PeeJay's Neophyte Breeding Adventure

I've been interested in breeding some unique strains. I'm going to attempt to document what I'm doing. The devil is in the details. Quality technical writing necessitates frequent revisions for clarity sake, and a forum doesn't really work for that. To that end, this journal will never be a concise guide to breeding. I hope to document the process for entertainment value. There is a good chance pollen will fly everywhere and I'll screw the pooch! I don't intend to answer questions much, if at all. Cheerleading is welcome. I'll provide pointers to the references I'm using where appropriate. Folks tell me I'm good at creating systems. We'll see if I can create a breeding system.

I have genetics on the way. Primarily I will be using strains that are close to landrace. I enjoy indicas and indica dominant hybrids and my intention is to hybridize indicas from geographical regions that originated at a latitude close to mine where the climate is similar. Basically, the late spring and early summer are dry and often hot here. There is a rainy season from July through August/early September. The altitude is over 5000 feet. Temperatures drop rapidly in late September and October with dazzling bright sunshine in abundance as does the humidity and precipitation. The latitude is 35 degrees North. Some of this will be happening in the ghetto greenhouse, some in a 4x4 tent, some in a cfl box, and some in a 3x3x4 tent with cfls. For this first round, for the most part, seed production will be taking place inside.

For the Indica backbone I will be using Cannabiogen Seeds Pakistan Chitral Kush and DNA Genetics Seeds Pure Afghan.

Breeder Info:

Pakistan Chitral Kush is widely known in the cannabis world as being producer of one of Pakistan’s best hashes. The Pakistan Chitral cannabis seeds offer you an excellent pure indica, bred in the Iberian Peninsula since mid 90’s. It has been picked and reproduced by Cannabiogen for more than 5 generations in order to get the best hash plant expressions and to keep a wide genetic diversity in the population. Pakistan Chitral cannabis seeds are an indica with a surprisingly resistance against fungus and rain, and also an exceptional breeding tool used to develop great hybrids. Its high is relaxing and the red and purple plants smell of wild strawberries and blackberries. Cannabiogen Seeds Pakistan Chitral Kush is a genuine treasure for cannabis indica lover’s and enthusiasts and marijuana seeds breeders.

*Note, I wanted to get the Chitral from Ace Seeds since I've been impressed with what I've seen of them here on the forum but it was sold out everywhere. Then I discovered on the Ace Seeds website that they got their Pakistan Chitral from their buddies at Cannabiogen so it's all good. ;)

DNA Pure Afgan: Originating in the Mazari Sherif region of Afghanistan, these Pure Afghan Seeds are a landrace strain. Being the only DNA strain that is bred from a fresh seed stock outside of Holland this plant definitely offers something different. As the Pure Afghan is a short plant from a mountainous region, the Pure Afghan strain is an early finisher and sports a short flowering time between 7-8 weeks. She is a short plant from the mountainous region, resulting in Pure Afghan finishing early. Pure Afghan yields 450 - 550 grams / m2 , is 100% Indica and has genetics of pure landrace Afghan. Pure Afghan has a flowering Time of 7 - 8 weeks.

*Note: Mazar i Sharif crosses seem to do very well in this climate. I have grown two previously - Mama Mia ( Mazar i Sharif x Early Skunk) and Darkstar (Mazar i Sharif x Purple Kush). Landraces from the Mazar i Sharif region of Northern Afganistan should not be confused with the popular strain Mazar ( Mazar i Sharif x Skunk #1). Both the Chitral region of Pakistan and the Mazar i Sharif region of Afganistan are 35 degrees North, high altitude, and have similar climate patterns to mine.

I have 10 regular Pakistani Chitral and 13 regular Pure Afgan on the way.

I also have two sativas en route. I have 10 each regular seeds of each coming. One was selected because I've seen people have great success with it here and it is something I think I can manage and the other because it has a latitude and high altitude strain influence.

Ace Seeds Panama: Panama combines different red and green sativas from Panama. It’s a uniform hybrid with strong vegetative vigour that produces beautiful huge reddish and pinkish buds. This well-proportioned marijuana plant allows the development of a large plant with an aroma which flows inside like sweet fresh strawberry. It produces good vibrations and a happy feeling and its low tolerance produces a constant increasing high. Recommended for outdoor growing, Panama cannabis seeds produce marijuana plants with a typical sativa look, smell and effect. Panama produces more clear headed energetic type of high. These cannabis seeds are NOT for impatient or amateur cannabis growers.

Genetics: Panama '74, Green Panama and Colombian
Flowering time: 70 - 78 days, 3rd week of October outdoors

ACE Seeds Bangi Haze is a F4 stable hybrid of a Congolese female and a Nepalese male strain. This marijuan seed is one of the fastest sativa hybrids in Ace Seeds collection and also one of the easiest to grow and it has a nice sweet and spicy aroma and taste and very nice warmth that washes over you just before the strong euphoria kicks in. Being mostly sativa, Bangi Haze cannabis seeds produce compact plants. She grows very manageably for indoor application and show excellent results with medium spaced nodes full of generous trichomes with thick nuggets. Numerous tests during a Bangi Haze seed breeding project made her well adapted to cold outdoor climates. Outdoor harvest starts end September/early October. The smell of the dried buds is complex, to say the least its church incense, onion/garlic haze aroma which gives a very wicked, stinging sensation. A seductive honey and liquor flavour softens and smoothness out some of the garlic/onion portion of the aroma. The flavour is very much the same as the aroma. Bangi Haze is definitely recommend for beginners as well as experienced cannabis growers.

I have a ton of other stuff on the way, all feminized. None of them will come into play anytime soon. I currently have 2 x Darkstar, a Sage n' Sour, and a Dinafem Cheese going. They are in the ghetto greenhouse and will start flowering around the 25th of July from my experience. I have the opportunity to produce feminized crosses with each of them by isolating branches and very carefully hitting them with feminine pollen. I am going to start with the Pakastani Chirtral and the Panama. If all goes well I will produce these seeds this season.

Pakastani Chitral regular and fem.

Panama regular and fem.

Pakastani Chitral F x Panama M reg and fem

Panama F x Pakastani Chitral M reg and fem

Darkstar F x Panama fem

Sage 'n Sour x Pakistani Chitral fem

The challenge is going to be keeping the pollens sequestered. I may end up with a huge mess of nothing but seeded buds with no idea what is what unless I'm VERY careful.

If you want to understand what is going on I suggest reading the following in Canna's blog:

Collecting and storing pollen

Producing Feminized Seeds Using Colloidal Silver - Blogs - 420 Magazine ®

How To Reverse Sex Using Silver Thiosulfate Solution - Blogs - 420 Magazine ®

Once I started mapping out a plan I realized that I have so many genetics available that I'll be able to keep myself occupied and entertained for years. For example once things are rolling I may want to backcross, etc. Then there is the quest to find phenos and stablize strain. We won't get into all that now... First things first!

Other genetics I have available to mess with.

Seedsman White Widow fem

Seedsman Mama Mia fem

Dinafem OG fem

John Sinclair Seeds White Panther

Punky Lion fem (don't recall the breeder)


Eva Seeds Pink Plant fem

Elemental Seeds Fifth Element fem

Humboldt Seed Organization Lemon Garlic OG fem

Dutch Passion Seeds Skunk #11 fem

G13 Labs Seeds Gigabud

DNA Genetics Seeds Golden Lemons regular

I think there are a few more in the freezer, too. Need to go digging.

I suppose that I need at least one picture here in this first post... Here's a shot of the two Darkstars, the Dinafem Cheese, and the Sage 'n Sour from about ten days ago.


They are about 5 1/2 weeks there. I haven't been home since Monday. They have all been potted up into 10 gallons since last weekend. I'm headed home tomorrow and we can have another look then.

I also have a new 4x4 tent on the way, a Mars Hydro 144x5, etc. I intend to draw a flow diagram this weekend that illustrates how I'll get so many different seeds from this summer grow. I think the chart will be helpful because it is a way of visualizing the chain of events that needs to take place. Till then, keep 'em green!
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Ok, I read your intro post and my heart started beating a little faster. I know less than nothing about breeding but lots about cheerleading. I'll be doing my best to follow, and that flow chart will go a long way in helping me wrap my head around it.

I'll be sitting over here, quietly taking notes. That's quite a feat you pulled off there, getting me to be quiet. Into student mode now. :reading420magazine:
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And you're right - I do love your strain choices. :love: :thumb:
I'm still editing glaring typos and omissions from the intro. You two are too fast, dammit. I forgot one link to Canna's blog. Those links are great reading and will go a long way to orienting folks to what I'm doing. I'll be using the silver thiosulfate to change the sex of the females and produce feminine pollen.
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But sometimes, just sometimes, one has absolutely no choice. :thumb:
I'm still editing glaring typos and omissions from the intro. You two are too fast, dammit. I forgot one link to Canna's blog. Those links are great reading and will go a long way to orienting folks to what I'm doing. I'll be using the silver thiosulfate to change the sex of the females and produce feminine pollen.

:laughtwo: I especially dislike it when people quote me before I notice the typos. :laughtwo:
I'll be sure to read those posts PeeJay.
What with Mod duties, I really really don't need another subscription.

But sometimes, just sometimes, one has absolutely no choice. :thumb:

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This journal is going to be a learning experience as well as humorous with all of the varying personalities we have here already.

You have made up my mind to do another cross this year with the outdoor plants using the selected branch method as before. I"ve been pondering that for a couple weeks now.

:thanks: Now I have to actually hope for a male plant. LOL

I'll be planting 10 each of the two breeding strains and need one male and three females of each. Lord willing, I'll have some leeway to select the most vigorous of each but there is always the chance that the ratios won't work... Have you been having no luck when it comes to having a male in your life? I know that I've not exactly been fortunate in finding a good female recently... :rofl: It's going to suck if I don't get three out of 10 females from each strain but if my personal life is any sort of barometer I'm likely to end up surrounded by dudes... That is much worse than being surrounded by females when it comes to cannabis irregardless of one's human sexual orientation.
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I did my best to make an early departure from Mom's house yesterday because I was expecting deliveries. I was racing the parcel services. Alas I didn't get out of there until noon. Everything I was expecting was delivered but I was a little pissed off when I found one package sitting outside the front door in plain sight just like this...


How's that for stealth shipping? I ordered that filter from Cramazon and it was shipped by one of their partners. I have perviously ordered filters from sponsor Perfect Gardens and they arrived inside another box with no indication of what was inside. Color me a fool! How much did I save by ordering from those idiots? About $8.00 - almost enough for a six pack of craft beer on sale. Totally not worth it. When I looked at the tracking it had been sitting outside my front door in plain view for four hours. Live and learn!:straightface: Anyhow, Perfect Gardens has decent prices and there is a 10% off code in the sponsor discounts thread. Their service has always been speedy and the shipping discreet. I won't make the Cramazon error ever again.

It's been hot and dry here with high temps around 100. I was a little concerned that my plants would be roasted when I returned but everyone was good in their new ten gallon homes. They got a little drink yesterday and will get a good watering before I head back out tomorrow.

Getting good pictures inside the ghetto greenhouse is hard. The plants are big enough that it ain't possible to get good whole plant pictures in that 6 x 6 space since I lack a wide angle lens. I just can't get far enough away from the plants without the wall getting in the way. Here is a family photo through the open door. This is about as good as I can do. Back right is the Cheese. To it's left (obscured by the Sage n' Sour in the foreground) is a Darkstar. The second Darkstar is foreground right.


A couple more.



Things are a little lankier than I'd like. The deck the greenhouse sits on faces south. The sun rises and sets NE SE and the building shades the greenhouse reducing the hours of direct sunlight quite a bit. For example it was light at 5:30 this morning and the plants had woken up and were already reaching for the sky but the greenhouse was in dark complete shade until almost 9:00. An over hanging tree shades the grow area between 1:00 - 3:00, and then the sun drops behind the building shading the grow area about 6:30. I expect the shady time is the reason for the lanky stretch. As the sun's zenith tracks to the south in the coming weeks there will be less hours of light but an increasing amount of lumens because the building won't shade the greenhouse as much.

Took a ton of tops and made a nice nosegay out of them.


The 4x4 tent arrived as well as the fan, both discreetly packaged. The new light gets here on Thrusday and I'm going to move one or possibly two plants into the tent and set them to flower next weekend. I ordered a new ghetto greenhouse the same as the one I have now. The one I have now was a demonstration unit for cheap I bought from the manufacturer. It was worn when I got it. The zippers are trashed after two years. I can't zip up the doors anymore, or the screens. Since I'll be running a fan and filter in there for odor control I need working doors. I'll put up the new one next weekend and it will give me a chance to take some better whole plant pictures while they are outside.
Thanks Rado. They are in for a rough week with temps over 100 the next couple of days and single digit humidity. Going to set up a fan and ducting later today to pull cooler air from the shade into the grow area and blow hot out the far side.

One more picture post haircut and sun hitting the greenhouse.


With another month until the plants stretch and flower I'm not going to be shy about pruning to encourage branch development
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