PeeJay's Neophyte Breeding Adventure

PJ, congrats on your double bubble win, you deserve and your plants are some of the most exquisite and visually appealing specimens that I enjoy looking at through your excellent a smoker of nicotine for 50 years I can tell you that I have been smoke free since Sept 12, 2014 cold turkey.....I am certainly not tooting my horn, but I have done the impossible and am here for you if you want to reach out....with much love, Shawnee..
Go ahead with your bad self PJ! NOTM, POTM, Harvest, Cheese Wax...

Just so you know I'll be doing a "Side by Side" run with the Customized Organic Soil Mix you calculated for me next to Doc's HB Kit in the near future. I neglected to ask you for permission and hope you don't mind. Don't need permission from Doc since his kit is on the open market.
I'm going to need about 2gal's worth of a start up recipe for seedlings from you being his kit has a seedling step. We want this to be as fair as possible.

I know which one will be the least demanding for the grower already...
Huh? I don't follow...
You honestly don't understand his meaning Reg? His soil you'll plant, water, harvest monster, potent buds. The Kit you'll measure, fuss, spray, drench, etc, etc, etc and harvest some of the most impressive plants you'll ever grow. His soil is much easier on the grower. The interesting point will be harvest. I want to see your comparison at that point.
Things will start ramping up here again soon. The eight plants in the small T-5 illuminated 3'x3'x24" tent have pretty much eaten up all the space in there.

I suppose I knew all along that I would never really be able to get plants big enough in that little space to feed right into flower. There just isn't enough headroom. We'll look at the brood later this week. One of my POTM prizes is a Mars II 1200. I just ordered a new 2'x4'x5' tent. I'll put the old style 60x5w and 128x3w lights into the new tent. I'll be able to feed plants from the little T-5 tent into the 2X4 to stretch and fill out before moving them into flower in the 4x4 that will be lit by the Mars II 1200 and the 148x5w reflector. Should be a fantastic set up!

The Panama has been in the jar for about a week now. I can see why those who have grown it enjoy the Panama so much. Everything about this pot is up. It has a bright fruity aroma and a light and lively color. It is a shame that I can't direct link Van Halen's Panama video to this post! But, here it is in my off topic trash thread. Panama Pretty much hits the energy level nail on the head...The terpine profile is actually similar to the Chitral and I'm bummed that I screwed the pooch on the selective breeding. The effect is also very up. It is not as anxiety inducing as I find the Sage 'n Sour but I still have to use caution dosing or I end up pacing the floor full of energy with a complete inability to focus. I haven't shared any with sativa loving friends yet, but I think they will like it bunches.




On the subject of seeds... I have yet to find a single seed in either the Panama or Chitral. Obviously something happened to make the pollen unviable. The bag method seems to work (based on Canna's effort.) I failed somehow... What's interesting is that I've found five seeds in outdoor DarkStar buds and one in a Sage 'n Sour nugget. They are big fat mature beans. Because I haven't found more than one seed in a bud I don't think they are the product of hemaphrodism. I could be wrong about that but even if they are hermaphrodite seeds there was no explosion of nanners by any means. I'm thinking that they may be Chitral crosses. The Chitral was on the same end of the disposable diaper as the DarkStar. It's possible that I didn't isolate the male Chitrals before they released a little whiff of pollen. The Darkstar and Sage 'n Sour were about three weeks into flower when that would have happened. Yeah... I have some nice mystery beans to pop.
I'm going to have this journal moved to completed journals. The breeding adventure was a misfire! I still want that Chitral x Panama and I'll have it... I failed to produce Chirtal x Chitral seeds. I failed to produce Panama x Panama seeds. I can still make Chitral x Panama and Panama x Panama by flowering my male Panama clone at some point. I have clones of three females selected from 16 started seeds. Not a complete failure but not what I'd hoped to do.

On the up side I had a great cycle. The Mars II 1200 arrived yesterday. A new 2x4 veg tent arrives tomorrow. I've been gearing up for a porta-scrog perpetual and I think it deserves a new journal.

Plants will be maxed out in the 3x3x2 seedling tent with aggressive topping and supercropping. From there, two plants at a time will up-can into 7 gallons with an 18"x18" screen for horizontal training in the 2x4 with the old style 60x5w and 123x3w Mars Hydro lights. Once they fill the screen they will move into the 4x4 under the Mars II 1200 and the 144x5w. The 4x4 will hold four flowering plants at a time and I should harvest a plant every 2-3 weeks or so. It will be fun!

A preview:


That is the female Panama clone posing in one of the 7 gallon porta-srog set-ups.
Please post a link to the new journal when you get it going. I'd like to follow...
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

I’m moving this to Completed Journals now.

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Gypsy (Romani) are supposed to travel with their own chairs.
New fangled inventions like digital servers and printing presses are no reason to abandon tradition. :slide:

we do but the caravan got stuck in traffic.. I won't even get started on what the horse did to the camel :icon_roll

Awesome thread Peej! Thanks for letting me OT it a little while I catch up.
You picked a dandy with the Chitral Pakistani :thumb:

one of my favorites! I'll have to catch up with this one when I get home. Work day is almost over.. and I know what I'm smokin when I get there lol.


The Chitral is delicious and pretty! Not as down as some all Indicas. I like it loads.

Please post a link to the new journal when you get it going. I'd like to follow...

New journal....Link.....ASAP!!!


I'm getting it together... Put the Mars II 1200 into the 4x4 today and put the two Chitral clones and the fem Panama clone into scrog rigs, as well as the Golden Lemon OG. Waiting for the new tent - should be here today.

I'll send up some flares when I start the new journal, don't worry.
Life's one big science experiment PeeJay and you make it more fun than most to watch you explore and experiment. We're just as surprised as you that this didn't work out the way you planned, but you learned so much you'll apply next time. You are nothing if not persistent, eh?

So looking forward to your new journal with the scrogs. Send that flare high so we can all see it. :battingeyelashes:

Those gorgeous Panama buds made me droll. I bet the guys and gals are glad you're out of the running for three months, but they don't realize you just keep getting better. :laughtwo:
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