PeeJay's Neophyte Breeding Adventure

PeeJay, I give you plenty of grief, but I want you to know, I'm as much in awe of you as every one else standing around this room trying to soak up your genius. You take my breath away with stuff like this.


You inspire me to make my own grow come close to this. Yes, I should be doing it your way. We all know that. I'm hard-headed. I'm gonna do it my way, but hopefully, with your assistance.

We should be there to help. We certainly got enough pleasure out of watching you tend to them. Feels like cheating that you shoulder all the work. We like sticky fingers too. :laughtwo:

Thank you for a delightful journey. :circle-of-love:
Sheesh, PeeJay, yer jus' ... schoolin' us all! :thedoubletake:

Crazy mad skills!
Aw, no more marionette battle arena :-(

At least you'll get some nice scissor hash!

Still plenty of strings left with the DarkStar and breeders. I did get a nice nugget of scissor hash, The PeeJay hair garnish makes it extra special. :laughtwo:


Thank you for a delightful journey. :circle-of-love:

Having someone to bicker with in the back seat makes the miles fly by! :circle-of-love:

Sheesh, PeeJay, yer jus' ... schoolin' us all! :thedoubletake:

Crazy mad skills!

Ha! I learned a lot of what I know in your schoolhouse, Mr. Tail.

Shhhh......:shhh:...does anyone else hear it?



*snip snip... snip snip snip*

Got about half the Sage 'n Sour done yesterday.

Box o buds.


World class plants, PeeJay. hashtag misfits :cheer:

Thank you Mr. Staker!
The selected Panama breeder has been largely ignored in my posts. It's been quietly chugging away in the back corner of the greenhouse. It was selected along with one male from an 8 seed start. The mid-July planting meant it went into flower as soon as it hit sexual maturity. That was around the 21st of August. The Chitrals planted at the same time started flowering a week to ten days sooner. It has been flowering for six weeks and has 4-6 weeks to go. It should make it unless we get a record early arctic blast.

Overall I'm happy with the female I selected. It sure did shoot for the roof to get above the big flowering plants crowding it but it branched rather nicely with no topping even before I had to give the top a few drastic bends to slow it down. It has a fruity aroma - mango maybe.

You can see the branch structure here.


If the top looks wonky that's because the bent top is way back in the corner where it can't be seen.


Should be fun watching this moving forwards.

It looks like the second pollination took and that I may have jumped the gun on the first one.

I'm going to be bummed if I screwed up the pollen harvest and I just shot my plants with blanks...

I do have an ace up my sleeve if I messed up. Apparently I fumbled when I took two clones of the panama and one of them is a male. It has to be one of the two males I was deciding to use as a stud and I recognize the alligator leaves as the one I was happiest with.


I assume this will reveg like a female clone taken in early flower? If anyone knows better shout and I can move it into the big tent under 12-12 for isolation.
Congrats on the Sage PJ and that's one beautiful scissor nug.
Wow PeeJay! Beautious! :bravo:
Winter will be indoors only - or maybe mostly. It will freeze most nights. Here's a graph I found.


There is usually abundant sunshine and there is no tree shading so the greenhouse heats up nicely during the day. I have an insulated cover I made from an old quilt and a tarp that can clip on over the top. I have the option of throwing plants out there to finish the last week or two if the weather cooperates and I run a small ceramic heater overnight unless we get a big arctic blast, but that is usually more trouble than it's worth.
It took three multi-hour long sessions to get the Sage 'n Sour neatly manicured and drying. I'll post some pics of the results in a few days. It's nice to be able to get into the greenhouse without having to crawl around on all fours under the canopy.

DarkStar is still poking along and needs another week of so. It has been cool and gray here this week but the sun is going to be back on Friday.



I took a sample of one of the Chitrals on Monday, one of the buds that was pollinated in the first round. I didn't find one bleeping seed! I fear that my pollen was not good. The smoke was potent and fruity. It's going to be great stuff when cured. The two main colas are going to get the chop on Monday.



The seedlings are doing great and are 7 or 8 days old. Bangi Haze (bottom left) is showing outstanding vigor out of the gate.

Those purples are stunning PeeJay. Rats on the missing seeds! Drat!!!
I have been truly blessed by the weather this fall. This last week was cool and gray but it never got too humid. I've still never had any dew or condensation on the inside of the greenhouse. Temperatures have stayed well above dew point. Now the sun is back strong for another week with highs in the low 80's and lows in the low 50's for the next several days. I may postpone lopping off the colas on the Chitrals for a few extra days. DarkStar is going to love this last stretch of dry cool weather. A few pictures from this morning.








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