light:

The owner contacted me today, we will have a new light next week. If I had a soldering iron, he could overnight a new board out to me and I could do the replacement myself. Ironically, a geek like me is lacking one at the moment, and cannot get one quickly, so he will build a new light for me a ship it out so I receive it next week. I e-mailed him about it on Jan 28 at 10:33 PM. He responded Today Jan 29 at 10:02 AM. Basically the same business day he received my e-mail about it. Perfect business response, in my book.
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