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  1. Jayjayloi

    Northern Light auto: need help! Yellow spots

    Hey everyone got a little problem and would greatly appreciate anyone’s input. I am six weeks and all has gone well - had a mini magnesium deficiency three weeks ago and Foliar sprayed with Epsom salts and then started mixing in with my water at 1/2 tsp per litre and it worked wonders. I have...
  2. Yellow Tips & a Curl

    Yellow Tips & a Curl

  3. J

    How much longer would you wait to harvest?

    Hi all, First time grower, growing 2 AK-47 plants and they are getting close to harvest (one more than the other). Was looking at my plant with a 60x loupe, seeing almost all milky trichomes and just today have seen my first couple of amber trichomes! From what I have read, harvesting with a...
  4. GL5033

    Hello I'm new

    as in title im new im 21 yo im new to growing ganja, my hobbies now are: growing ganja, listening to reagge music, smoking weed, going outside in the hard corona times to get a fresh air and get some groceries.
  5. J

    Soil & Nutrient Question

    Hi all, First time grower and loving it so far. Here are my 2 Feminized AK plants that I germinated on the 27th of March and planted on the 29th of March. The smaller of the two had grown downward under the soil and I had to perform emergency surgery (I must have accidentally pointed the...
  6. J

    Plant grew upside down and cotyledons were under soil and are yellow

    Hi all, First time grower here. I planted 2 seeds about 5 days ago with their taproots at around 1/4 inch with the taproot facing down. One of my plants sprung up super quickly and looks great. The other one produced full blown cotyledons, but kind of deep underneath the soil (deeper than the...
  7. J

    New Grower Needs Advice: Top Canadian Soils?

    Hello, Brand new Canadian grower here. I have been researching a lot for this upcoming season but keep getting anxious and overwhelmed about the amount of options for a growing medium. I will be growing autos in pots outside and in soil but still have not decided on the specific type of soil...
  8. DWC grow

    New to DWC hydroponics and cloning

    Hi i have just set up DWC and have a clone from a healthy budding plant that had just had the bud trimmed off that day. And kept the plant alive as it is an outdoor. My Question is will my clone survive being off a budding plant, it has 4 nodes but no 'terminal shoot' and it is in rockwool with...
  9. O

    New to posting not to growing, sharing is caring

    Hey everyone! Im new to posting and writing so please bare with me my mind is an adhd place riddled with mess that might come out as I go further. I'll start with the basics I'm a 30 odd year old guy, living in the UK growing gorilla. I realise to some it may seem foolish posting, but after...
  10. Brickie74

    A few more Orange Gasm pics

    Just wanted to post a couple more of the Orange Gasm photos.
  11. T

    My Very First Time

    Hi everyone, Toke (for short) here, I hope y'all are well. I'm really excited but also trying not to get overwhelmed. As it is titled, this is my first time growing! I've been reading a great amount of information...there's ssooo much lol. Oy vey. But, I'm determined to succeed. Ordering...
  12. B

    New and need a little assistance

    Hello! I have just started growing with hydroponics. I started from some seed I got from a friend and I don't know what strain it is, but looks like indica based on the fan leaves. Since this is my first grow (two plants) I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the sex of these are? I...
  13. Cannygrow

    Need some advice on my lights

    Hey community I have a quick question regarding lighting, I have a Viparspectra 300w led inside a 2x4 Vivosun tent I have it over two critical purple auto and I am wondering if I will need supplemental lighting? The actual power draw is around 130w. My plants have started preflower and am...
  14. P

    First Grow Journal

    This is my very first grow. I have taken pictures periodically through the process until now, which is about 12 weeks after germination. I still want to Veg for another week or so to fill out the screens. Strains are Mazar and Power Plant, both feminized. Soil is FFOF with 25% pearlite. Lights...
  15. P

    Plants trying to flower?

    Are these girls trying to flower on me? Mazar strain, feminized. 11 weeks old. This is my first grow so I may have stressed them or am not giving enough hours of light. I’m giving them 18/6 light, which I just switched to 20/4. They seem to be stunted. Any help appreciated.
  16. P

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I’m new here and a new grower as well. Recreational cannabis was just legalized in Michigan December 6th and that’s right when I decided to start growing. I currently have 4 plants, 2 Mazar and 2 Power Plant. I’m attempting a SCROG for my first grow, things are going well but...
  17. Barney's Farm

    Barneys Farm Official New Packaging

  18. Barneys Farm New Packaging Launch

    Barneys Farm New Packaging Launch

    New packaging for feminised, regular and autoflowering seeds.
  19. Growing disease

    Growing disease

    Someone has an idea how to fix this?
  20. C

    Anyone ever use this?

    So I started a new line of nutrients and was wondering if anyone has any helpful tips about this line of products. New to dwc so any tips would be awesome. Also is there a way I should be mixing my nutrients ? I know micro goes first but what about my cal-mag and hygozyme ???
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