PeeJay's Perpetual Porta-Scrog Party

Pink Plant sparkling in the early morning sun.




The breeder description:

Pink Plant is a Sativa dominant strain, which was created by crossing two powerful Sativas – High Level and TNT Kush. The resulting variety produces robust fast growing plants with hard and long buds. Pink Plant can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. The flowering time takes around 55 – 60 days. Nutritional needs are medium and increases slightly during flowering time. Pink Plant has very mild and discreet fresh fruits aroma and the flavour is an ecstatic combination of eucalyptus and loquat. The finished product offers powerful, cerebral and slightly relaxing high.

I'm thinking Pink Plant and Bangi will both need to come down early next week. Pink plant has been flowering ~ 60 days now but looks like she can ride a little longer. Great. I need to harvest two plants during finals week on top of trying to make up some things I missed while Mom was ill. I'm thinking that I'll hook up some odor control in the greenhouse move the big Bangi out there and just dry the whole plants upside-down inside in the dark filtered tent.

The buds are long and hard, indeed. Very elegant colas. Mine smells seriously of stone fruit - peach, apricot, plum. The aroma is not cloying, can't really smell it from a couple of feet away. Rub a bud with your fingers and the smell is amazing!

Based on the low ambient odor and the way this strain branched I'm going over to a buddy's house today to dig a big ass hole that will be filled with 2nd run dirt ~ 20 gallons. He's going to do a mega outdoor Pink Plant scrog this summer. Don't really have time to help him get that together but it's a beautiful day and some outside time will do me good.
Good for you Dennise! It's been beautiful here. The last few months have been brutal. Little time for recreation. Lots of stress. It looks like I'll survive the semester. Mom is doing better. Unfortunately I've let a lot of people down where my volunteer commitments are concerned and have been a stressed out, grumpy man for a while.

I've been promised beers and BBQ this afternoon. I'm going to bring the tester of Bangi. Speaking of the Bangi tester...

Not a tiny sample. It was 6.1g after I trimmed it. Been under a light bulb for two days getting turned now and then. 1.6g now, Shiggity.

And wouldn't you know it. My friend is not well today so there will be no hole digging, BBQ, or beers. I hit the tester. Strong eucalyptus. Edgy sativa buzz. I have time today now that I'm not going out. I'm going to chop little Bangi, dammit. Could go another week but we're well within the window.
My son stopped by. He's been bugging me to go disk golfing with him. We sampled more Bangi and hit the park. Damn, the kid is good. I'd never played before. Junior has more disks than Carter has little pills. My arse was handed to me. The Bangi is very up. He loves it. For me it is a little nervous but was great for disk golf in the park on a sunny day!

And, I got the little Bangi chopped. This may turn out to be embarrassing for 5th Element. Bangi was in 3 gallons, 5th was in 10. 5th was much larger going into flower and only yielded a little over 70g of dried buds. Bangi is going to beat that by quite a bit. 5th does seem to have yielded more high quality trim due to better trich coverage on sugar leaves, and even some fan leaves, plus produced much more popcorn because the canopy was tighter. In 5th's defence it is already delicious and may be the best smoke I've grown to date.

A few harvest pics:




Nice to see you Growlow. I need to pop over and check out your new journal. Your plants are always stellar. Later though. I'm going to put together a big post about Pink Plant since she's going to get chopped later today or tomorrow. I really like Pink Plant.

Little Bangi was jarred and yielded 76g so it edged out 5th Element. It lost the off-putting medicinal smell as it dried. After a couple of days in the jar it smells like incense? That's a vague description if there ever was one. What kind of incense? Spicy. A hint of cedar. The is a sour note lurking in there somewhere. The effect is crisp and happy. I haven't experienced any anxiety with it at all which can be a problem for me. Every time I smoke the Sage 'n Sour I regret it.

Sativa induced anxiety made me wary of sativas and sativa dominant hybrids but I've been challenging myself. Panama treats me well. It has a dreamy relaxing quality while still being quite up. I hope that Bangi turns out to be another sativa that I tolerate well. It is pretty darn tasty even without a cure.

I need to do a smoke report on the 5th Element soon. Really good! I'm settled on the summer greenhouse grow now. 5th Element and Pink Plant. I'm also going to flux a monster DarkStar indoors in the 4x4. A flux is on my growing bucket list and I'm going to get it done.

In a couple of weeks when big Bangi is done my plant count will be zero and I'll pop seeds. The DarkStar flux will have a 4x4 all to itself for both veg and flower. I'm in no hurry to harvest more smoke so it's a perfect time to mess around.

I'll be back with a Pink Plant retrospective in a bit.
Pink Plant

Pink Plant started out life way back in November and suffered an early life of neglect and violent topping. Here she is when she was pulled out of the torture tent.



I was joking about this being a good training method for aggressive stretchy strains over in the Majors yard the other day. It's kind of humorous. Here is a picture of Pink Plant taken this morning. You can see that knot of growth at the bottom quite clearly.


Pink was cleaned up and some LST was applied. The stems on this plant are very woody and I had to crank down hard to spread it out a bit.


When the plant came out of the torture tent it was in 1 gallon of dirt and had been in it for four months. Despite the rough appearance it had always grown like crazy. It responded well to more headroom under a Mars Reflector 144x5. The medium is 2nd run dirt that was amended with Yum Yum and Castings - 10 gallons. It hooked right up. It had 24 days more veg before moving into flower.


This is a good a time as any to point out that this is a true water only plant. It has had no additional top dressing, snacks, etc. I did this for a couple of reasons. I'd never second run this soil before. If I want a clear picture of how the recycled soil does, adding other things just confuses the issue. Also, it is easy to fall into the trap of adding a little of this and a little of that. One of my core principals is that it's easy to grow first rate organic cannabis without constantly trying to manipulate the soil chemistry and biota. There is no doubt that some readers will look at my current run and think, "I bet if he'd added blah blah blah it would have been even better and yielded even more." I hold the opinion that constant manipulation frequently leads to biological chaos.

Here are a couple of more pictures of Pink Plant as it transitioned into flower:


I'm going to post chronological pictures of the flowering cycle. A couple of weeks back it became possible to put Pink out in the greenhouse most of the time. You can see the Pink Pistils, etc.




] [img]





Amazing turnaround and stunning results! :bravo:
5th Element Smoke Report

I'm having the most relaxing, carefree day in a while. It's beautiful out. I've been working on the jornal, sitting outside and drinking coffee. Got the Kiln handy and have been taking small low temp hits of Chitral wax @ 9 watts and 300 degrees. So yummy.

So why not bang out the 5th Element Smoke report, too? I was going to harvest the Pink Plant but it sounds too much like work.

Yeah... Lets sit outside and give some 5th Element the 'ol Shiggtyflip out of a perfectly clean bowl.



Oh God, that's good.

After ten days in the jar 5th Element smells pleasant but not overwhelming. It was that way in flower too. It sort of hits ya with a whiff of mint, then floral notes, and a hint of red fruit.

It smokes much the same, smooth and mild with a little minty zip on the inhale, floral on the exhale and leaves a little sweetness on the tip of the tongue.

The high is up, but also very stoney. Seems like klutz weed. Haven't broken anything yet but it could happen.

Some nug pics:







5th Element only yielded 72g of nice nugs. There is a ton of very frosty trim in the freezer that is going to make some tasty hash/concentrate. It should return very well.

Despite the mediocre yield, this is the second strain that will go big in the greenhouse this summer. It's that good. This hybrid is not couch lock at all. If you overdo it, however, you'll become the poster child for cannabis induced stupidity.
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