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  1. O

    New to posting not to growing, sharing is caring

    Hey everyone! Im new to posting and writing so please bare with me my mind is an adhd place riddled with mess that might come out as I go further. I'll start with the basics I'm a 30 odd year old guy, living in the UK growing gorilla. I realise to some it may seem foolish posting, but after...
  2. Brickie74

    A few more Orange Gasm pics

    Just wanted to post a couple more of the Orange Gasm photos.
  3. T

    My Very First Time

    Hi everyone, Toke (for short) here, I hope y'all are well. I'm really excited but also trying not to get overwhelmed. As it is titled, this is my first time growing! I've been reading a great amount of information...there's ssooo much lol. Oy vey. But, I'm determined to succeed. Ordering...
  4. B

    New and need a little assistance

    Hello! I have just started growing with hydroponics. I started from some seed I got from a friend and I don't know what strain it is, but looks like indica based on the fan leaves. Since this is my first grow (two plants) I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the sex of these are? I...
  5. Cannygrow

    Need some advice on my lights

    Hey community I have a quick question regarding lighting, I have a Viparspectra 300w led inside a 2x4 Vivosun tent I have it over two critical purple auto and I am wondering if I will need supplemental lighting? The actual power draw is around 130w. My plants have started preflower and am...
  6. P

    First Grow Journal

    This is my very first grow. I have taken pictures periodically through the process until now, which is about 12 weeks after germination. I still want to Veg for another week or so to fill out the screens. Strains are Mazar and Power Plant, both feminized. Soil is FFOF with 25% pearlite. Lights...
  7. P

    Plants trying to flower?

    Are these girls trying to flower on me? Mazar strain, feminized. 11 weeks old. This is my first grow so I may have stressed them or am not giving enough hours of light. I’m giving them 18/6 light, which I just switched to 20/4. They seem to be stunted. Any help appreciated.
  8. P

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I’m new here and a new grower as well. Recreational cannabis was just legalized in Michigan December 6th and that’s right when I decided to start growing. I currently have 4 plants, 2 Mazar and 2 Power Plant. I’m attempting a SCROG for my first grow, things are going well but...
  9. Barney's Farm

    Barneys Farm Official New Packaging

  10. Barneys Farm New Packaging Launch

    Barneys Farm New Packaging Launch

    New packaging for feminised, regular and autoflowering seeds.
  11. Growing disease

    Growing disease

    Someone has an idea how to fix this?
  12. C

    Anyone ever use this?

    So I started a new line of nutrients and was wondering if anyone has any helpful tips about this line of products. New to dwc so any tips would be awesome. Also is there a way I should be mixing my nutrients ? I know micro goes first but what about my cal-mag and hygozyme ???
  13. Cruzzy420

    Cruzzy’s Intro To The 3rd Grow! 4 Strains In Coco: Cream Caramel, Girl Scout Cookies, Green Gelato & Purple Punch 2018 UK Flux?

    Sup guys I’m new here, from the UK so now that I’m getting serious about growing though I’d try post here to learn and help if I can :p 3rd time growing but 1st time in coco. I’ll be running 4 plants in 16L Fabric pots with shogun nutes in a 1.2m tent under 300w CFL for veg and 600w HPS for...
  14. Cruzzy420

    Cruzzy’s intro to my 3rd grow! Coco, Flux? UK

    Sup guys I’m new here, from the UK so now that I’m getting serious about growing though I’d try post here to learn and help if I can :p 3rd time growing but 1st time in coco. I’ll be running 4 plants with shogun nutes in my 1.2m tent under 300w CFL for veg and a 600w HPS for flower. Been...
  15. mangostoner

    New here - Just wanted to say hello - Hello

    Im Akshay from Bangalore, India :Namaste: Looking to grow my own pot in a few days. Much help needed :D Peace :peace:
  16. M

    First Timer

    I'll just jump right into it This is not my first time growing and it won't be my last. Started out with a 6.5' x 6.5' x 6' tall room one light and a heater. Every couple of months I would add to my room and now feel im all set. 3) 40 watt UV light bars (lights of America) 1) 8 inch fan 1)...
  17. 420

    Mobile App: Photo Uploading Issue & Website Upgrades

    As many of you are aware, the photo uploads from our mobile app stopped working about a week ago. This was an unauthorized act from the developer, without any notice whatsoever and surely, without our consent. The only option they have given us for now is to use attachments, which not only are a...
  18. D

    New Vancouver Organic Grow

    Hello everyone. Thanks to all the OG's here, you have helped many people. I'm starting my first grow and I would like to log it and show my progress here. I'm a fungus guy, I'm used to growing mushrooms but this is my first time growing Cannabis. If you see anything I could be doing better...
  19. H

    New grower in MI

    Hello all, my wife and I are relatively new to cannabis. It started with a non stop cycle of pills and treatments for both of us. She suffers from chronic and persistent migraines and anxiety and I have arthritis in my spine. We were both dissatisfied with the results we were receiving from...
  20. triumph2134

    From Seed To Seed - Let's Make A New Strain 2018 - A Multiple Grow Journal

    Hey guys! Not new to growing but I am new to breeding. This is the year I have decided to develop my own strain. With so many choices out there I want something closer to home. Something to call my own. Hell bragging rights even. I WANT YOUR HELP GUYS!!! I need to choose strains. This is...
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