PeeJay's Perpetual Porta-Scrog Party

The perpetual will be run in three different tents, a 3'x3'x2' tent lit by two four bulb T-5 fixtures for babies and clones, a 4'x2'x4' tent for additional vegetative growth once the plants are in the scrog rigs lit by a Mars Hydro 144x5w reflector, and a 4'x4'x7' flower tent lit by a Mars II 1200w.

There are three pot sizes:


Seedling and clones will be started in 1 liter square pots. Seedlings will spend the first three weeks in the 1 liter pots and clones will live in them until well established. The medium will be seedling soil - basically PJ v2.01 cut with additional peat and perlite to half strength. Plants will be up-canned into two gallon pots of full strength dirt and aggressively topped and super-cropped for additional time in the 3'x3'x2' tent until they are ready to be put into scrog rigs.

For the scrog rigs I am using standard 40" tomato cages that have been cut off about an inch above the bottom ring. The screens are made of vinyl coated wire fencing with 3"x2" openings cut into 18" squares. The fencing is ideal. Unfortunately, I had to buy a huge roll of it for $32... I have way more than I need! Scrogged plants will finish in 7 gallon pots.

The middle ring of the tomato cages is slightly bigger in diameter than the two gallon pots. So convenient!


The screen height is ~ 6" above the soil. Most people consider this too low but because the scrogs are portable it is pretty easy to water the plants. Due to the limited headroom for plants in the baby tent a plant that is maxed out in there will be the correct size when it's time to move them into the scrog. After transplanting the screen is placed on the top ring of the tomato cage and secured to it with zip-ties.

Two scrogged plants at a time fit into the 4'x2'x4' tent. With four plants in flower I should harvest one ~ every 2-3 weeks. Plants in the 4'x2' will have ~ 5-6 weeks to fill in the screens before moving into the flower tent. The 144x5w reflector is 20" above the screens. Should work great.





I have put four plants into scrog rigs. The two Chitral clones, one more purple and fragrant but a smaller yielder and the more robust bigger producer are scrogged. These two are still a little wonky from the reveg but are doing ok. There are some burnt leaves from coming into direct contact with the T-5s. No biggie. There are still a bunch of one bladed leaves.



Also scrogged is the Panama fem clone.


And, finally, Golden Lemon OG. I like the look of this one so far.


For the time being all four are in the flowering tent under 18/6. In a week or so I'll flip to 12/12 and move two into the 2'x4' veg tent to continue filling out the screens. I haven't decided which two will go into flower first, but if I do one Chitral and the Panama it should be a good launch to the stagger. Panama will take 2-3 weeks longer to finish than the Chitral. I'll feed the two plants from the 2'x4' tent in at the appropriate intervals and move new plants into scrogs from the little veg tent. Does that make sense?


For now I'll be concentrating on getting screens full like this:


The first two will get sent to flower a little earlier than I would like, just to get things moving.

In the baby tent I have three plants right now. There is a clone of a male Panama an un-sexed Bangi Haze, 5th Element, and Pink Plant. They got a serious haircut yesterday. I may run into problems trying to keep them in the tiny tent for another month or more. I'll probably take clones in case I need to kill them for lack of a more spacious home. I'll also pop a bean or two this week.

Here is breeder info for the plants going right now:

Pakistan Chitral Kush is widely known in the cannabis world as being producer of one of Pakistan’s best hashes. The Pakistan Chitral cannabis seeds offer you an excellent pure indica, bred in the Iberian Peninsula since mid 90’s. It has been picked and reproduced by Cannabiogen for more than 5 generations in order to get the best hash plant expressions and to keep a wide genetic diversity in the population. Pakistan Chitral cannabis seeds are an indica with a surprisingly resistance against fungus and rain, and also an exceptional breeding tool used to develop great hybrids. Its high is relaxing and the red and purple plants smell of wild strawberries and blackberries. Cannabiogen Seeds Pakistan Chitral Kush is a genuine treasure for cannabis indica lover’s and enthusiasts and marijuana seeds breeders.

Ace Seeds Panama: Panama combines different red and green sativas from Panama. It’s a uniform hybrid with strong vegetative vigour that produces beautiful huge reddish and pinkish buds. This well-proportioned marijuana plant allows the development of a large plant with an aroma which flows inside like sweet fresh strawberry. It produces good vibrations and a happy feeling and its low tolerance produces a constant increasing high. Recommended for outdoor growing, Panama cannabis seeds produce marijuana plants with a typical sativa look, smell and effect. Panama produces more clear headed energetic type of high. These cannabis seeds are NOT for impatient or amateur cannabis growers. Genetics: Panama '74, Green Panama and Colombian.
Flowering time: 70 - 78 days, 3rd week of October outdoors

ACE Seeds Bangi Haze is a F4 stable hybrid of a Congolese female and a Nepalese male strain. This marijuan seed is one of the fastest sativa hybrids in Ace Seeds collection and also one of the easiest to grow and it has a nice sweet and spicy aroma and taste and very nice warmth that washes over you just before the strong euphoria kicks in. Being mostly sativa, Bangi Haze cannabis seeds produce compact plants. She grows very manageably for indoor application and show excellent results with medium spaced nodes full of generous trichomes with thick nuggets. Numerous tests during a Bangi Haze seed breeding project made her well adapted to cold outdoor climates. Outdoor harvest starts end September/early October. The smell of the dried buds is complex, to say the least its church incense, onion/garlic haze aroma which gives a very wicked, stinging sensation. A seductive honey and liquor flavour softens and smoothness out some of the garlic/onion portion of the aroma. The flavour is very much the same as the aroma. Bangi Haze is definitely recommend for beginners as well as experienced cannabis growers.

In order to create Fifth Element, Elemental breeders crossed BlackBerry with All Spark OG. The resulting strain is heavy yielder and flowers in 55-60 days. This variety has super powerful smell and OG taste. It’s high is strong and cerebral.

Pink Plant is a Sativa dominant strain, which was created by crossing two powerful Sativas – High Level and TNT Kush. The resulting variety produces robust fast growing plants with hard and long buds. Pink Plant can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. The flowering time takes around 55 – 60 days. Nutritional needs are medium and increases slightly during flowering time. Pink Plant has very mild and discreet fresh fruits aroma and the flavour is an ecstatic combination of eucalyptus and loquat. The finished product offers powerful, cerebral and slightly relaxing high.

DNA Genetics Seed Golden Lemons Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Cross of a Jew Gold and Lemon Skunk resulted in yields abundant with resin. Golden Lemon has old school citrusy flavour. Perfect for hash makers and when pulled earlier can give some clear concentrates. This variety will adapt everywhere.

Genetics : Jew Gold Cut x Lemon Skunk
Flowering Time : 56-63 Days
Sex : Feminized
Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Area : Indoor and Outdoor
:popcorn: I'm in. SCRoG on PeeJay!
Did you do any topping on the reveg?

Yep, Canna. They needed a ton of topping to keep them low in the 3'x3'x2' tent. Once a baby has been transplanted into the two gallon pots there is only ~ 8" of room before they come in contact with the T-5 bulbs. Plants will spend 5-6 weeks in the baby tent. The goal is multiple tops on a short bushy plant before it is moved into a SCRoG so everything gets topped and super-cropped like crazy. I'll drop a bean or two soon so we can follow one all the way through.

SCRoG has become a loose term. People put up string nets for support and call it a SCRoG. What I'm doing is more akin to a flux than that. Once a plant is under the screen, the screen is used to train the plants horzontally. Growth from new nodes go vertical through the holes. A flux depends on tying the plant down to encourage horizontal growth while this method depends on the screen to hold the plant down. Either way the result is a profusion of tops and an even canopy. Topping and fimming in the early stage sets the scene for the whole process.

Here are some picture of the screen filling in last time I did this. In this case the plans were not as branched when they went under the screen but fimmed tops provided the leaders to fill in the screen.


Those screens were 12"X16" (192 sq inches) compared to 324 sq inches for the current 18"x18" screens.
:clap::clap::clap: And the crowd goes wild......
Shawnee, I thought you might like to see a comparison of the two different DarkStar phenos from the summer grow. In the first picture the the greenhouse one is on top. I have now found five seeds from the outdoor one. I think they are probably Darkstar x Paki Chitral. I have never found more than one seed in a nug leading me to believe that they caught a whiff of stray Chitral pollen. I'm going to pop a couple of them later today.


The one that flowered indoors had thin woody stems and a much higher calxy to leaf ratio than the one flowered out in the greenhouse. It showed more blue in it's bud coloration and had darker colored fan leaves. Indoor pheno:





Outdoor pheno:






Both phenos are similar in terpene profile with pinene dominating the nose. The indoor pheno has a musky, earthy background aroma while the outdoor one has some lemony citrus undertones. Both phenos are very narcotic and sedative in effect. Serious nighttime smoke. The indoor one is slightly more potent but both are first rate. If I had taken clones the indoor plant would have been the keeper, I think. The yield was great in both cases but the indoor one wins for it's slightly higher potency and for being much, much more easy to trim.
I want the mailman to leave nugs in my mailbox.

Thanks for the indoor/outdoor comparison, who knew of all the differences, it's hard to believe....I, too, am growing some Darkstar inside and have taken clones for the next 2 generations.....I have to say that it is definitely one of the prettiest plants I have grown to look that good AND be that narcotic is killer...lucky lady to have both attributes.....
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