New City Grower 5.O - The Paper Chase


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I'd like to start off by saying "HIGH" to all my weed connoisseurs, slackers, growers, friends, and just plain old potheads I've dearly missed since I've been gone!

Welcome to...

NEW CITY GROWER 5.0 The Paper Chase

This was an idea my helper came up with; growing cannabis in packaging paper with "Fox Farm" nutes.

Let's get started with some back dated pics...

First we took some packaging paper; you know the type that paper bags are made of, then we shredded it by ripping it.



There was more than that LOL... Then we put it all in a 3gal fabric smart pot, added a rockwool cube we had 2 Afghan Kush seeds starting in and covered it with an un-shredded portion of packaging paper.





As you'll see below the top paper just shreveled up after it dried the first time. We just watered with 5.8 PHed water until the "cylotodes" (or however you spell it) you know those two little round leafs our beloved plants start with that feed them for awhile, dried out. Since then it's been a 1/2 dose of "Fox Farm Grow Big" with a full dose of Cal/Mag PHed to 5.8


At the beginning we were having a problem with the paper drying out too fast but a little "Vermiculite" took care of that.



And They were off & running...


Well at least one of the two was. One is short while the other one is tall and stretchy now.



We topped the stretchy one to slow it down.


My helper has gotten to the point where she's growing all types of mess around the apt so it shouldn't be surprising that she's growing bell peppers right next to this pot and I believe one of those seeds fell in my weed!




Anyway, that's where we at today.



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High! :)

Cotyledons :laugh:

I'm reading up. How interesting!

Hyena Merica

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I will watch you. You see some new crazy thing every day. Why not grow weed in litter. If this works from now on I won't empty my wastebasket; I'll throw a couple seeds in. :)

Peace, Hyena


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Looks to be a good start. Got a few of the regulars and a few new faces already without doing too much announcing; only in the time it took to make my rounds.

Now this seems like an interesting project! I assume you will follow a "soil less" mix nute schedule :19:

This should be fun. :48:
Welcome aboard and nice to meet you Nismo (but I'm going to call you Gizmo if you don't mind).

High! :)

Cotyledons :laugh:
"cylotodes" I guess I would have never spelled it correctly being I was pronouncing it wrong. Go figure Partner.

OK...I'll watch the ground up paper bag grow. Welcome back. Please to meet you.

:48: or :51:
Yeah, trying something different Jim. Since FF nutes always seem to be too hot (for us) in soil we're using a bland medium.

Subbed and excited :)


I'm here to watch.
Paper and vermiculite... caught my interest

Rifleman, LA, Hook, Fuzzy; glad to have you guys aboard.

Looks like a fun grow. Subbed up :thumb:
Nice to meet you & welcome aboard Hobbyist.

Ah... me dear Fifi.

I will watch you. You see some new crazy thing every day. Why not grow weed in litter. If this works from now on I won't empty my wastebasket; I'll throw a couple seeds in. :)

Peace, Hyena
Welcome aboard & happy to meet you Hyena.

Happy Holidays to one and all.

Amadeus Forzin

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Now I thought I was seeing things when I saw your name pop up. May I offer a big welcome back. It's good to see you grace the pages again :48:

Edit* now that I've been back and read up., i still think your still a little crazy :high-five:


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Oh that's where you're wrong, I'm alot CRAZY!!! Thre's a psych that says so. :slide:


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Ahhhh....... That feels better. I'm taking this spot on the floor Reg. Hehe! So good to have you back. Now, let me back up and read the intro.

:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Had to get it out of my system. :laugh2:


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Good to see ya up and growing again....

Keepem Green
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