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Looking for help! I found a tiny baby plant growing in front of my building by the tree about a week & 1/2 ago. In nyc thats amazing that it was outside, 2 inches tall & still there. I replanted it in a pot upstairs on my fire escape. Its about 8 inches tall now. I never grew weed b4 so i dont understand all that lingo u guys r using. I need it to be explained in dummy language why all the leafs from the bottom up keep dying but the top keeps getting more & more leafs. Ive been plucking them off. I just found this site today & i already see 1 mistake that i understand. I was watering everyday not every 3 days. Plus could someone explain to me how to post the picture of my plant. I tried to drag it but i didnt work.
Please someone help! How do i post MY PICTURES

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JUNE 24 2013
& not only have i been watering everyday but been using nyc tap water
Thats what i mean! I understand the over watering part but all that other stuff i dont get. This is the first plant "weed or anything" ive ever grown. If you can coach me through this 1 you definitely have my vote!!! I already know ive enrolled in the RIGHT school after 1 day. This site is the b-o-m-b WHATS PH
Thannx, today i will be heading to the plant & garden store. I havent watered since the 23rd of june; the top of the soil is still moist. I believe its suppose to rain today. Should i leave it on the fire escape or bring it inside? I read in another post on this site that rain water is good. Also should i clip the rest of the dying leafs? Yesterday i mixed the "hydrogen peroxide, dish detergent & h2o" potion then applied it with a spray bottle. I saw little gnats flying around the plant. Is there anything else other than a ph tester kit & veg nutrients that i should pick up at this point
I would bring it inside
And make sure to rince off the leaves after you spray that mixture on there
The gnats are most likely fungus gnats living in your soil you can pick up some mosquito dunks to water with to kill larva in the soil
And some stick traps to catch the adults
You can go ahead and pick off the dead leaves
Maybe get some bloom nutrients for when it starts flowering
What do you mean by reps
I dont know but i think im looking pretty good. You can see the stems of the couple of leafs i cut off. Did i do that properly? & ARE YOUNG LEAFS SMOKEABLE
Hi Broke Ass Reg,

Just dropping in to welcome you to 420 magazine and the community that gathers here.

Your plant looks like it is bouncing back nicely after your initial difficulties. Young leaves won't give you anything other than a cough and sore throat. Which might be forntunate or none of our plants would ever get past sprouting! :rofl:

I hope you find the others on the site as friendly, kind, and generous as I have. There is a truly unique collection of folks that frequent this site.
I would never smoke any leaf that didnt die being that this is my first plant. None the less, i will now throw away those dead leafs! Coke420 (my hero) is the only one who's replied on my thread but i welcome and encourage others. Can never have to much support. I never thought i could be so enthusiastic about such a small project!!! THANXX FOR YOUR REPLY
TanR, love your location
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