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Greetings One and All on this auspicious day of beginnings,

This is more like a teetering on the brink of a Grow Journal, as it's little more than an idea germinated. This idea is a synthesis of my experience, the inspiring writing/grows I've read here and a couple bowls of really tasty weed.

A little backstory might help. Long-time gardener/farmer now back in the city. An Edible Landscaper, by trade, one of my fortes is espalier, or training fruit trees to be fences. My idea is a hybrid of SCRoG and espalier in an attempt to maximize: space, light, electricity and CO2.

Basically this will be a VSCRoG trained flat up a wall w/reflective material on the wall. The plant will be 2-3" away from the wall for air-circulation and so that otherwise "lost" light will be reflected back to the leaves. Beneath and around the plant will be a skirt (white out/reflective inside). The skirt's main goal is to form a Light Canyon to ensure no wasted light. It will also serve to keep CO2 around the plants rather than pooling on the floor.

Usually espalier uses wire between posts, but since this is inside I'll use a trick my great-Aunt taught me. My Family has used this trick for generations because it's cheap, ez and worx like a charm. You start by tying twine in a big, fat loop around the base of the stem. Then you circle your way up w/1 full revolution between each node. As the plant grows you just keep wrapping it round and round. I'll be wrapping my plant clock-wise, but our friends in the S-hemisphere will want to go counter-clockwise. Don't ask me how the Ladies know, but one way is a struggle and the other is smooth and ez. Gaia knows best. For side branches, tie twine loosely to the twine going round the main stem, not the stem itself. This allows for growth. Then you just wrap your way out to the end of the branch and secure to an eyelet. Eyelets are easily moved and safer than nails.

I'll be using a tragically ghetto assortment of lites including: T5, CFL and a couple of those blue things in a clamp-on reflector. It won't make NASA jealous, but hopefully they'll grow some good herb. I'll probably be growing bag-seed, and haven't chosen a medium yet. Options are: 10-gal cloth pot, top-fed DWC set-up a buddy of mine gave me.

Eagerly seeking criticism, ideas, tweax, musings.
I'm in to see, "the tragically ghetto lights". lol. OH, AND, the plants. ;) Good luck Ranger.
Found it!!! Sorry I'm late brother...

That idea is awesome! I'm really excited to see this idea of yours grow and bloom into some beautiful flowers for you to smoke.

Much love!
Howdy One and All,
Sorry about the slow start here, money woes have been slowing things down. Not stopped, just slowed.
Thought I'd leave you w/a quote. Many know the 1st line, but it's really a quatrain:
Patience is a Virtue,
Keep it if you can.
Rarely held by Woman,
Never held by Man.
I'll be back soon w/something a little more prosaic, like a real-live actual progress report.
Ranger out.
Hi Ranger.

Looking forward to following along. You really grabbed my attention with your families history of growing. I would sub up just for more of that :Namaste: I'm going to be ordering a case or two of Orville Redenbacher so I can enjoy the show with a big smile on my face (this kind) :lot-o-toke: Yep, that's a smile LOL!

Happy Thursday Ranger! :peace:
Howdy Folks,
Finally some of the pesky pieces are coming together. Instead of bag-seed this little experiment will be carried out on Trainwreck. A buddy of mine gave me a healthy clone from his grow and I'm psyched! She's around 24" tall, a little on the lanky side, but healthy as a horse.

She'll be grown in a 5-gal bucket in SuperSoil. Here's the recipe that I'll be using:
Mostly FarmerD's Bio-Dynamic Planting mix
2-3 handfuls of perlite and vermiculite to loosen it up
1 shy cup of Azomite
Handful of Rock phosphate
Handful of kelp meal
Handful each of blood and bone meal
Handful of Espoma Biotone Starter, which includes:
- Bacillus licheniformis
- B. megaterium
- B. pumilus
- Scleroderma cepa
- Laccaria bicolor
- Rhizopogon roseolus
- R. subscaerelescens
- R. villosuli
- R. vulgaris
- 2 endomychorrhizal fungi: Glomus aggregatum and G. intraradices.
I'm also throwing in 30-40 worms and the dirt/castings from around where I dug them so the Lady won't be lonely. Wish I could have cooked this up longer, but time waits for no Man. Initial watering is pond water from a protected, very bio-active pond @ the Lake Claire Community Land Trust. No chem for 30-plus years, just happy hippies dancing around. This should lend heaps of micro-biota making a true FrankenSoil: it's ALIVE!
Next on the docket: put up LightCanyon and get 1 more light. Should be done tomorrow.
Quick question: she's in 1-liter pot w/coir and perlite. Any special tips on transplanting to 5-gal FrankenMix?
Great soil mix, Ranger. :goodjob::bravo:

As for transplanting, I just pot on as with any other plant - water beforehand, slip it out, water it in. Never had any problems.

Have a good day. :circle-of-love:
Hey, I made it. I must have made a left at the bakery instead of a right. but a little green leprechaun told me about this place. I'll be watching from from the couch and cheering on. More on the Leprechaun's later or not.

Subed in for the fun.
Hi Ranger! Cool journal you've got started! That soil sounds like a great mix, you may want to add some good neem meal and crab/crustacean meal for their pest fighting abilities, nutritional benefits and how they act as a catalyst for terpene production and high yields, but you've already got a soil that will grow some beautiful buds I'm sure - those two just may help in the future :)

Awesome espalier background! That sounds SO cool to me lol. I'm barely doing my first 'fluxes' here. But training a fruit tree along a fence, I can barely imagine! I have to try that some day! As for the twine espalier for cannabis - I don't see why it wouldn't work wonders, awesome share! I bet its the trajectory of the Sun across the sky why you do it clockwise in the north and counter clockwise in the south.... just a guess though hahaha, may be totally wrong.

But yeah. Subbed, thanks for the invite :)
Welcome aboard everybody, this is your captain speaking...
I'm so glad to have such an illustrious bunch along for the ride. Yes, yes pix are on the way. I'll try to focus in on my great-Aunt's trick, so you can see how it worx. Her great-Aunt was pretty clever is my guess.

Re Post#17: SoilGirl, thx for the seal of approval on the mix. I bet you're right on the sun-rotation idea. I thought it was some sort of magnetism thing, but your hypothesis maxe more sense. So often the simple answer is the best, and the most elusive.
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