PeeJay's Perpetual Porta-Scrog Party

Pink Plant Smoke Report

There is a bit over 4oz of Pink Plant nugs in the cure jar. They've been there for about ten days. The long slender colas broke down into a plethora of small dense nuggets.



They have retained the not-overpowering peach and floral aroma they had while growing to a large extent. This is not the kind of weed that stinks up a room when the jar is opened. It doesn't smell "dank" rather it smells pleasant.

Time to give it the Shiggity through a bubbler from a clean bowl.



Slightly under-ripe peachy tartness on the inhale. Floral and mildly hashy on the exhale - trailing off to tart peach and shortbread on the tongue. So good! I think I'm in love.

The high is up and a little trippy. I think I'll need to be careful with this one because it seems like the kind of pot that will make me a nervous wreck - something which may be complicated by the lovely flavor of the smoke inducing overindulgence.

Pink Plant will be out in the greenhouse, for sure. I also have a friend who is going to run one in a large outdoor scrog. Both will be from seeds so there is a good chance we'll see some phenos different from this one.

Good stuff. Highly recommended.
Still - It looks great! You reached my holy grail. :adore:

It was nice to step back to water only growing. Over the course of time getting sucked into the vortex of adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that is inevitable. Even when I get sucked that direction I stick with a few simple things. Seacom PGR, top dressing with Yum and castings.

All three of the 10 gallon plants this run were in second run soil, too. I just added some Yum Yum and castings to used dirt and potted up into it from 1 gallon pots. No cooking.

This was a fun journal. The perpetual wasn't perpetual long. My plant count is officially zero right now. It would have been easy enough to have plants ready to go into flower but I have more than enough meds on hand.

Six strains have been harvested here:

Paki Chitral Kush - two plants different phenos, both reveg clones. First run soil. Porta Scrogged. They didn't do that well in the scrogs - not sure how much of that was due to the reveg wonk and how much to the rough training.




Golden Lemons. One plant Porta-Scrogged in first run soil. The foxtaily buds are not super dense and tend to fall apart. GL is a nice all-around hybrid. It's there in jars but I don't find myself reaching for it that often. Not sure why. It really stretched and was sort of gangly in the scrog but yielded well.





Panama was the low screen porta-scrog champ. Live resin from this plant is a wonderful vape. A friend has a clone of this one and is holding on to it as a mother as well as a selected male Panama "father."





Those four plants all had a weekly "snack."

Then there was little Bangi, Big Bangi, Pink Plant and 5th Element. It's hard to pick a favorite.





This is as good a time as any to call this journal complete. I'll start up a new one for the summer greenhouse in a couple of weeks.
See you on the flip side! Please let me know when you get the next run going.
Awesome job PeeJay, looking forward to your Summer run :Namaste:

Fabulous growing skills on display here PeeJay! Thank you so much for documenting it! :bravo:
Fabulous growing skills on display here PeeJay! Thank you so much for documenting it! :bravo:

Absolutely. Always a pleasure to watch your efforts!
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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Hi Peejay, could you tell me how you got to picture #2. how did you get the plant to do this without looking bushy. it looks so neat, and my plants are really bushy and I want to do to mine what you did here. I read you said you did a lot of topping . could you go into a little more detail for the newbi here, me ? thanks for your help
Picture #2? This one from the first page?


I just topped the plant, Dutchess. I usually top between the 4th and 5th nodes (set of leaves) on new plants but you can top anytime before a plant goes into flower.

When you cut off the top it makes the lower branches grow out more and you end up with two brances at the top when there was one before, too.
Oh Wow,,,Peejay,,, KATIE BAR THE DOOR,,,,,,, my mother0in-law used to say this all the time...I picked it up from her, and never heard anyone else use this expression...its one of my faves....
Hey Peejay, I read somewhere that to only top about 20% of the top to get more growth going. well, about 4 days ago I di just that and my plants are still growing vertical but also they have grown so much in between the odes. the growth between nodes has tops on them too. the plant is about 12 o 14 inches tall and I wish I could put them in flowering soon. I am getting so anxious. wish I had pics.
I only have 2 1/5 feet to grow the plant vertical and even less I am wondering if I would hurt them to start flowering now. they have been in veg about 6 weeks. any help is really appreciated.
Peejay, I am going to ask a stupid question..what is a signature on the forum. I read it used many times but don't know what it pertains to. some say check my signature and I don't know where to look.
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