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Hi, great work Joker! Very informative reading through your last project as well as this one. I've just started my first grow since a long time and thought you might have some insight on my situation. I've been frustrated over the years with my 'homemade' auto strain which is the result of chance crosses during various grows over the past 20 years from seeds I got from Germany in the mid 90s. I note that you implement a 18/6 light cycle. Is that cycle a sweet spot for autos in general? With 24hrs of 240w CFL lights from germination the plants expressed sex at 30-40 days but then never seem to have got going flowering under 24 hrs so I dropped to to 18/6 but still not much. I dropped to 12/12 for 10 days and Wham - huge bud production but then the plants creeped to a halt so I went back to 18/6 and Wham more growth and still going strong. Will hold on 18/6 until otherwise...any thoughts? Thanks again and cheers
Hey colorfuldayze!! :)

Welcome to 420 Magazine. Two posts under your name, and both on my thread. Did you join just to speak with me? lol. If so I'm honored. If not I'm still honored you chose to stop here first. I do use a 16/8 light cycle for my autos. It's very close to 18/6. I've never tried a 24 hour cycle mostly because I've heard about problems similar to what you describe, but I would use 18/6 if it fit in with my daily schedule.

It sounds like your genetics may not be fully autoflower, but it's hard to say with so little information. It's already a very strange backstory that almost predates most of autoflower history. I think the original lowryder is a little over 25 years old now. Most autoflowers have been crossbred for generations with photoperiod strains because ruderalis have no potency. I think the Joint Doctor bred william’s wonder and northern lights with ruderalis for nine generations to create lowryder. The most difficult part of breeding autos is getting them to express the autoflowering gene while maintaining potency. It's a big project, and requires growing out large numbers of plants, and doing selective breeding. You have to watch over them as they grow in a non photoperiod light cycle (like 18/6), and wait for the few that auto. Rebred those, and start again with the new seeds they've produced. You keep repeating those steps until all your newest seeds start fully autoflowering. Like I said it took the Joint Doctor nine generations. I think it takes a minimum of five to get the auto gene to fully express.

I hope that helps with your breeding project colorfuldayze. :thumb:
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What's that kenneth?
I'm just guessing, but is it a blueberry type auto strain? Anything related to DJ Shorts original blueberry strain has leaves like that, because it's part of the genetic makeup. Mostly it just shows up early, but can last through flower. I see that in a lot of my seedlings because I love the blueberry flavor.

Yes it is blueberry. The mutation usually goes away after the 3rd set of leaves. I love the blueberry also.
Hi Toker, thank you for your welcome and very informative reply. Gives me a lot to think about and affirms some lingering ?s that searches just never seemed to answer. All of my seed stock autos now and the population is pretty stable from cross to cross with 25%AA 50% Aa and 25%aa; and a whole bunch of mutants that eventually get culled. I usually start with about 30 seedlings and work my way down to the best dozen during flowering under a 400W HPS. Thanks again for the info, it is really useful. So looking forward to learning more about growing/breeding/smoking cannabis and chillin' it w/ kewl folk like ya'll! Cheers:thanks:
Tray one update!

I started a new tray of six Buddha's Cross sprouts today. YAY

I'm also trying something new.

Besides using the mycorrhizae in the seed hole I'm topdressing my sprouts with worm castings.

I'm hoping the new sprouts will get enough nitrogen from the castings to take root without feeding my nutes.

I'll start my feeding after the first week, or so, and may add another 1/8 cup of castings before then.


You might be able to see the worm castings I dumped on top of the coco in the photo above.

I may be trying to brew some worm tea also, because I got the castings now so why not. :)


I got lucky when I bought three new humidity domes from a friend.

When I saw my buddy had bought some new CDs I offered him a buck each for the spindle covers.

He was Ok with not having spindle covers, and I didn't tell him why I really wanted them. :rofl:

All six of the Buddha's Cross seeds were showing tap roots when I buried them in their new homes.

I watered everything with PH'd molasses water after topping with the worm poop.
I bought a small gram scale last week. :thumb:

It can weigh up to 1,000 grams, but I was reading the instructions,

and you need a 500 gram weight for calibration.

The scale does come factory calibrated so I decided to use it to make my own calibration weight.


I filled one of my seed baggies with sand, flattened out the bottom, and set it to weigh with the top open.

I kept adding sand until it got just under 500 grams. Sealed it, and duct taped the seal to hit 500 exactly.


Hopefully I can use this again to re-calibrate my scale when needed. :)
Congrats Toker on tray 1 kickoff! That emerged Buddha's Cross seedling looks fat and happy. I'm thinking 50/50 chance that it's either going to be a female or else it's going to be a female :) Awesome sauce on the humidity domes - what a great idea; maintains air flow through your soil and creates a mini greenhouse! Nice scale and clever calibration technique! Cheers!

Sadly I was right about nute burning my tray full of HBDs.

I watered them with the wrong bottle of nutes, and didn't discover my mistake until the next day.

The Pink Salad tray received the watered down nutes, and was unaffected.

I've started soaking new four new feminized HBD seeds, and two un-feminized seeds.

I plan on doing some regular HBD seed breeding to keep lots of HBD seeds on hand for future projects.

The HBD is my only other IBL strain right now besides Pink Salad.

I want to make sure it's always around for breeding.
Yeah I reuse my coco for probably too long.

I don't waste time with unhealthy seedlings tho.

Not unless I was trying to breed something I really wanted seeds from.

I gotta ton of these HBD fem seeds tho, so it's mostly just been a waste of time.

Only a slight setback tho thanks! :)
if they all look like that I think they'll bounce back quicker than starting new seeds.
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