Perpetual Feminized Autoflowers - Sponsored by Intelligent-Gro LED

Yeah i reckon when I've got enough seeds I will be able to just go nuts with it, I'll have plants growing in cotton wool out of old shoes n manure lol
I'm the same with the meters and ppm and such; I can't afford the expensive stuff and there's really no point in the cheap ones. I have a hygrometer but it was literally like £10/$12.31 and seems to work so I just go with it. Trying not to cringe too badly when it's really high or really low.

I like a bit of Myco under my seeds as well, but i just chuck em in dry cos i know I'll kill them trying to move them after the taproot comes out lol
Agreed Equanimity. We just use a plain old liquid tester kit. It's not exact but it keeps you in the ballpark & if you use tap after awhile you know pretty much about how much to adjust.


Mine is a little different, the chart is stuck on the fridge, if I'm in orangey yellow territory I'm fine and dandy, if it's pink, red, or green then i know which direction i need to go in.

I get the odd dark purple sometimes which means i trash the feed and start again, though it really is just the odd time. Once so far.
Dump in a small scoop of mykos put the sprout on top, and push coco over it.

What is /are "mykos"?
Dump in a small scoop of mykos put the sprout on top, and push coco over it.

What is /are "mykos"?

Different brands and that but basically a fungus called mychorrizae, which binds to the roots and they become lovers and such. It's beneficial for the root system. expands it, you could say.
I'm a budget PHer as well.

Yellow=sort of okay-ish
Green=ehh, not as bad as red
Dark green=bad

So, my goal pink-ish/yellow-ish/very light green-ish. See, an exact science, right :laughtwo:
I just go for yellow. Anyway I don't check it that often anymore.

I guess my tap water, and JR Peters nutes are pretty consistent. I just allways PH the water the same.

I have to make some adjustments when I add the Liquid Koolbloom in flower tho.
i check every time, especially in the early days because that's normally (for me) when I do have to intervene to make it balance. But mostly it's so that if I have an issue and i ask someone on here, pH is already ruled out and we can then get straight into the plant abuse chart and go from there.
Yeah everyones situation is different when using tap water, and nutes.

My JR Peters nutes are PH neutral, and the city water is always the same.

I improved my tap water a bit by installing an under sink water filter myself.
I've got a digital ppm meter, my water comes out fantastic, at 45ppm. The only time I paid attention to the reading was when I was introducing Epsom salts, just because it was the first time I did anything other than nutes. Knowing now, I should have the money towards a PH Meter, but, oh well.


Here's the C5, and Pink Salad on 10-16-14.


One week later on 10-23-14.


And today one week later 10-30-14.

Their growing super fast, and looking great! :)
A little about ph... I have noticed a few leaf sections "folding" over half way down leaf section. Showing the light colored bottom. Strange looking. Had it on my second grow too. I calibrated my ph meter and it was off so much that Mn, Ca and P were locked out. I had calibrated the meter about three weeks ago. I guess batteries are getting low. But any way, the deficiencies showed by folding the leaf sections over, and only one section per leaf. Don't confuse this with leaf twisting. PH is very important when growing with hydro techniques. Dirt too, I assume. Sorry, soil. I don't see well which is why I don't use those dropper style ph guessers.


My ph was over 6
Yeah I'd really like to get those pens one day bro. I've got a long list of stuff I wish I could afford. The drops seem to work ok for now so other things just always seem more important.
Hi b.real :)

I was wondering about you dude. It's been a while.

I included the charts for people like you who are interested in seeing them.

I've never claimed to be an expert on LED's my friend,

so I'm not going to pretend I'm the best person to answer your question.

My previous sponsored journal is about making feminized seeds,

and now this one is a demonstration of those seeds.

I am impressed with the LEDs, and have learned a great deal because of my sponsorship.

I do plan on talking more about the lights in this journal,

but this journal like my last journal is not an LED review, but is a demonstration of home feminized seeds.

There are many urban legends associated with seed feminizing such as "hermie genes"

or the appearance of "random males" within a feminized batch of seeds.

My plan is to watch for those types of anomalies, and report what I find in this journal.

My seed making journal was focused on how to feminize seeds,

but this one is about growing them out so I do plan sharing yield information,

and even doing a gram per watt evaluation of my tray yields.

There are other 420 members who have evaluated the Intelligent-Gro LED's on 420 Magazine.

They've done a fantastic job in their review journals, and I'm sure you'll find your answers there.

Here's links to those journals if you're interested.

Icemud's Intelligent Gro 2 LED Grow with V-Scrog! Going for 1lb and beyond!

Jandre2k3's Intelligent-Gro Testing: Phase 2

Graytail Goes LED - 810W Intelligent-Gro II w/ High Brix

All I can add is my overall experience with Intelligent-Gro LED has been fantastic,

and I've experienced no problems whats so ever with the lights, or service I've received.

I'm getting some of the best results I've ever had, and am extremely happy with my new LEDs.

I'm positive I'll be growing out my fem seeds for many years to come using Intelligent-Gro LED products.
the PAR chart seems to match up with icemud's real time results so I'm wondering if the lumen readings are also correct. if so that's awesome.

I'm also eager to see what you do with breeding this time around. I've been trying to grow some of your seeds for some time now lol.

awesome journal and looking forward to seeing the results/ findings as they are discovered...I love this plave :)

Just stopping by to see hows things are over here and to say WHAT UP!:high-five:
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