1. mangostoner

    New here - Just wanted to say hello - Hello

    Im Akshay from Bangalore, India :Namaste: Looking to grow my own pot in a few days. Much help needed :D Peace :peace:
  2. M

    First Timer

    I'll just jump right into it This is not my first time growing and it won't be my last. Started out with a 6.5' x 6.5' x 6' tall room one light and a heater. Every couple of months I would add to my room and now feel im all set. 3) 40 watt UV light bars (lights of America) 1) 8 inch fan 1)...
  3. 420

    Mobile App: Photo Uploading Issue & Website Upgrades

    As many of you are aware, the photo uploads from our mobile app stopped working about a week ago. This was an unauthorized act from the developer, without any notice whatsoever and surely, without our consent. The only option they have given us for now is to use attachments, which not only are a...
  4. D

    New Vancouver Organic Grow

    Hello everyone. Thanks to all the OG's here, you have helped many people. I'm starting my first grow and I would like to log it and show my progress here. I'm a fungus guy, I'm used to growing mushrooms but this is my first time growing Cannabis. If you see anything I could be doing better...
  5. H

    New grower in MI

    Hello all, my wife and I are relatively new to cannabis. It started with a non stop cycle of pills and treatments for both of us. She suffers from chronic and persistent migraines and anxiety and I have arthritis in my spine. We were both dissatisfied with the results we were receiving from...
  6. triumph2134

    From Seed To Seed - Let's Make A New Strain 2018 - A Multiple Grow Journal

    Hey guys! Not new to growing but I am new to breeding. This is the year I have decided to develop my own strain. With so many choices out there I want something closer to home. Something to call my own. Hell bragging rights even. I WANT YOUR HELP GUYS!!! I need to choose strains. This is...
  7. Zombikush81

    Started New Cycle GG #4

    started new cycle ... GG # 4 finite 4 weeks of growth ....! I love this variety but I love taking care of these fantastic friends this morning passed into a larger pot ....
  8. K

    New law says 30 gram max possession but you can grow up to 4 plants?

    Maybe I'm missing something in fine print somewhere but the new law per the goc Canada website says there will be a 30 gram possession limit but also that u can grow up to 4 plants. I don't know bout u guys but I'm pretty sure even if u screwed up bad u should get more than 30 gram from a 4...
  9. P

    New Member - Hello fellow from Ontario 420 fans and growers

    Hi all, Just saying hi, I am new to site and joined to learn some tips for growing. My husband and I are on our second crop, so far things are looking good, but, there is always room for improvement. We purchased a tent and are growing indoors. We are currently growing Tut, Colorado Cookies...
  10. Dmanlee

    New to 420 and new to growing - Check out my journal and join me in my journey

    Join me on my adventure this is only my second grow and will be topping and lsting my 5 autoflower 2 Pineapple Kush 1 express 1 cheese and 1 Girl Scout cookies .. Should be fun stop In click some likes share some info and tips and just to chat .. Happy growing everyone Autoflowers...
  11. G

    Indoor LED Multi Strain Grow From Seed & Clone - Coco & Soil

    Hey everybody I'm new to the :420: community and thought to share my first indoor grow. But first some info about my growing experience I have little outdoor growing experience and I'm new to indoor growing so hopefully everything works out. This will be an experimental grow and being my first...
  12. L

    Help! I feel like I'm doing everything wrong and I'm loosing my plant

    High Guys/Girls! I hope I'm in the right section of the forum (first time ever in a forum so sorry if I'm not :( ) but I'm having some questions and some fears lately about my cannabis plant, This is my first ever cannabis plant and I started with 1 so I can get some experience out of it...
  13. L

    New guy from Canada saying high!

    Hey everyone I have been using cannabis for around 10 years now for stress problem and anxiety disorder and i can say that it is a lot better than any meds i have used in the past! I just started a couple of months ago to grow my own organic outside cannabis and I'm looking forward to all your...
  14. N


    Greetings, Im the new guy. New grower. but dedicated. 45 yrs of age. Green thumb in all other plants, always had a garden. so not totally inept but still alot to learn. Joined to be able to learn and get advice from master growers here.
  15. F

    New grower from Central Oregon needing help

    Hello all! I am a new grower and am having a heck of a time determining the sex of these two plants. They are about 8 weeks old. I figure one of the pro eyes here might be able to help. Thanks.
  16. CannabiSteve

    Hello all

    Hello from AK everyone. Just a little about me, I'm a combat vet that stayed in AK when my service time was up in 2013. I then went straight into cultivating my own medicinal cannabis. Then when our state legalized recreational cannabis that became my new life. I left my job as a sheet metal...
  17. WillieT0813

    New Guy From The Ozarks Looking For Advice!

    Hey everyone, new guy here. I have already introduced myself so I will jump right in. You may as well call me a new grower. I just turned 57 in December and when I was younger I tried a few times to grow outdoors but at that time in my young life just out of the Army I thought I new all about...
  18. kingfisher

    Old man and his new garden

    Kids are out of the house now and the bed room is my new garden. Had a short conversation with the 2 kids. The girl took a look at the garden but the boy was a little taken back, it was his bedroom. They live with the X mostly. Soil grow in a 4X4 tent with LED and secondary CFL for flowering...
  19. G

    New guy - New setup - 1st problem?

    Hello to all. I've taken the plunge and started with a very small setup and my goal is simple....become self sufficient with some righteous smoke. So far all is going well with this one small exception. I transplanted to 7 gallon fabric pots 2 days ago and am starting to see little spots of...
  20. G

    New grower needs some help for plant leaves yellow

    hi there everyone. i am a new home grower just started to gower lately. i am using groready coco for my medium. temperature is keeping at 75 to 80 C. they are being grow for about 16days already. somehow the plants seems to be not that healthy. the leaves look so yellow. i did kept my ph level...