Intelligent gro: How to get a supplier to fix their product?


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Just wondering if anyone else has had bad dealings with intelligent gro lights?
I bought the 900 watt intelligent gro back in September.
I had one of the 10 panels die on me before my first harvest, and a second one shortly after. I have been asking for over 2 months with 8 emails to date. I have received nothing but excuses about firing staff for not taking care of it, a concussion, his tech guys can't figure out the problem. Last word was he is no longer going to offer that light, hence the $500 cheaper cost on the light compared to when I bought it.
So here I am, my light running at 80% of advertised power, retailer refusing to fix my light and he discontinues it. He won't return my email for 2 weeks now and I know he comes here often.
The product is incredible, I will say that. Even running 8 out of the 10 panels my yield is up 40% higher than 1000w hps. But that's not my point. I don't want to sling this guy through the mud, but what else can I do? My only option is to come here to the place I found him at.
What can I do?
There tech can't figure it out, my god, there isn't that much to it. Drivers, check the voltage out, or swap one for the other. If it works on one of the other strings, then the driver is good, if not, have them send out a driver. If that isn't it then there is a break in the current line for that string. If you have a volt meter, just go from one side of each diode to the other, (don't forget to have one probe on ground) at some point you should see a voltage drop between somewhere, that voltage drop indicates an OPEN. If you find the open you can fix it yourself. Then I would send them a bill. I charge $70.00 in my shop. There really isn't some big mistery as to how these things work.
Can't figure it out, get a new tech, or replace this guys light.:rip:
Jandre and I both had a module failure and informed David of it, earlier this week. Jandre has posted that David intended to send a replacement right away, and he told me he'd get mine out on Monday. I had an earlier failure and he sent me an entire replacement panel within a week.
Out of 5 of the 180w models I have, 2 of them had this issue, but it was only when the controller was plugged in. I think it has something to do with the controller causing the issue. Has everyone had the issue when using the controller paired with the lights, or have others had the issue without the controller plugged in? Just curious cause my thoughts were leaning to the controller causing the issue, but not I see others have had the same issue, I'm curious as to if everyone was using the controller or not.

My issue was the Cob channel on the module went out, and would blink every couple seconds on 1 panel...the other panel that had the issue just went out completely but after I replaced the driver it was fine.

BTW squeeg, I did contact David for you and alerted him of the issue and he said he contacted you. Hope that he can get the issue straitened out for you, in my case, he had a new driver sent very quickly and within a week I received the replacement. I agree with you though...when working correctly, the LED's did an amazing job in veg and impressed me in flowering as well.
I've been waiting since November 25. On Thursday I had my 3rd light go out and this morning I had my 4th.
I have been told a delivery date 4 times now and he hasn't come through on any of them. To ME, I get excuses.
4 out of 10 lights are burnt and no, I will not ship it back for repairs as I sold all my other lights in order to use this pos. he would have had my money and my light for over 2 months.
Duty and taxes and shipping cost over $2250 Canadian and I am tired of excuses. Last Tuesday I was told they would be shipped Thursday. Well it's Monday and nothing....
Reading Jandre's grow journal is the reason why I bought these lights in the first place.
"All your flipping out has not done anything to take care of the issues and process. You can cry and wine. This entire time I have told you 100% the truth and I stand behind what has happened in the process."
Yup. Crying and whining. Nice customer service.
Btw I am running my light off a dedicated 20 amp circuit. I have a 350 cfm charcoal canister and a 300 cfm blowing outside air onto the intake fans of the lights. Top of my light get no hotter than 80 degrees. Bloom room gets no hotter than 74. Tent is 5.5x7.
The 900w 10 panel light is different from the others in his line up I gather. Not a "simple" fix. I've been told I will be getting 10 new panels to replace all of em, but who knows when. The sad thing is, I'm in the market for an additional 2000w of LEDs. I do like this product. The quality of construction, the look, feel.... The smell in my grow room. Oh god the crystals!!! I haven't tried to veg with this light because it wasn't bought for veg room and I have enough t5 in there to light up a city block. This light is killing my productivity now. Wondering if the blinking will have any adverse effects on the plants.

My problem is ONLY with the intense/grow light. The veg and bloom colors are fine. They have worked flawlessly. It's the main grow cluster that's out and according to David is a batch of faulty diodes. It happens. I get that. Like I've never bought a lemon off the showroom floor ($30k lemon ford 4x4 that was broken from day 1 and a $9k Polaris snow machine that spent 500% more time in the shop under warranty than in actual snow)
I just want my light to work as advertised. Replace it. Fix it. Swap it out for smaller lights. I don't care. I just want it fixed and 2 months of arguing and whining about it is unacceptable. 10 weeks. I don't think that is unreasonable.
I wouldn't trust this guy David as far as i could spit him. I've personally got no intention of paying a middle-man who doesn't even understand the workings of the lights he orders from China, twice or three times what those lights are worth, to repackage them, send them to me and then give me awful customer service.

Anyway, just my opinion, i hope you get it sorted out Squeeg. :)
$2200 for shipping and duty tax it insane , that's $220 per panel in shipping costs. You really must of payed a lot for the 10 lot light set.
I imagine they would be much cheaper to ship back , probably $30 a panel or so.
How much was the total package with shipping ? I am bracing myself for that price.
That was total cost in Canadian funds for the light, freight, duty and taxes. $650 for freight, duty and taxes. If you live close to the American border, I'd suggest get free shipping there and go pick it up yourself. Most American retailers will ship free continental United States.
I think you misunderstood. $2250 is what the light shipped to Canada cost me total. I have not shipped the light back, I am waiting for parts to be shipped to me.
I understand you now , each panel has 10 modules.

When you mentioned 10 panels I thought you were talking about 10 separate light panels rather then the modules of one.

They call the LED fixtures a panel so I interpreted it that way.

Nice you don't have 10 panels to deal with.. that would of been $20,000 or so on the line.

Hope your replacement is on the way this time. funny how they call you a complainer when they don't attend to your claim as the warranty suggest , who wouldn't complain if the warranty was not met.
Wondering if the blinking will have any adverse effects on the plants.

Hey Squeeg,

First sorry about the loss of productivity - I feel you!

Is it COB's blinking? Because I had to replace 16 of them in 8x180w lights (Long painful story).....and after finished I still had to go back and re-do about 4 of them....1 of them 3x. My soldering skills are way past prime but I did find out that if those connections are not damn near perfect...... "THEY BLINK".........

Yea it's only the center cob blinking. If I click off the intense/grow button, the other 2 lights remain working. They aren't my problem. I've tried the no controller thing and that didn't help, most likely because I don't have multiple lights daisy chained together. I have to limit power output to <90% on the intense/grow channel or else more cobs start blinking out. As of right now I have 4 blinking.... 2 in the past 5 days. It's getting more aggrivating as the weeks pass and I'm stuck with this crap....
Hmmmmm mine blinked no matter what setting......but you can always try to re-solder them back on - worked for me. When this grow is finished I am going to replace the UV-A with a 660nm on each (they sent them as extras) and then supplement with 6x13w UVB reptile bulbs. But all these issues aside........... I DO LIKE THE LIGHTS :)
I have 4 cobs blinking no matter what power level I have intense set at. If I put it higher than 90%, I get more than the 4 blinking.
As I said earlier, I have been given 4 different dates on replacement shipments.... He doesn't respond anymore when I email him. He won't defend himself here. He won't answer about swapping out lights, cause now I have concerns his repair won't work. He won't respond about warranty or refund anymore. So because I won't put up with excuses anymore, he ignores it completely.
I just want this shit fixed dude. I paid for this thing, honor your damned warranty! Now you are costing me money. Now I feel like you are ripping me off!
Patiently waiting this weeks excuse....
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