New City Grower 4.0 - Featuring the Advanced LED Diamond Series XTE

Welcome to NCG 4.0! I am ready to take our growing skills back to full size pots. We have a new tent with air intake & outtake inline fans, a new LED lamp "Advanced LED Diamond Series XTE", and new ideas to keep it exciting!

We'll be focusing on the Advanced LED lamp on how well it performs vs others in it's price range. So sit back, get relaxed as Lester as we crank it up a notch...


First off we had to rearrange my bedroom to fit this 2ft 8in X 2ft 8in tent into our already overcrowded growing area. It looks like a tornado came through.



We finally got it up with a bit of a tight squeeze.


Then added the equipment.



Fired it up & will be leaving the lamp and fans running overnight in the closed tent to see how the temps look.



Thanxx for dropping in.
After approximately 12hrs of the Advanced LED Diamond Series XTE and inline fans running...


RH: Check, it should rise once plants are in.

Temps: Check, between 72 and 83 degrees F.

Timer: Check, we'll be running 18/6.
Back seat.
Very cool new stuff - Bigger, better, faster, MORE!
Welcome aboard Brother & Pita

Let's get this party started! :party:

DOUBLE BAGSEED Day 24 / Day 1 under Advanced LED

This is 2 bagseeds in one pot. We've transplanted it from it's 2lt Perlite mix into a 5gal Smart Pot of Long Island Growers Mix. After transplant they were feed a 1gal mix of D&S Growology Step 2 with 1 teaspoon of Cal/Mag. Whatever the out come; be it 2 males, 1 male 1 female, or 2 females we'll see it through. Our first venture in this journal is breeding but as usual we'll play it by ear.



All right BAR! Cool little tent and wow, what a light. Let's have some fun! :popcorn:
I'm subbed , looking great B A R.

What do you think about the XTE panel so far?

I love the dial features , being able to dial in the exact wattage and spectrum you want for each stage is nice.:)
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