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Incredible Bulk - 5 Bucket DWC - 1st Cannaventure From Seed

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Hey there all you movers & shakers!!!

I actually started a grow journal on paper in a notebook, so I wanted to switch to online to get some tips & pointers from everyone! My babies are 3 weeks, 3 days old today.

Seeds were bought online from the UK & came really fast! Only took a week or two to get them in the mail.

11/17/16 - Germination- Soaked 24-36 hours in tap water until white tap root was showing.

11/18/16 - 8:00 PM. Planted root down in jiffy pellets & put in a black tray. Put it under a CFL grow light until they sprouted. Watered from bottom. Kept an heater close by & a fan on lightly to grow stem strength. Kept light on 24/7. Kept temps "spring like". There was a little white fuzz growing on top of one of the pods. Scrapped it off with tweezers.

11/22/16 - Seedlings - 3 out of 6 spouted. However, 1 pod sprouted 2 from same pod & 1 pod was a blank. Lesson #1 learned... Don't get high before planting!!!! I transplanted the pod with 2 seedlings into a separate pod.

11/24/16 - Seedlings 6 out of 6 are up!

11/26/16 - Small business Sat. 20% off at 2 local hydroponics stores. Score!!!! Plus free advice.

11/28/16 bought my lights on Amazon. All seedling are about an inch tall, except the one I transplanted. I see yellow/ brown spots on 2 of the leaves on plant #6. Started watering with PH balanced water.

11/30/16 - picked up pod & I see white roots poking out, where are my lights???!!!!

12/01/16- lights came. Transplanted 2 into my own home-made DWC bucket system into net pots & hydroton. Used nutes half strength of what bottle says to use. Smallest plant only half the size of a toothpick. I wasn't sure to keep them in their pods or to take out & transplant without pod. I took one out & left 1 in.

12/02/16 - 2AM #2 lesson learned. Don't start setup late at night. If you run into problems, you will be up all night!

12/03/16. - babes are droopy. Hoping it's transplant shock.

12/04/16 - the one I planted without pod is still droopy & yellowing. The one in it's pod still is droopy still but better.

12/05/16 - Transplanted 3 for a total of 5 into my DWC bucket system. The 6th plant was not viable for transplant. 5 out of 6, here we go! Seem less droopy. I check PH every other day. Keeps steady (apple juice yellow) between 5.7-5.9. I need a PH Pen....

12/11/16 - lights 18/6. All except 1 have white roots coming out the bottom of the net pots. Top feeding until I see roots.

12/12/16 - today. All 5 babies doing well. Changed nutes on 3 last night, 2 tonight. Very dark green leaves. A few starting their 5th leaves.

5 Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk, Big Bud X super Skunk X Green Spirit
80% Indica / 20% Sativa
THC content: 20-24%
Flowering: 7-8 weeks, switch to flower before 2 feet tall
Yield: Indoor 600-1000 grams

1 Afghan Kush X - N. Cali Indica (maybe). I have not kept track on which plant it is! Only time will tell.
Flowering: 50-60 days
height: 75-100 cm
Yield: 350-400 grams
Feminised seeds
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? 3 weeks
Any Pests ? None
Change Nutes: Appx 1x/week w. Tap water
PPM Unknown, I need a PPM meter.
Water temp: Unknown. Room below is basement, no heat so they stay quite cool.
Bucket Size - 5 gallon
Medium - DWC
Lights - (2) 300w LED, Mars Hydro about 24"-20" away.
Nutrients - General Hydroponics FloraDuo A&B
Strain(s) - Incredible Bulk & Afghan X
# of Plants: 5
Yield: We shall see!

I'm reading up on topping next! Also Need to figure out how to add pics so you can check out my grow room!

:thanks: for reading.
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Leaves are shiny, lots of new middle growth. Had a crisis last night. It was 1 degree out last night in Mass & they needed a heater. I plugged it in and it ended up blowing the circuit on the plug! Out went the pump, lights etc and I didn't' know it. So they received a little extra nap last night.

Shiny leaves!

This one's leafs are a bit deformed, since it came out of the seed. Is it my afghan?

A little discoloration on tip of one leaf.

We are 4 weeks old today!!!!



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Whats up man? I like what you have going on. DWC is the way to go for size and speed.
Do you have only those two mars 300s for light? I ask because i have those too and they are aces for veg and they will make some frosty flowers but my weights were always a little light with them and that was in a 2 bucket 3 x 2 tent. I ended up buying a dimmable hid that i run at 200 or 300 watts along with the mars lights. Im interested to see how yours turn out.
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Hi Laz,
Thanks for checking out my first grow! Yes only 2 Mars 300w. I'm trying to budget myself the best I can you know around Christmas time & all. I chose the Incredible Bulk strain hoping to increase yield with what I've got! We will see if I will need supplemental lighting or not.
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R-Man - this is what I used to start, cheap at Lowes. Will go through the 42 more I have before switching to RR plugs lol. Do u think it was ok that I put 4 in with the Dwc basket or will that restrict root growth? Hold on, I need to take a pic of roots before lights out! They r doing okay too, coming along nicely. My here is some brown but I think because of the medium they are in. Hopefully!
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Shopping spree at my local hydro store H2grow today!!! Picked up some free advice too. The owner is a cool dude. FINALLY got myself a nice conductivity pen made by bluelab. Reads in EC, PPM 50 & PPM 700. Also reads temp in either Celsius or Farienheit.


I have given each bucket a number # 1-5.

Here are my first EC & DWC bucket readings taken today, Saturday 12/17/16 at 11:00PM. EC test #1

# 1 - 0.8 EC 65 degrees
# 2 - 0.8 EC 66 degrees
# 3 - 1.8 EC 66 degrees
# 4 - 1.5 EC 65 degrees
# 5 - 1.5 EC 65 degrees

Wtf is the degree button on a I pad??!?!!! :30:
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My girls are looking fab

A slight discoloration in the pic below. Must do: Nute change tomorrow before the Patriots are on!

My 2 MARS HYDRO 300 watt LED"s were hung tonight with new rope & pulley system.

Goodnight! It's past the girl's bedtime! [emoji99][emoji99][emoji99][emoji99]

Many clouds of Smoke all,[emoji100]
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Whoa. What a weekend. Nute change after the Patriots game tonight. Done & Done. Girls are ready for another week of tremendous growth.

Tonight got to measure PPM and water temp for the first time on a nute change. [emoji57]. It's the little things that make me happy peeps.

Bucket 1,2 & 4.

64, 66, 64 degree resv & 570, 590 & 600 on a PPM 500 unk EC equivalent.

Buckets 3 & 5

Both 67 degrees. Wtf is the degree button? Hate spelling it out. 610 & 540 PPM 500, unk EC.

Roots = white.

Most are between 5.5-6 inches.

PH - on point. Still test by GH PH control kit. Hard to see but color is piss yellow. 5.7-5.9.

GH Flora Duo A&B at least half strength of bottle directions for general blend.

A - 3 tsp per 5 gallon bucket

B - 1.5 tsp per 5 gallon bucket.

I think I will just start using * for degrees btw. If anyone is listening out there.

Room temp 66-70* & Humidity 40-70


Look at her droop after res change

Just sitting here looking beautiful

Figured out she is my Afghan. How? All the others have purple red stems & this one is light colored!

When can I start topping? Afraid all that little growth underneath isn't getting enough light.

Many clouds of Smoke all,[emoji100]
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you could do a little LST like i did for my bulks :) also i topped one of my bulks when it had like 4 or 5 true nodes on it and topped it above the 4th node i believe...it handled it pretty well never really stopped growing. i tried to FIM one of my other bulks but no luck so i just said fuck it and let it do its thing with a little tucking and LST also....